For Best Results, Read Your Rising Sign

For best results read your rising sign.


Harmonizing Venus enters your Virgo Sixth House of PHYSICAL health, fitness and hygiene on October 9th, bringing balance to your wellness practices. After the Virgo Mercury Retrograde here last month, you may have witnessed your typically well oiled routines and exemplary schedule break down into dysfunction, so Venus’ presence gracefully restores order in the face of disarray. Be kind to yourself though, as Saturn in Pisces opposition to Venus can lead to self-inflicted punishment disguised as self-discipline; all in the name of one’s own good! On October 14th, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in your interpersonal Libra Seventh House prompts an EMOTIONALLY clarifying new beginning reflected both in how you interact with others, as well as in the partnerships that you entertain. A fresh autumnal breeze breathes new life into your Seventh House and with the liberating South Node present, you’ll feel confident releasing imbalanced or fair weather relationships for good. Perceptive Mercury and the illuminating Sun respectively, join pugnacious Mars in your stealthy Scorpio Eighth House on October 22nd and 23rd, immediately making revelatory contacts with the solitary renunciate Saturn in your Pisces Twelfth House. The dates of October 22nd-24th present an enigmatic moment for deep psychological excursions, SPIRITUAL shadow work or even occult practice conducted safely behind closed doors. In the least, doing a MENTAL health check, prioritizing introspective private time and retreating to your personal space could feel especially therapeutic. October ends with an impassioned Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your Taurus Second House on October 28th. This Lunar Eclipse signifies the potential for financial gain thanks to its conjunction with prosperous Jupiter in Taurus, so even endings at this time carry the potential for reward. 


Planet of MENTAL processes, systems and organization, Mercury, enters your Libra Sixth House of wellness habits, health and routines, on October 5th. As Mercury joins disruptive Mars and the sometimes draining South Node in this part of your chart, it’s an excellent time to pay special attention to your wellbeing. Schedule the appointment with the specialist you’ve been putting off, check out that yoga class or finally get that knee checked out. Until Mars leaves for Scorpio on October 12th and the refreshing New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14th, prioritize deep rest and a gentler training schedule. Conscientious Venus in your Virgo Fifth House of play and sport opposes befuddling Saturn in your Pisces Eleventh House of group alliances on October 10th, indicating EMOTIONAL tensions and inflexible dynamics amongst your teams. Contrarian posturing rooted in misunderstanding is more likely. On October 12th, Mars enters your interpersonal Scorpio Seventh House of collaborators, underscoring passionate, though concealed, emotions at play. By October 22nd, a beneficial contact between Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus, calls you forth to lead in this matter, mediating productive conversations. Your SPIRITUAL work this month is in the context of relationships, especially as insightful Mercury and the enlightening Sun respectively enter your Seventh House on October 22nd and 23rd, offering further clarity to disagreements. A gallant Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign and First House of the PHYSICAL body heightens your energy levels and sense of strength on October 28th. Courageously channel any lingering frustrations on the trail, single track or fire roads in the days surrounding this Full Moon, as Jupiter’s involvement indicates triumphant success and plenty of fun! 


As your agile ruling planet Mercury joins active Mars in your Libra Fifth House of pleasure, artistry and play on October 5th, your MENTAL focus shifts toward celebrating life and enjoying it to the fullest. Following a dizzying Mercury retrograde, you twins deserve some Type 1 Fun for Type 1 Fun’s sake! Until Mercury leaves Libra on October 22nd, art, music, leisure and Endurance Pursuits take primetime in your busy schedule. Venus enters your foundational Virgo Fourth House on October 9th, a few days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in her sign of Libra on October 14th, ushering in an EMOTIONAL awakening regarding your joys and desires. This Venus-ruled Solar Eclipse in your Fifth House, offers potent healing for your inner child, as well as great insight into the aspects of your upbringing which arise in romantic and sexual relationships. October 19th – 21st is an especially transformative period thanks to contacts from the Sun and Mercury in Libra to cathartic Pluto. Playful exploration can help uncover the roots of your most intimate longings. The last quarter of the month is dedicated to your PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL well being. On October 22nd and 23rd, first Mercury, then the Sun, enter your Scorpio Sixth House of health habits, duties and labor. If you’ve neglected your optimal work or wellness routines, it’s time to recommit, as your Scorpio Sixth House calls for absolute devotion to both your work and Metaphysical Fitness Programs. Lay low towards the end of the month to cultivate determination and internal fortitude. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your Taurus Twelfth House on October 28th brings either regret due to slothful neglect or the inner satisfaction of quiet, consistent effort. Choose wisely!


