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Celestial Beta, a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. Written every month by Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right.


The month kicks off with a union of the enlightening Sun and intellectual Mercury in your foundational Cancer Fourth House. Topics of the Fourth House include ancestry, family and private life, though we also find inherited subconscious patterns there. Let the Sun-Mercury conjunction clarify your source code! This lucidity is the ideal lead-in for the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd in your Tenth House of legacy, public image and achievement. A clearer MENTAL comprehension of your core drives, firms your footing and strengthens your resolve. Your professional life and public profile benefit as you step up for a major win with an assured stride. On July 10th, at the Cancer Mercury and Capricorn Pluto opposition, a transformative revelation sheds light onto recent inexplicable events. Repressed EMOTIONAL tension at home can be released and detoxified through candid dialogue. The July 17th Cancer New Moon closes this loop, providing fresh soil for flowering and nurturance in this private, interior space. You’ll appreciate this reset the following day, July 18th, as one of the most important transits of 2023 begins to bolster your PMA. The North Node enters your sign, while the South Node enters your Libra Seventh House of relationship. The exaggerating North Node in your First House places your focus squarely on self-development, with heroic PHYSICAL mastery being a vital component of this 18 month journey. Aries are entering their dragon era! Saturn was classically considered the signifier of mystics and ascetics, those who renounce the materialistic Gorepcore trappings of mundane life for the ineffable SPIRITUAL experience. With Saturn retrograde in your esoteric Pisces Twelfth House until November 4th, serious introspection and soul searching becomes a necessary feature of daily life through the next few months. As you’re known for a Full Send approach, exacerbated by the trailblazing North Node in your sign, Saturn is lending you a necessary inclination toward quiet reflection and Type 1 Fun.


The first week of July is all about self-expression and PMA! Contacts between magnanimous Jupiter, the illuminative Sun and verbose Mercury in your Third House, encourage clear, concise communication and high levels of productivity. An excellent time to work on projects or create Subject Athlete content for MSO, the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd occurs in your Ninth House of philosophy, SPIRITUALITY and publishing. Hard won and highly valuable metaphysical insights are available at this time. By the opposition of Mercury in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn on July 10th, a fundamental MENTAL realignment brings incredible clarity and comprehension of your purpose. The following day, July 11th, action oriented Mars enters your Virgo Fifth House of Endurance Pursuits, Play, artistic creativity and pleasure. During this transit, joy is garnered through activities such as developing athletic strategy, intellectual competition and games that require speed and precision. The EMOTIONALLY restorative Cancer New Moon on July 17th, is a beautiful echo of early July. The birth of fresh innovative ideas, thanks to the influence of eccentric Uranus in your First House, leads to a radically positive reformation of your self concept. One of the banner transits of late July is the entry of the North Node into your Aries Twelfth House and the South Node into your Libra Sixth House on July 18th. The North Node in the Twelfth emphasizes solitude, hidden developments and spiritual attainments over the next 18 months, with the benefit of it leaving your First House! The PHYSICAL overstimulation of the past few months should dissipate, finally bringing some ease to your nervous system.


An overarching energy to be aware of this month is Saturn’s retrograde in your Pisces Tenth House of career, public life and professional image until November 4th. Saturn presents challenges to be overcome, so the retrograde could distance you from public opinion, slow down or reverse certain trajectories. Although if you lean in, invite constructive criticism and actively reform your leadership style, Saturn Rx lends some serious PR polish that will only strengthen your long term prospects. July 3rd’s Capricorn Full Moon in your finance houses brings a major money move; look out for large expenses or even large deposits, this could go either way — embrace Chance. Fighter Mars takes MENTAL scrutiny and sharp criticism into your Virgo Fourth House of home, private life, EMOTIONAL roots and family from July 10th through August 27th. While Mars may court drama or internal conflict, be brave and speak your authentic truth! Mercury the communication planet enters your loud and proud Leo Third House of written and verbal expression on July 11th. The Cancer New Moon on July 17th meaningfully refreshes money and resource themes from the beginning of the month, birthing new streams of income moving forward. This day also features a SPIRITUALLY insightful, though uncomfortable, Mercury-Jupiter contact. An honest reflection on your less savory qualities, supports a more confident mindset and communication style. Latter July features many fresh starts, as the North Node enters your Aries Eleventh House of teams and community, while the South Node enters your Libra Fifth House of PHYSICAL pursuits, play and artistry, on July 18th. Over the next 18 months, on teams and amidst community, overaccommodation of others takes a back seat to your own self assertion and an urge toward leadership. Just don’t be a dick because these are, after all, your crew.


