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Celestial Beta, a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. Written every month by Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right.


The month begins with a colorful bang as Venus’ retrograde in your Leo Fifth House of Endurance Pursuits, play and pleasure ends on September 3rd. Have there been any conflicts or complications within your crews and clubs since late July? If so, this would be a direct consequence of Venus’ retrograde, the planet of relationship, opposing the house of group participation. While fun for fun’s sake (Type 1 Fun) returns and there could be more clarity socially, EMOTIONS may remain on high, as Mars the planet of discord is now in your Libra Seventh House of partnerships. If you’ve reconsidered any associations during the Venus retrograde, now is the time to cut loose ends and make a clean break. The mundane side of life such as health habits, chores, labor and duties, is where most of your MENTAL focus lies this month, as your Virgo Sixth House is lit up throughout September. A New Moon in Virgo occurs on September 14th, while Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo ends on the 15th, clearing brain fog, offering diagnoses to problems, recalibrating broken systems and bringing much needed order back to your calendar. On September 19th, the insightful Sun in Virgo opposes nebulous Neptune in your Pisces Twelfth House, so be mindful of escapism, disillusionment or SPIRITUAL bypassing that detracts from your ability to attend to critical work and duties. Neptune distracts but if you’re able to remain determined and maintain focus, opportunities for personal empowerment, career advancement and even financial prosperity arise during the last week of the month. As September closes, there is a fierce and refreshing Aries New Moon in your sign and PHYSICAL First House on the 29th, a fantastic time to seek out bold and innovative new approaches to Metaphysical Fitness and wellbeing — e.g Forest Parkour and Fall Lining. 


After a retrograde that began in late July, your beautiful ruler, Venus, planet of love, devotion, harmony and desire, goes direct in your Leo Fourth House on September 3rd. With Venus in the house of your foundations, private life and internal world, you may be emerging from a period during which you’ve reevaluated the EMOTIONAL patterning inherited from your family of origin. Discussing your relationships with them in therapy and googling pop-psychology concepts such as attachment theory, may have featured prominently over the past couple months. This exploration is likely to continue, except with the focus turned inward towards the self. Jupiter begins its own retrograde phase in your sign on September 4th through the end of the year. The expansive and sage qualities of Jupiter are internalized and Taureans are encouraged to embrace self-discovery, personal growth and inner wisdom. Cultivating a pragmatic optimism, seeking MENTAL health support and comprehensive approaches to self-development, are all well supported during Jupiter’s retrograde in your sign. Your PHYSICAL wellbeing is also up for a productive turnaround, as a New Moon in your Virgo Fifth House of Endurance Pursuits, play and celebration on September 14th, resets your event calendar. The following day, September 15th, Mercury’s retrograde ends and with direct motion, the trickster planet of fun and games invites recreation back into your life. If you found the Mercury retrograde that began late last month to be a bit ho-hum and lacking in thrills, the second half of September is an ideal time to connect with your crew and lock down some Modes and Zones. The month closes with a powerful opportunity for SPIRITUAL reflection, as the Aries Full Moon arrives in your quiet and contemplative Twelfth House on September 29th. A solitary journey off the beaten path, whether in nature or intense meditative practice, offers a unique opportunity to find sanctuary within.


Jupiter begins its retrograde on September 4th in your Taurus Twelfth House of resignation, weaknesses, introspection, rest and seclusion until the end of the year. For Gemini, Jupiter’s retrograde offers a sort of SPIRITUAL redemption, an opportunity to uncover, absolve and integrate your shadow qualities; the positive and negative aspects of self that have been denied or suppressed. Although, to gain Jupiter’s reward of self-awareness, this transit does require some sacrifice that clashes with your extroverted nature. Making time for serious solitary retreat is the path toward Jupiter’s grace, so consider joining a mindfulness community to both satisfy your social nature and take advantage of this profound transit. Your ruler Mercury, is in your sister sign of Virgo, your Fourth House of foundations, roots, family and your EMOTIONAL core, throughout September. Beginning with the enlightening Sun-Mercury conjunction on September 6th, followed by the Virgo New Moon on the 14th and the end of Mercury’s Retrograde on the 15th, MENTAL clarity is at an all time high. Both the clarifying Sun and insightful Mercury make revelatory contacts with Uranus and Jupiter in your Twelfth House throughout September. These growth and development oriented aspects initiate a sober assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a deeper examination of your personal character that could lead to incredible empowerment and leaps in maturity by the year’s end. And if you need to blow off some steam, courageous warrior and Subject Athlete, Mars, has entered the Cardiogothic  Sports arena that is your Libra Fifth House of celebration, recreation and creativity, remaining here until October 12th. This can be a fun and PHYSICALLY exciting transit, sure to elicit lots of epic joy with friends while Endurance Pursuiting. 


