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Celestial Beta, a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. Written every month by Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right.


Your rambunctious ruler, Mars, spends most of August in your Virgo Sixth House of labor, health routines and service. The Sixth House is the place of illness and PHYSICAL injury, so best to be especially discerning and cautious in Endurance Pursuits, Metaphysical Fitness Modes and going Inside The Outside.. Mars is a wildcard, so while co-present with the critical technician, Mercury, be sure to maintain consistent practice and listen to your Guides.! Being overly prepared, as well as following all rules and regulations will be to your benefit. This is especially critical when Mercury retrogrades in Virgo from August 23rd – September 1st, bringing scrutinous attention and MENTAL concern to your wellbeing and work habits. While all of this may sound extremely dull to you thrill seeking rams, on August 13th the exemplary Sun in Leo and retrograde Venus in Leo meet in your Fifth House of Play, recreation, artistry and sports. This conjunction brings EMOTIONALLY dramatic thrills, youthful excitement and pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Since Venus is retrograde, consider that which sparked joy for you in the past, even in childhood, can be brought into your present for reappraisal. August 22nd is an especially auspicious day to invest in your passions, thanks to a challenging but constructive conversation between theatrical, yet authentic, Venus in Leo and abundant Jupiter in Taurus. Earning a liveable income from the arts, entertainment or sports feels more feasible through the latter half of the month. With August 30th’s Pisces Full Moon in your solitudinous and introspective Twelfth House, seek rest and SPIRITUAL contemplation, to ground internally after a very extroverted month. 


A major month for Taureans, August begins with a momentous Aquarius Full Moon in your Tenth House of public achievement and recognition. Victory in contests or tournaments is indicated at this time, as glorious Mars in your Fifth House of sport and recreation, makes a fortuitous contact with Jupiter in your PHYSICAL First House. The only caveat is that you could run into some roadblocks with your team, others could resist your execution of strategy, so be flexible! SPIRITUAL experiences this month are meant to be eternalized and embodied. The illuminative Sun travels through its domicile Leo until August 23rd shining its light in your foundational and private Fourth House, encouraging you to explore your innermost depths. Generative aspects from the Sun and relational Venus to sage Jupiter in your sign, indicates the deepening of wisdom through greater intimacy with your roots and subsequently, your core self. EMOTIONAL rewards are quite potent between August 13th and 16th. The Leo Sun and retrograde Venus meet on the 13th, offering enlightening and potentially healing insights regarding your relationship to your home, family and upbringing. By August 16th a New Moon in Leo, sparks the birth of a wholly new and enriched orientation to these aspects of life. In the latter quarter of the month, especially after August 23rd, your mindset shifts with the entry of the Virgo Sun into your Fifth House! MENTAL Mercury in your Fifth House of athletics and celebration, calls you to reconsider and recalibrate your Metaphysical Fitness, Endurance and Ultra life. You may question your recreational interests at this time, so don’t be surprised if you decide to parlay into an entirely new pursuit or even more likely, pick up one you left behind in the past! *This is maybe why you purchased an expensive but beautiful handcrafted surfmat from G-Mat Custom Surf Mats a year ago?


The Aquarius Full Moon on August 1st in your Ninth House of SPIRITUALITY and worldview, is both inspiring and substantiating regarding your big picture perspective. A solidification of your belief system is in order and you may find that some contemplation and solitude at home brings affirmative insights. Throughout the month, your ruler Mercury is in your sister sign Virgo, in your Fourth House of home and private life, opposing Saturn, planet of responsibility and seriousness in your Pisces Tenth House of public life and career. As Mercury is quite the busybody, this opposition could correlate with PHYSICAL burnout. Additionally, Mercury is retrograde from August 23rd until September 1st, so your energy levels could be especially inconsistent. Avoid bringing career issues home, with Mercury the planet of debate co-present with Mars in your Virgo Fourth House, disagreements or disputes as related to work-life balance are more likely. The first half of the month offers ideal conditions for private reflection and rest to relieve this stress, leading up to the Leo New Moon on August 16th, a powerful moment of MENTAL breakthrough. Issues of pride and ego, especially in relationships, are up for healing, as you are invited to renew your mindset and embrace healthy humility. The month ends on a profoundly existential note, as August 30th’s EMOTIONAL Pisces Full Moon in your Tenth House brings anxiety inducing challenges to your public life, potentially in the form of professional difficulties or reputational dilemmas. Take the lessons learned earlier in the month to heart and prioritize your peace. Quiet reflection and time spent with loved ones can be truly precious. 