Planet of relationships and social harmony, Venus, enters your Virgo Third House of mindset on October 9th and immediately opposes uncompromising Saturn in your Pisces Ninth House of SPIRITUALITY. The Venus–Saturn opposition between these two houses could stress any relationships you’ve formed based on shared belief systems and outlooks on life, as Saturn continues to reform your Pisces Ninth House worldview through February 2026. You may even see this stress show up amongst family, as the ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is in your Libra Fourth House of home and roots, alongside agitated Mars. Like pressing reset, the sympathetic New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14th, relieves EMOTIONAL tension and by October 20th, the Sun and Mercury meet in Libra clearing the air for better communication. To be safe, maybe keep politics, religion and other potentially controversial subjects off the dinner table this month! Mercury, planet of MENTAL processes and motion, joins athletic Mars in your Scorpio Fifth House of sports, artistry, play and pleasure on October 22nd, followed by the invigorating Sun the next day. Late October is a spectacular time to engage in intense PHYSICAL activity and competition! With passionate Mars in its own sign of Scorpio, alongside strategic Mercury and the kingmaker Sun, victory is easily attainable! An opposition from auspicious Jupiter in Taurus, bestows immense favor upon you in any contest or battle as October comes to a close. Cardiogoths! Do racing! A magnificent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your Taurus Eleventh House of groups on October 28th further supports successes shared through teamwork and community experiences.  


Mercury, planet of communication, motion and logic enters your Libra Third House of MENTAL processes, learning and skill development on October 5th. As efficacious Mercury joins provocateur Mars and your ruler, the divinely intelligent Sun, in this productive area your chart, retreat from the noise to focus on important projects. While stepping away from the public eye is contrary to your innate Leonine nature, the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14th encourages loosening socially programmed thought patterns, to foster receptivity to the revolutionary SPIRITUAL growth igniting via the North Node in your Aries Ninth House. Tremendous clarity is available by humbly refining your approach and pursuing self-mastery, allowing your mind to be subsumed in only the most noble of tasks through October 22nd. Challenging, yet creative, contacts between the illuminating Sun-Mercury in Libra and empowered Pluto in your dutiful Capricorn Sixth House of labor, encourage intense, yet transformative progress. Amidst these shifts, Pluto in Capricorn ends its retrograde and goes direct in your Sixth House on October 10th, a turning point for your coaches, PHYSICAL health and fitness programs. Systemic issues, regression or disruptions since June 11th, as related to Sixth House themes, should begin to resolve and evolve onward through the rest of the year. The EMOTIONAL culmination of your month occurs on October 28th, at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your Taurus Tenth House of career, vocation, public life and recognition. This eclipse is like a pressure cooker dripping with creative tension (most likely felt internally) as well as the potential to reap the fruits of financially beneficial relationships. Jupiter’s presence alongside the Full Moon in your Taurus Tenth House puts a premium on your industriousness and professional success, so boldly claim the spotlight!


An experience of rejuvenation visits you this month, as sensual Venus enters your sign and part of your chart related to PHYSICAL vitality on October 9th. Venus is the signifier of culture, beauty and grace, so with her presence in your sign, exploring somatic artforms like trail dancing, tai chi or even freestyle parkour, could add wonderful charms to your life. This Virgo Venus transit simultaneously invites you to make new social connections, though an opposition to Saturn in your Pisces Seventh House of relationship adds some tension to the mix. EMOTIONAL openness may not be your strongest suit as serious Saturn transits your Seventh House, though with honesty, discernment and healthy boundaries, lasting, loyal partnerships can be cultivated this month. With fruitful contacts between Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in your Taurus Ninth House of philosophy and worldview, connections based on shared values and beliefs flourish! The balancing New Moon Solar Eclipse in your Libra Second House of money matters on October 14th, directs all attention to your finances. Transformative opportunities could be born out of difficulty and as the month continues, it’s the most creative solutions that reap the ripest fruit, so embrace your cleverness Virgo. As your ruler Mercury and the Sun join courageous Mars in your Scorpio Third House on October 22nd–23rd, a MENTAL realignment begins to coalesce. Ruthlessly extricating stagnant elements of your own mindset clears space for indomitable success in all of your Third House skillset development and project-based ventures. Relatedly, the month closes with the October 28th, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your SPIRITUAL Taurus Ninth House. This Full Moon portents empowering insights with life-altering potential, so no matter how entrenched, be brave enough to surrender the beliefs that no longer nourish your soul.