Cancerians are deeply sensitive and intensely perceptive, so the EMOTIONAL turbulence that can be brought about by Mars in your Fourth House of foundations, the internal world and private life should be character enhancing, rather than troublesome this month. The issues you’re encountering may feel somewhat obscure, yet related to your upbringing and even ancestral heritage! At the Autumn Equinox on September 23rd, the enlightening Sun enters Libra and makes these matters clearly intelligible. Enlisting the assistance of a therapist or spiritual guide to help anchor you through this inner whirlwind is well advised until Mars leaves Libra on October 12th. Venus, planet of desire and sensory pleasure, ends her retrograde in your Leo Second House of PHYSICAL sustenance on September 3rd, so if you’ve reconfigured your diet or it has gotten off track since late July, that should return to normal. The conjunction of the Sun and retrograde Mercury in your Virgo Third House of MENTAL processes and routines on September 6th, is a complementary opportunity to unearth detrimental patterns and outworn ideas, bringing them to light for release. The Virgo New Moon on September 14th and the end of Mercury’s retrograde on September 15th, furthers the insights you’re experiencing and represents an auspicious tabula rasa moment for your mindset. On September 19th, the demystifying Virgo Sun opposes Neptune in Pisces, breaking any lingering SPIRITUAL illusions and re-establishing your grip on reality post-Mercury retrograde. With Mercury making beneficial aspects to Jupiter and Uranus in your Taurus Eleventh House throughout September, this is an excellent time to strategize how you will expand and innovate your social media presence (become a Subject Athlete for MSO?) approach to networking and the types of communities that you participate in. 


Regal Leo’s are finally relieved of Venus’ retrograde in your sign on September 3rd. Since July 23rd, you’ve had the planet of relationship, pleasure, harmony and equity in the part of your chart related to vitality, temperament, self-concept and the PHYSICAL body. This retrograde period for Venus, is one during which Leo’s have potentially encountered fluctuations in energy, issues of inequality, reconsiderations of aesthetic values or appearance, and major shifts in important relationships. There may have been difficult conclusions, unexpected reunions or reconciliations with partners, family members or friends. If you experienced EMOTIONAL hardship during the retrograde, a confidence boosting Venus-Jupiter square on September 17th, followed by the entry of the revitalizing Sun into your Venus-ruled, Libra Third House of mindset on September 23rd, finally ushers in a bright side! The end of compassionate Venus’ retrograde in your sign indicates that after a character-building period of serious reflection, self-love will be at an all time high! This month your MENTAL focus is on Second House topics such as money, earnings and material possessions, as currency and commerce planet Mercury ends its retrograde in your Virgo Second House on September 15th. Additionally, there is a Virgo New Moon in your Second House the day prior, September 14th, indicating a reassessment of your financial circumstances and goals, leading to a newly inspired outlook coupled with a clever, empowering strategy. September ends on a SPIRITUALLY rousing note, as a rebellious Aries Full Moon coalesces in your metaphysical Ninth House of worldview and philosophy. After a tough few months for lions, it’s time to unapologetically shed outmoded and detrimental belief systems that have held you back from expressing your most authentic self. At this time, choose to be bold and courageous, embody and speak your truth!


Virgo is truly the main character of September 2023. Your ruler, the nimble planet of intellect and insight, Mercury, is exalted in your sign throughout the month, making expansive aspects to grounded sage Jupiter and earth-quaking Uranus, in Taurus. Additionally, the regal Sun journeys through your sign until the Autumn Equinox in Libra on September 23rd. If you’ve been feeling PHYSICAL burnout due to Mercury’s retrograde that began in late August, the meeting of your ruler with the vitalizing Sun on September 6th, revives you. September 8th-15th could be particularly fruitful, when the Sun makes its most direct aspects to Jupiter and Uranus in your Taurus Ninth House of philosophy and worldview. A maverick impulse to integrate pleasure and the SPIRITUAL power of our Earth Mother into your value set takes center stage. You may find that previously inconceivable insights regarding your own potential and life’s purpose come to fore, especially as related to nature and the divine feminine. This comes to a head on September 14th and 15th, as the Virgo New Moon and the end of Mercury’s retrograde in your sign occur back-to-back. The middle of the month is beautifully revolutionary in terms of your self concept. The New Moon and the direct motion of your ruling planet represent a rebirth for Virgoans: physical, spiritual and EMOTIONAL renewal! After this period, your mindset is next up as Mercury, planet of cognition, comes back online and you find your MENTAL faculties resharpening. During the last quarter of September, broaden your imagination as quicksilver Mercury makes its most intensely positive contacts with wise Jupiter and innovative Uranus. Between September 25th and 30th, expect to be struck with sudden sparks of brilliance, galvanizing visions and leftfield strategies to move your life forward in an exciting new direction.


