About Mythical State Of

Dear fellow Earthlings,

Mythical State Of is an experience-based public service announcement with one simple but supremely paramount message—go Inside The Outside. Algorithms, NFTs, Virtual Reality and Climate Change are bad.  Earthlings are good. Mother Earth is good. Comfort with discomfort is good. Pushing your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limitations in the pursuit of transformation and transcendence is good. We’re about anything and everything we can do to encourage you to go Inside The Outside. We made a club called Endurance Cult. We’re making a guidebook of Lines. Playlists to encourage and promote Rapture. We’re doing a blog called Poseur to inspire, entertain and educate Subject Athletes. Perhaps most importantly, we’re making art about the power and importance of going inside the Outside and putting it on the best Cardio Goth equipment we can find through collaborations with brands that make the best Cardio Goth equipment in the world.  We love handmade and domestic small-batch manufacturing. We love working with dead-stock, one-offs and limited edition colors. As we grow we’re going to make all of our art and patterns open source so you can just make them locally if you want. If you’re an Earthling, a Subject Athlete, a Cardio Goth or an Endurance Cult Member and you like The Outside and Art and Music and Culture, and you hate algorithms and fake shit, and you are committed to Future Nature—you are home, we are your family.

Thanks, Daniel & Taylor
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