As dynamic and perceptive Mercury enters your sign October 5th–22nd prepare for a MENTAL reset. Mercury alongside the illuminating Sun in Libra, imbues you with insight, astute self-analysis and top-notch critical thinking. Although, as agitated Mars continues to cause discomfort in your sign until October 12th, consider meditation, somatic exercises or microdosing to ward off the anxiety that arises when Mercury and Mars share a sign. Mercury rules your Gemini Ninth House of SPIRITUALITY, belief systems and consciousness expansion. This makes the first half of October a wonderful time to get curious about metaphysical studies, psychedelic experimentation and personal development. And if all of this weren’t exciting enough, a PHYSICAL refresh is also in store for you at the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14th. The Solar Eclipse is a superpowered New Moon in your First House of self, character and the physical body. You could finally experience your energy levels rebalanced in the aftermath of your ruler Venus’ retrograde that ended last month. Additionally, this fateful eclipse marks a new beginning regarding your self-concept. The accompanying Libra South Node indicates the surrender of outmoded aspects of your identity, as well as relationships which no longer resonate with the person you are becoming. By the October 28th, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your Taurus Eighth House of crisis, shared resources, difficult EMOTIONAL and financial entanglements, a major resolution is possible. While this could be a potent climax related to your obligations to another party, an ending in an intimate relationship or overall psychological outlook, Jupiter’s presence ensures that whatever manifests at this time brings the reward of wisdom and even abundance, moving forward.


Your assertive ruling planet Mars, enters your stealthy and strategic sign on October 12th and gets you in tip-top shape until late November. Mars in your sign Scorpio, is like a fearless and formidable vigilante returning to their clandestine, resource-laden, lair. Mars demands your blood, sweat and tears (yes, Scorpio, you have those too) so this is an incredible season for a total devotion to PHYSICAL mastery. For the next two months, choose high-intensity workouts and optimized nutrition plans. Listen To the Body, Ignore The Body: a coach will help you push your physical limits. A constructive contact between fierce Mars and disciplined Saturn in your Pisces Fifth House of sport and play, calls you to place serious competition and Type 2 Fun over less demanding and challenging Type 1 pursuits — encouraging a work hard and play later approach to your pleasures. The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14th in your Twelfth House of private introspection and unseen developments, supports this, as you turn toward solitary SPIRITUAL reflection through the second half of the month. After meeting in Libra on October 20th and shedding light on your hidden potentials, Mercury and the Sun enter your sign on October 22nd-23rd, bestowing you with the MENTAL clarity and internal fortitude born out of the Libra Solar Eclipse. Reinvigorated and aiming for greatness, Scorpios are finally superpowered and ready to execute powerful strategies during the latter part of October, onwards. Although, an EMOTIONAL bridge must first be crossed at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your Taurus Seventh House of interpersonal relationships on October 28th. An incredible consummation with a close and likely cherished association is at play. Let down your guard and dare to bare your heart. Being courageously honest with yourself and others at this time leads to an abundance of wisdom, deep satisfaction and maturation of relationships. 


Mercury, planet of communication, exchange and ideation, enters your Libra Eleventh House of acquaintances, teams, groups and aspirations on October 5th. This swift and sociable planet is well suited to this house, so until it leaves on October 22nd, direct your MENTAL energy toward networking and clarifying your goals. The executive Sun is also spotlighting these dimensions of life until the 23rd, so there’s the potential to tap into powerful allies who could lend you a hand in actualizing that which you aspire towards. Although, be discerning and mindful of quietly competitive Mars in Libra through October 12th, as some smiling faces amongst your peer group could be aiming for your spot! October 9th–November 8th, Venus will grace your public facing Virgo Tenth House of vocation and reputation, a period of great favor in the eyes of others and an EMOTIONALLY warm reception in professional settings. This Virgo Venus rules the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14th in your Eleventh House, tying your networks and career together in a pivotal new beginning. This South Node eclipse releases those fairweather or insincere allies from your circles, while simultaneously seeding the birth of better aligned associations that could play significant roles in your professional life. Beginning at the Solar Eclipse and through the latter part of the month though, take a step back from the action to rest and reflect. On October 22nd–23rd, Mercury and the Sun follow Mars into your SPIRITUALLY introspective Scorpio Twelfth House, drawing the month to a close on a quieter, less ambitious note. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your Taurus Sixth House of PHYSICAL wellness practices on October 28th, points to fitness and training being a powerful active meditation, helping you to ground deeper in your body and subsequently, grow more intimate with your core desires. 


