PSME Horoscope: November

As Jupiter, the majestic planet of success and optimism, has left your sign and returned to Pisces until December 20, you may note a dip in PHYSICAL energy. Your ruler Mars, planet of action, strength and willpower, is also retrograde in the sign of Gemini until January 12, which may also be killing your PMA. Focus on Type(s) 1-2 Fun for the moment and maybe stick to the rivers and valleys that you know for the time being. Listen to the body, (don’t) ignore the body. That said, this is a great time to check-in EMOTIONALLY and reflect on “your program.”

PSME Horoscope: October

We commissioned Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne , to help us write a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right.

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