The dazzling Sun is in your sign until the 23rd and at the top of the month a rewarding contact with positivity planet, Jupiter, spotlights your greatest aspirations. Tap into your network, a generous or well-connected acquaintance could help bring a dream into fruition. This growth oriented start to summer is further emphasized at July 3rd’s Capricorn Full Moon, an EMOTIONAL high in your house of partnerships. Important and intimate bonds could deepen, bringing great benefit to your overall well being. The transits of July 9th and 10th indicate supportive perspective shifts. A wisening aspect between diagnostic Mercury currently in your sign and mystical Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces, boosts your intuition and brings insightful SPIRITUAL visions. Some serious self-forgiveness may need to be processed, though as a result of this personal breakthrough, an intense yet revelatory contact between Mercury and Pluto opens dormant threads of dialogue in your closest relationships. A New Moon in your sign and body house on July 17th, initiates a PHYSICAL refresh. Alongside your ruler, the Moon, the enlivening Sun imbues you with a golden glow, a taste for success and loads of creative energy. You’ll want to lean into this high vibe through the remainder of the month, as irritating Mars and nervous Mercury meet in your Virgo Third House of MENTAL patterns, learning and communication. Rather than spin your wheels in anxiety or overthinking, strengthen a skillset in a local workshop like dying fabrics, learning to sew ultra lightweight fabrics like Dyneema or taking an online Orienteering course that challenges your map reading abilities.


The first part of July is quiet, dear lion. Developments in your otherworldly Cancer Twelfth House emanate in whispers, so re-center and seek clarity through reflection. The Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd, occurs in your Sixth House of work, duty and wellness. This is a time to seek closure or finalize a serious EMOTIONAL commitment in regard to your wellbeing or workplace. For example, taking on a once-in-a-lifetime Endurance challenge or even ending a relationship with a longtime coach. In the days immediately following the Full Moon, you may find yourself mired in questions of purpose and potential, take a step back and seek solace in introspection. Claiming some peace will lead to a richer comprehension of self and at July 10th’s Mercury-Pluto opposition, you’ll be primed for a powerful MENTAL wellness metamorphosis. The following day, cognitive Mercury enters your sign transformed, bestowing you with greater discernment when it comes to your self-development plan. Yet, this month’s inner evolution begins to truly blossom at the Cancer New Moon on July 17th, a safe day to gently relinquish unhealthy or self-negating behavior. Immediately thereafter, the Nodes of the Moon enter the Aries-Libra axis. The North Node entering your Ninth House and the South Node entering your Third House, respectively. Your SPIRITUAL and intellectual life will be the key sites of fated change and special attention over the next 18 months. And to coronate a rather esoteric month, get ready to Go Big on July 23rd as your ruler, the PHYSICALLY vitalizing Sun, the luminary of lifeforce, returns to your sign. Just as the Sun relights your fire, look out for Venus beginning a retrograde in your sign on July 22nd through September 3rd. Anchoring in self-love and inner beauty are especially important, as Venus rouses old stories around self-worth for renewal.


The month begins with a PHYSICALLY strenuous team effort. The Capricorn Full Moon in your Fifth House of creative artistry, pleasure and sport, indicates a serious “work hard, play harder,” outlook. Compete with the best of them but allow yourself plenty of hedonic joy like hot springs, swimming holes and smoothies afterward. The happiness you squeeze out of this tough Full Moon could be deeply appreciated the next day, as transformative news arises regarding your cherished teams or communities. Throughout the month, your most important relationships are the primary site of learning. Saturn, planet of difficulty, restriction and limitation is now retrograde in your Seventh House of partners, contracts and agreements. The retrograde indicates reversal and reassessment in your most intimate relationships or bonds. The ingress of warrior Mars into your sign on July 10th could bring some disorientation to relationships, as Mars in Virgo encourages edgier EMOTIONS and MENTAL frustration in you. Have any long held grievances, hang-ups, or stale interpersonal conflicts? Well, no better month than this July to surrender them! Mars in your Mercurial sign also stimulates vigor, so channel its bravery and assertiveness into a more precise and intellectually engaging approach to training. By July 20th, Mars in Virgo opposes the retrograde Saturn in Pisces, intensifying intractable conflicts or immovable negotiations, while simultaneously clarifying each parties’ position. Fortunately on July 28th, your ruler Mercury enters your pragmatic sign, clearing stagnant channels of communication. Mercury in Virgo represents a new SPIRITUAL beginning. Likely a consequence of July’s mostly relational journey, Virgoans finally choose to prioritize their own self-development. 