As the planet of versatility, communication and MENTAL focus spends a large part of the month in your Libra Tenth House of career, achievements and public image beginning on October 5th, you’re called forth into leadership and high visibility. Whether as a coach or an executive role, assert your voice, as Mercury will be here alongside commanding Mars until October 12th. See the beginning of the month as a trial run in which you’re learning to be both authoritative and accommodating, with ease. A new approach is born at the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14th, marking a fateful new beginning in your public life. You love a challenge Capricorn, so embrace this uncomfortable, though galvanizing turn! An EMOTIONALLY compelling square between the Libra Solar Eclipse and evolutionary Pluto in your sign, underscores profound alchemy occurring within at this time. You may even take an activist stance, demanding equity and justice via a public platform! In the midst of this metamorphosis, Venus in your Virgo Ninth House of SPIRITUALITY, worldview and higher knowledge, forms an opposition to Saturn in your Third House of mindset and daily ritual. This opposition calls into question any associations centered around belief systems or knowledge accumulation, you may find these types of relationships grow tense through early November. Saturn wants you to be more determinative and discerning in your thought process, so free your mind and be willing to let go if necessary. On October 28th, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your Taurus Fifth House of PHYSICAL play and athletics indicates a major fruition in your Endurance Pursuits. If you find yourself competing around this time, an incredibly exciting contest is promised. Magnanimous Jupiter sits alongside the Full Moon, so above all, have a good time!


The month begins on an EMOTIONALLY restorative note, as compassionate Venus enters your Virgo Eighth House of anxiety, grief and difficult psychological states, on October 9th. Her initial entry, opposing Saturn in your Second House of money induces some stress or feelings of lack – emotional entanglements or shared financial obligations being the culprit. Although, do know that Venus can ultimately offer balance to this house of crisis, so any difficulties should stabilize as the month proceeds. There is a great deal of activity in your SPIRITUAL Libra Ninth House during the first half of October, as Mercury joins the Sun and Mars there on October 5th. While intrepid Mars only blazes through this house until October 12th, it ignites a great zeal for your beliefs. Be careful of arguments about Ninth House topics such as political and religious ideologies; embracing intentional discomfort and forging a middle ground between divergent perspectives is the gift of this transit. Perceptive Mercury and the enlightening Sun meet the Moon here on October 14th at the Libra Solar Eclipse. A new existential outlook centered around equity, justice and peace, could be born in you at this New Moon, defining your life philosophy for years to come. MENTAL energy is devoted to your profession later in the month, especially after the ingress of Mercury and the Sun into your Scorpio Tenth House of vocation and career on October 22nd–23rd. Opposition to auspicious Jupiter, as well as constructive contacts to your ruler Saturn in your financial Second House, foster sustainable professional growth and prosperity. Foreground PHYSICAL recuperation and recharging your internal battery at the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your foundational Fourth House on October 28th. This will ensure that you can continue to forge ahead, making incredible progress in your public life.  


A waning, last quarter Moon in your Cancer Fifth House of sensual pleasure, play and sport on October 5th and 6th, encourages a gently reflective approach to your PHYSICAL needs. These are ideal days to seek out restorative care related to the lunar-ruled fluids within the body – think lymphatic massage, steam baths or hydration therapy. Planet of compassion, desire and affinity, Venus, enters your interpersonal Virgo Seventh House of relationship and collaboration on October 9th. Venus will immediately oppose Saturn, planet of firm boundaries, so look out for EMOTIONAL strain in close relationships on the 9th and 10th. Although Venus will be here through early November, making this transit is a wonderful time to form dependable, enduring and mature relationships with others. That extends beyond romance to friendship and professional associations as well! And if you’re already in serious relationships, the potential of contractually solidifying them, in true Seventh House fashion, is far greater during this period. One of ancient astrology’s forgotten attributions of the Seventh House is the variety of public events that occur around or after sunset, so consider hosting a dinner party or planning a night out dancing with friends later this month. Joining the ruler of Scorpio, probing Mars, the Sun and Mercury enter your Ninth House of belief systems, higher education and your worldview on October 22nd–23rd. The latter part of October is consumed by deep SPIRITUAL study, powerful writing and intellectual investigation. A voracious curiosity and unquenchable thirst for esoteric knowledge manifests most potently at the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your Third House of MENTAL processes and ritual on October 28th. A creative culmination of your lived and learned wisdom can be generously shared with your community and warmly received, as the month ends.

Celestial Beta, a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. Written every month by Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right.

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