August 2023 is one of those rare calendar months which feature three potent lunar phases for your ruler, the Moon. The month kicks off with an Aquarius Full Moon in your Eighth House of taxing EMOTIONAL and material entanglements. While this Full Moon could bring upheaval, it is also a moment to accept the psychologically fortifying role that tribulations play in our lives. Existential questions color the whole of August, as Saturn, in your philosophical Pisces Ninth House, opposes inquisitive Mercury in your Virgo Third House of MENTAL patterns. While maybe not the best time to pursue psychedelic breakthroughs, it is a wonderful time for explicit clarity in therapy. Complimentary questions of self-regard and personal values will come to fore by the Leo New Moon in your Second House on August 16th. Alongside the retrograde Venus in Leo, this New Moon is all about learning to love oneself authentically and a new journey in regards to self-worth. If you find yourself feeling run down throughout this period, action oriented Mars enters your Libra Fourth House of roots and PHYSICAL foundation by August 27th. Mars in the Fourth House revitalizes and as it is the ruler of your Fifth House of sports and play, you should feel a renewed sense of adventure as well! The month ends with its final major lunar phase, a Pisces Full Moon in your Ninth House of SPIRITUALITY, philosophy and worldview. Continuing the existential themes, this Full Moon marks a hard-won attainment along your personal journey, a reasonable expansion of what you consider to be your purpose. This flowering marks an inspiring culmination of an internally onerous month. 


It’s Leo Season! Venus, planet of romance, beauty and relation is now retrograde in your sign until September 3rd, encouraging a period of reevaluation and reappraisal regarding your values, self worth, partner choices and approach to connection. The Aquarius Full Moon in your interpersonal Seventh House of relationship and agreements on August 1st kicks off the month on an EMOTIONAL high, as a climax of feeling swells between yourself and partners. These aforementioned topics could be at fever pitch during this Full Moon. Though fret not, while you may encounter growing pains, these are likely to be fruitful and productive in nature. By the Leo New Moon on August 16th, lions are gifted with a PHYSICAL reset, revitalizing energy flows to your sign thanks to an electric contact with Uranus in Taurus. While outcomes look favorable for you, with fortuitous Jupiter present, be prepared for strange and unusual proceedings in competition or other public endeavors. Throughout this month and especially by the commencement of Mercury’s retrograde from August 23rd through September 1st, the lyrical phrase “I’ve got my mind on my money, my money on my mind” will be a visceral experience! Your MENTAL state is likely to be dominated by financial matters, with any anxieties being relieved once Mars leaves Virgo for Libra on August 27th. Mercury retrograde presents financial literacy as a personal challenge to overcome, gamify budgeting for maximum satisfaction! SPIRITUALLY, new horizons are opening, as the quickening and adventurous North Node is now journeying through your Aries Ninth House of belief systems. By the month’s end, be willing to let go of an outdated mindset and never look back, metaphysical insights are ahead for you!


August is a potent time for Virgoans. The month begins with your ruler Mercury in your sign, giving you exceptional MENTAL clarity and discernment. During the first couple weeks of the month you may find that obstacles or conflicts in communication prompt an expansive reconsideration of your worldview. Both deconstructive Mars and discerning Mercury are in Virgo throughout August, in conversation with reassuring Jupiter and prudent Saturn. This combination of influences is especially rewarding when it comes to your big picture perspective on important relationships and collaborations. This fits well with the retrograde Venus in your Twelfth House, as EMOTIONAL connections that are draining or no longer serving you, can be disengaged. Though, this will require instigation on your part, so embrace Mars’ courage in your sign until the 27th. If you embrace solitude and self-reflection, between the Leo Sun-Venus conjunction on August 13th and the Leo New Moon on August 16th, ideal conditions are present to initiate a beautiful new sense of personal worth. Enlightening developments are actualized in regards to self-love on August 22nd, as retrograde Venus in your Twelfth House makes a formative contact with wisening Jupiter in your Taurus Ninth House of SPIRITUALITY. On August 23rd, the PHYSICALLY invigorating Sun enters your sign, beginning Virgo season. Yet, that same day, your ruler Mercury begins a retrograde in Virgo! On one hand you may feel inspired to go solo, be seen as special and seek personal glory, though you are challenged to do so in unorthodox ways; reflect on the past for informative insights. On August 30th, the Pisces Full Moon in your partnership zone, helps you let go of those who weigh you down and begin leading with confidence!