News of a competitive or professional win, coupled with additional responsibility, arrives July 1st! The Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd follows this up with a spotlight on private life, family, home and self-care. This personal focus on your foundational Fourth House stabilizes your roots, facilitating healthy growth and developments in your public life. And rest assured, you’ll be digging deep, as Pluto’s retrograde back into your Capricorn Fourth House reveals motivations hidden even to yourself! These revelations act as EMOTIONAL fuel, propelling your urge toward professional success and making your goals more coherent, therefore more attainable this month. Mercury’s entrance into your Leo Eleventh House on July 11th, encourages MENTAL focus on one’s community, club and team affiliations. Mercury is the polyvalent master of communication, so do what you do so well Libra, get out and network wholeheartedly! Your passion for fostering relationships will serve the attainment of your aspirations and dreams. By the Cancer New Moon on July 17th, a fruitful and profound new beginning commences in your career and public life. The following day the North Node enters your Aries Seventh House of relationship to others and the South Node enters your Libra First House of relationship to self, respectively. Fated events that call you to improve the balance between meeting your own needs and those of others, aligns with a more SPIRITUAL self-concept. Over the next 18 months, the South Node in your First House may also be PHYSICALLY draining, since it is a point indicating dispersal. Maintaining a functional body-mind connection, getting plenty of rest and concentrating on low-impact exercise like Type 1 ATB, could benefit your wellbeing during this transit. 


Ready for your close up? While the mere notion is discomforting for many Scorpions, the month of July finds you especially visible. During the first week, a hot-blooded combination of heroic Mars and charming Venus in your Leo Tenth House of achievement, legacy and vocation, brings your most sincere passions forth into the public eye. The dazzling Sun comes home to Leo later on July 23rd, brightening the spotlight and turning up the heat. It’s time to take center stage. Relish the exposure and keep an open mind, your EMOTIONAL authenticity could attract extraordinary connections in unexpected packages! If you’ve been holding out on your audience, the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd is in your Third House of media, communication, skill and knowledge building. A MENTAL breakthrough is in order and Capricorn is about getting the job done, liberate those drafts and release that content into the wild! By July 11th, articulate Mercury joins graceful Venus in your public Tenth House, Mercury-Venus refines your image and improves your public speaking skills, ensuring you capture both hearts and minds. On the 22nd, Venus retrogrades here until September 3rd, helping you positively reassess your worth, presentation and the value of your offerings. A metaphysical renaissance commences on July 17th, as the Cancer New Moon in your Ninth House of higher education and philosophical worldview, ushers in a restored sense of SPIRITUAL purpose. This revival aligns perfectly with the entry of the North Node into your Aries Sixth House of labor and wellness routines, while the South Node enters your Libra Twelfth House of solitude and introspection. For the next 18 months, your PHYSICAL fitness and health practices become even more of an obsession, a site of personal experimentation and pioneering innovation! 


The first few days of July feature what on the surface appears pragmatic, though underneath is profoundly impactful. July 1st-3rd are great days for domestic reorganization or therapy, acts that reveal the forgotten or hidden aspects of daily experience. The implications of these routine practices are EMOTIONALLY rewarding thanks to a positive Sun–Jupiter contact in your psychological Cancer Eighth House and dutiful Taurus Sixth House. On July 3rd, the Capricorn Full Moon occurs in your Second House of earned income and possessions, representing a culmination or conclusion with personal finances. This Full Moon is ruled by a retrograde Saturn, so it leans toward a resolution, such as the cessation of an income stream, a purchase with long-term significance or the closing of a deal. Like an intrepid Cardiogoth, Mars pierces the veil of your Virgo Tenth House on July 10th, striking fierceness into your professional life. Mars calls on you to be more assertive in your career and forge greater MENTAL courage in the face of criticism; harsh critique being one of the negative Virgo Mars symptoms! Support arrives immediately, as multifaceted Mercury enters your Leo Ninth House of SPIRITUALITY, metaphysics and knowledge seeking on July 11th. Mercury in Leo rouses a heart-mind dialogue, fostering more authenticity in your worldview. As Mercury rules your Tenth House, this sovereign sense of purpose fostered by Mercury in Leo, easily transfers over into your public life. This energy is expanded further when the Sun enters Leo on July 23rd. One of the biggest shifts of 2023 is the ingress of the North Node into your Aries Fifth House and the South Node into your Libra Eleventh House on July 18th. Over the next eighteen months, the North Node impels you toward solo Endurance Pursuits and leisure, your own PHYSICAL pleasure and playful invention.  