An urge for accomplishment begins to take hold this month with courageous Mars now in Libra, as of the end of August. Since unruly Mars is uncomfortable in your moderate sign, PHYSICAL wellness and athletic prowess must be attained through creative means. As advised last month, activities which harmonize bodily systems, such as yoga or energy work, serve you well. The presence of the diffusive South Node in your sign since late July has potentially been tiring and even MENTALLY distractive, yet while Mars is in Libra, the South Node helps temper his worst excesses. Mars in your sign relates to inflammation, discontent and irritability, though fortunately, the South Node decreases the harmful qualities of malefic planets. Considering that your ruler, Venus, ends her retrograde on September 3rd, this is a wonderful month to deeply contemplate your own desires and how they are further conceptualized through your social aspirations and relationship goals. Ongoings in your Virgo Twelfth House are supportive to this process, including a Sun-Mercury conjunction on September 6th, Virgo New Moon on September 14th and the end of Mercury retrograde on September 15th. Mercury rules Virgo and your SPIRITUAL Gemini Ninth House, so these developments indicate enlightening clarity and internal renewal through dedicated introspective practice. The Sun’s annual return to your sign on September 23rd at the Autumn Equinox imbues you with self-awareness and confidence that comes to bear at the Aries Full Moon in your interpersonal Seventh House on September 29th. This Full Moon brings an EMOTIONAL consummation in your partnerships which for many Librans, could come in the form of assertively reclaiming one’s agency in an unfair or long-suffered, relationship dynamic. 


Scorpio’s finally feel the love when it comes to public relations this month, as Venus ends her retrograde in your Tenth House of professional image and reputation on September 3rd. Venus will see to it that you are well received and as she also rules your Seventh House of business partnerships, expect to recommence negotiations and collaborations that may have been in stasis since late July. Although, refrain from getting materially invested just yet, as Jupiter begins its own retrograde in your Taurus Seventh House on September 4th. Jupiter is the planet of fortune, benefit and favor, so the optimism and easy success you’ve had in platonic, commercial and EMOTIONALLY intimate relationships since it entered Taurus in May, slows down in favor of deeper reflection on shared values, reevaluating relationship dynamics and seeking more meaningful connections. Relational themes consume most of your MENTAL real estate this month, as discerning Mercury, planet of cognition and communication is in your pragmatic Virgo Eleventh House of social ideals, organizations, teams and networks. With a conjunction of the chief executive Sun and troubleshooter Mercury on September 6th, followed by the Virgo New Moon on the 14th and the end of Mercury’s retrograde on the 15th, your SPIRITUAL work for September is to discern your rightful place amongst your communities and (humbly) assume leadership where needed. Consider, what are you best suited to contribute to humanity, how will you achieve it and who will you partner with? Virgo is a sign of service, so with the Virgo Sun and Mercury making generous aspects to magnanimous Jupiter and progressive Uranus in your Taurus partnership house, it’s time to enlist others for your humanitarian venture! The month closes with an Aries Full Moon on September 29th, spotlighting your PHYSICAL wellbeing; an ideal day for completing Sub24O or checking-in on PB. 


Centaurs get camera ready, as you should expect to be on stage and in the public eye throughout the month. Mars is now in your Libra Eleventh House of social networks, teams and organizations blazing new trails amongst your circles. Get out there and boldly connect, just try not to come on too strong! Your ruler, sagacious Jupiter, goes retrograde in your Taurus Sixth House of PHYSICAL health, fitness programs and daily duties on September 4th. As the planet of positive development takes an inward turn, it’s time to honestly explore if your current wellness practices and coaches are helping you reach your utmost potential? Favorably, events in your Virgo Tenth House of public life, achievements, recognition and reputation this month, are supportive and should help define your goals in all aspects of life. Mercury, signifier of MENTAL processes, communication and versatility, is especially strong in Virgo and meets the Sun, signifier of excellence and leadership on September 6th. Advancement in your career, acknowledgment of accomplishment and high visibility takes hold from this point in the month, followed by an EMOTIONALLY illuminative Virgo New Moon on September 14th and the end of Mercury’s retrograde the next day, September 15th. With ongoing positive contacts from fortunate Jupiter and ingenious Uranus in your work life house, this month promises surprising progress and professional growth. And as the attention grabbing Sun joins hard-charger Mars in your Libra Eleventh House on September 23rd, if you’ve ever considered becoming an MSO Subject Athlete and furthering your presence online, this is the month to take on the challenge! September wraps with an Aries Full Moon in your Fifth House of recreation and celebration. Thanks to an enthusiastic aspect to Venus in your SPIRITUAL Leo Ninth House, embracing your inner child through sport is your metaphysical key to source. You’ve worked hard to play hard, Sag! 