The month of August provides potent opportunities for SPIRITUAL catharsis, generosity and inner healing for Librans. From the top of the month a beneficial contact between meditative Mercury in your Virgo Twelfth House of self-abnegation and austere Saturn in your Pisces Sixth House of service, offers you an ideal period to engage in charity and acts of goodwill. Meanwhile, until August 23rd when the enlightening Sun enters Virgo, a discomforting, yet ultimately liberatory, contact occurs between the Sun in your Leo Eleventh House of community and Jupiter in your Taurus Eighth House of entanglements. You may find yourself releasing obligations both materially and EMOTIONALLY that no longer serve. As your ruler Venus, planet of relationships and socializing, also aspects Jupiter and is retrograde in your Leo Eleventh House until September 3rd, you may even release previously important acquaintances or associations with groups of people, such as teams or organizations. Connections that you were once quite passionate about are reappraised during Venus’ retrograde. Mid-month, especially August 13th through 16th, marks a significant refresh of your alliances. In regards to challenges, the disembodying Dragon’s Tail (South Node) is now in your sign until January 2025, an energy sapping transit if you’re not mindful of your PHYSICAL limits. Clearing your calendar and lightening up your MENTAL load could help ease you out of a toxic grindset, as busybody Mercury is retrograde in your restful Virgo Twelfth House from August 23rd – September 1st. Mars follows up, entering your sign on the 27th. Seek out gentle practices like reiki that prioritize energetic harmony and balance within the body’s systems, the esoteric South Node supports this.


An EMOTIONAL Full Moon in your Fourth House of home and origins, on August 1st, indicates completions as related to your internal experience and private life. This could indicate a change of PHYSICAL residence, property purchases or closure in familial relationships. This is an excellent time to savor retreat and cultivate connection with loved ones, as the rest of the month is spent attending to your outer world. A key theme for Scorpions this August is a reappraisal of your professional identity and discursions in your most visible public alliances. Venus is retrograde in your executive Leo Tenth House until September 3rd, and journeys here alongside the proud, status-seeking Sun until August 23rd. Humbling oneself and developing healthier ways to assert one’s ego in leadership and authority roles is most beneficial. In the first half of the month, you may experience productive friction in workplace or public relationships, as Venus and the Sun come into challenging aspects with maverick Uranus and sage Jupiter in your interpersonal Taurus Seventh House. A fresh and emancipatory MENTAL outlook arises at the August 16th, Leo New Moon, as a new conception of your public identity truly blooms. Despite conclusions of long-held collaborations early in the month, by the second half, transformative opportunities to gain clarity regarding the teams or organizations that best suit your authenticity abound. Mercury is retrograde in your Virgo Eleventh House, reassessing group involvements, until September 1st, as the Sun in Virgo sheds new light on alliances from August 23rd onward. The month closes with a SPIRITUALLY gratifying Pisces Full Moon on August 30th in your sporty Fifth House. Pursuing ecstatic play and approaching pleasure as your divine birthright can be profoundly healing.