You, majestic sea-goat, are definitely more comfortable in tough times and with the harder edges of life than most signs of the zodiac. Thus, as your sober and serious ruler, Saturn, embarks on its annual retrograde, this time in Pisces, you may see that your PHYSICAL energy levels are impacted. Fatigue could be a background issue through November 4th, so be easy on yourself. With all of this in mind, July 3rd’s Full Moon in your sign presents a unique benchmark for your self-development journey through the course of the retrograde. Catalytic Pluto’s co-presence with this Full Moon, points to a transformational moment of EMOTIONAL catharsis. Feelings may be raw, as Capricornians have been through the gauntlet, especially these past three years, yet this month presents opportunities for personal healing and interpersonal reconciliation that may have felt out of reach for quite some time. July 10th’s dramatic opposition between Pluto in your sign and Mercury in Cancer, calls forth revelations in your intimate relationships, dredging up that which has gone sour into the cleansing light of perceptibility. That same day, Mars enters your Virgo Ninth House of metaphysics, SPIRITUALITY and higher knowledge, a wonderful time to reassess your worldview and employ a newly refined discernment in your outlook on life. Early through mid-July prepares you well for the powerful ingress of the Nodes into your Tenth and Fourth Houses on July 18th. The North Node enters your Aries Fourth House and the South Node enters your Libra Tenth House. In the course of the next eighteen months the North Node makes your home and private life the site of excitement, MENTAL intrigue and experimentation. This may sound unusual for the most career concerned Caps reading this, though embrace this change knowing that the South Node in your Tenth House of public life and vocation, liberates you to rest, recharge and ultimately, explore horizons unknown!


Like your fellow Saturn ruled sibling – Capricorn, the retrograde of your joint ruler has a less than stellar impact on PHYSICAL wellbeing. Saturn retrograde could correlate with lethargy or stiffness. Until the retrograde ends on November 4th, incorporating low intensity, low impact activities such as Moss Napping and Rambling into your endurance training could be a game changer that has positive long term benefits. Saturn rules our connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons, so no skiing bumps or topo-parkour. Alternative approaches to wellness provide striking clarity this month, thanks to a contact between the vital Sun in Cancer and holistic Chiron in Aries. On July 2nd, relational Venus forms a tense aspect to maverick Uranus. This square between Venus in your Leo Seventh House and Uranus in your Taurus Fourth House, could usher in unexpected, EMOTIONALLY intense moments at home. These matters are private by nature though quite transformative in the big picture. The next day’s Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd, offers you deep peace if you’re willing to take time out for yourself to reflect. Although, be aware that you may revisit and reevaluate this issue after July 22nd when Venus retrogrades in your Leo Seventh House of partnership, contracts and agreements. Some soul searching may come in handy! In other major news, the unorthodox and crafty North Node enters your Aries Third House of daily MENTAL processes, communication patterns, kinship and locality on July 18th. For the next 18 months, attention will be on daily minutiae of thought, innovating your media presence and improving communication, all with that singular Arian focus. On the flip side, the discrete and impassive South Node enters your Libra Ninth House of philosophy and metaphysics, decreasing your investment in organized SPIRITUALITY and liberating you from dissonant worldviews. Aquarians are in the antithesis of an “eat, pray, love” era, so at times you may feel like a cosmic drifter. Embrace the journey! Eventually you’ll phone home only to realize you’ve been there all along.  


July is full of brilliantly creative and high spirited vibes! The whole of the month, including the July 3rd Capricorn Full Moon and July 17th Cancer New Moon, is an auspicious time for play, travel, sports and games, creating for art’s sake and enjoying the best of your local zone! An extremely positive aspect from benefic Jupiter in your Taurus Third House of local environments, skill building and education, to your Cancer Fifth House of children, amusements and celebration, indicates incredible EMOTIONAL joy in sharing your talents with groms.Tag in to lead a ride or offer a wilderness survival workshop; this influence remains until July 23rd. A transit active throughout this month and through November, is Saturn’s Retrograde in your sign. Now is the time to reconfigure your PHYSICAL training plan. Saturn represents order and a retro is about reassessment. In a way, this period calls on you to take your self-development program a bit less seriously. Experiment, allowing more room for trial and error. On July 10th, warrior Mars enters your interpersonal Virgo Seventh House. Mars in Virgo is tricky, in that it usually brings MENTAL distress or disagreement in partnerships. Sit down with your allies and work through your action plans together. Mars in Virgo loves strategy, so game planning in collaboration will channel any frustrations into productivity. On July 28th, Mercury, the communication planet and ruler of Virgo, returns home with plenty of clarity and understanding on hand! The SPIRITUAL work of this month takes a mundane form. Venus begins her retrograde in your Leo Sixth House of health habits, routines, duty and service on July 22nd, followed by the entrance of Leo’s enlightening ruling planet, the Sun, on July 23rd. Rigus Tightus is your modus operandi as the month ends, the Sun is the divine spark and Venus is associated with purity and cleanliness. Cleanses, detoxes, sleep hygiene, meticulous schedules and keeping your kit dialed are the program.

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