September is a month of SPIRITUAL discovery, knowledge seeking and reassessment of your belief systems, sea goats. If you’ve felt like you’ve lost the plot and that your overarching sense of purpose has been thwarted recently, this is likely related to Mercury’s redefining retrograde phase that began on August 23rd. On September 6th, retrograde Mercury, planet of learning and insight, ruler of Virgo, meets the enlightening Sun in your Virgo Ninth House of worldview, spirituality, distant journeys and philosophy. A metaphysical flame is rekindled at this conjunction. All throughout the month Mercury makes harmonious aspects to unorthodox Uranus and sagacious Jupiter in your Taurus Fifth House of play, PHYSICAL pursuits, artistry and recreation, suggesting that tapping into the creative wisdom of your inner child, can reanimate your sense of purpose. The Virgo New Moon on September 14th, followed by Mercury going direct the next day, marks a major turning point. Your MENTAL outlook is refined and you are invited to reconceive your existential role in the cosmos. While this sounds like a tall order, be patient with yourself, as there is no rush! Mystical Jupiter imparts impeccable vibes upon your journey and begins its own retrograde on September 4th through the end of December, giving you plenty of time to reawaken the aspirations and abundant wisdom of your inner child. On September 29th, an EMOTIONALLY intense Aries Full Moon in your Fourth House of foundations, roots and inner life, directs your attention and energy to your home and family. Rest and recuperation are paramount on this day. An important climax or culmination occurs and you are drawn away from public life to tend to that which matters most. 


September is an intense and psychologically gripping month for typically unaffected Aquarians. At the onset, cutting Mars is in your Libra Ninth House of SPIRITUALITY, teachers, higher education and worldview until early October. The planet of strife and severance in this part of your chart signifies anxiety or disturbance regarding one’s belief systems and sense of life purpose. This could be likened to a classic existential dilemma, as you may decide to end an association with a school of thought, metaPHYSICAL perspective, mentor or guide at this time. Mars in Libra is an uncomfortable transit, as Libra is a calm and cool sign devoted to balance, while fiery Mars disrupts, so passions can run hot and cold here. With that in mind, temperance and persistence serve better than overzealous action this month. Don’t be too quick to burn bridges, as you just might need them again down the road. As alluded to, September features the conjunction of the galvanizing Sun and critical Mercury on September 6th, followed by the Virgo New Moon on the 14th and the end of Mercury’s retrograde on the 15th in your Virgo Eighth House of crisis, transmutation, shared resources, mystery, death and rebirth. In the Eighth House we move through ordeals, difficult experiences that are often associated with MENTAL and EMOTIONAL distress. These esoteric transits in Virgo indicate that for Aquarians, surfing the shifting sands of liminality can lead one to cathartic breakthroughs beyond your wildest imaginings. Harmonious aspects from your rooted Taurus Fourth House to your Virgo Eighth House ensure that you will not lose your footing. So let off the brakes and surrender the entanglements which are past their expiration date in your life; your true inheritance will be reborn of its own accord. 


On September 3rd, Venus, in your Leo Sixth House of service, labor, obligations and PHYSICAL health habits, is finally direct! As Venus retrograde ends, it’s time to commit to a new relationship with your Metaphysical Fitness Program. It’s likely that you’ve been reevaluating and experimenting with changes and updates to your program since late July but now, finally, you’re ready to commit, level-up and follow through. Whatever modes, goals and programs you dial into, just remember that Venus demands passion, so be sure it aligns and delivers Physically, Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally. On September 4th, your ruler Jupiter, planet of wisdom, magnanimity and fortune, begins a retrograde phase which lasts until the new year. As Jupiter’s retrograde is in your Third House of MENTAL patterns, not only is this a period of tremendous inspiration and existential musing, it is also a time to reconcile your thought processes, mindset and communication style. While retrogrades typically sound concerning, this is a wonderful time for Pisces to reassess your beliefs, pursue deep study, contemplate your ventures and revisit overlooked opportunities. Pisceans are known for their EMOTIONAL sensitivity and gentle, SPIRITUAL nature, though this month you are called to buck convention and boldly claim your voice! On September 14th, there is a New Moon in your Virgo Seventh House of interpersonal and business relationships. The next day, retrograde Mercury in Virgo, the messenger planet of communication, goes direct. While you are more apt to hold your tongue to keep the peace, you could feel called to express your honest thoughts more directly within relationships. A new way of relating to others is on offer, one in which empathy leads the way, self-delusion holds no place and being forthright comes easily. 

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