As August begins, you may find that you’re questioning your public role and what constitutes your reputation; think leadership positions, vocation or career. A Full Moon in your Aquarius Third House of MENTAL processes and communication on the 1st of the month, potentially launches you into deep self-inquiry regarding your purpose, an existential expansion. While professional growth is indicated throughout 2023 for Sagittarians, you may find the day-to-day work life feels a little more mid than usual — a virtual jail sentence for you adventurous souls! During the first week of the month the urge to communicate in an atypical fashion or express avant garde ideas is especially strong. Go with it, as uncomfortable as it could be for yourself or colleagues, it may be exactly what’s needed in your workplace and will also satisfy your need to push boundaries. By the week of August 13th, as the independent Sun and desirous Venus meet in your metaPHYSICAL Leo Ninth House of long-distance journeys and SPIRITUAL quests, it may be high time to embark on a solo trip. Venus is retrograde here until September, so no better way for you to reassess your worldview and relationship to the cosmos, than by going on a road trip, vacation or SUB24O overnighter! The Leo New Moon on August 16th presents exciting sparks of insight and new horizons in terms of your perspective on life and any lingering questions of purpose ought to turn into answers moving forward. As the month ends with a Pisces Full Moon in your Fourth House, your private life becomes a much needed EMOTIONAL sanctuary as you continue to experiment with and reconfigure your professional image and leadership style. Take careful and calculated risks for maximal results.


As your ruler, Saturn, is retrograde throughout the month and Pluto is back in your First House, PHYSICAL wellbeing is of utmost importance. You may find that your energy levels have taken a hit due to your retrograde ruler; Saturn indicates sluggishness. Particularly this month, Pluto’s presence in your sign invites you to investigate deeper forms of metaphysical and holistic wellness, such as psychedelic therapy or energy work. Bridging your somatic wellbeing with your EMOTIONAL health is a transformative theme of August, as the illuminative Sun and a retrograde Venus journey through your Eighth House of psychological and material entanglements. You may discover that difficult relationships, including that which you have with yourself, require a reclamation or in some cases, a release, so that you can experience a healthier state of mind. The Leo Sun-Venus retrograde conjunction on August 13th, highlights values and desires within you that have questionable sources or may even cause you distress. It is in authentic, personal pursuit of thrills (aka Type 3 Extreme Fun) excitement and novelty, through which you may innovate your relationship to pleasure and desire. The Leo New Moon alongside Venus on August 16th, makes a groundbreaking contact with maverick Uranus in your playful and sporty Taurus Fifth House, birthing a newly eccentric value set and provocative recreational tastes. Mercury’s retrograde in your SPIRITUAL Virgo Ninth House from August 23-September 1st, stimulates a complimentary philosophical reconsideration. Parsing through the nitty gritty of your belief systems, leads to a MENTAL health awakening at the Pisces Full Moon on August 30th. Embracing a more fluid, expansive perspective, paradoxically opens one’s mind to more reasonable thought processes and effective decision making.


A Full Moon in your sign begins the month on a reflective note. Culminations or completions as related to your personal identity, body and self-development are on the docket for Aquarians. Your ruler, Saturn, naturally governs this Full Moon and as Saturn is currently retrograde in your Pisces Second House of values, your own sense of self-worth is up for serious contemplation. Saturn inquires: are you self-sufficient, EMOTIONALLY resilient and PHYSICALLY self-regulated? This question resonates throughout the month, as the regal Leo Sun and charismatic, yet eccentric, retrograde Leo Venus, journey through your Seventh House of interpersonal relationships. The gallant and proudly independent Leo Sun, shines its spotlight on your partnerships and reception with others, while retrograde Venus reappraises the values on which you’ve built these bonds, through September 4th. MENTAL clarity regarding your attachment style and its roots in your upbringing is bound to come forth. The enlightening Sun and relational Venus, make insightful contacts with ingenious Uranus and wise Jupiter in your Taurus Fourth House of family and origins. These aspects are most potent during the middle of August, with a New Moon in your Leo Seventh House on August 16th, sparking a new dawn in your approach to relationships. Relatedly, the second half of the month could be quite healing. A Mercury retrograde in your Virgo Eighth House of psycho-SPIRITUAL entanglements beginning August 23rd, alongside the illuminating Sun entering Virgo that same day, points to the revelation and subsequent purgation of unhealthy tethers. With the discerning guidance of a coach or therapist, ghosts of toxic relationships past, can finally be surrendered to the light.


Prioritizing solitude and introspection are quite auspicious as the month begins. A Twelfth House, Aquarius Full Moon, emphasizes the SPIRITUAL challenge that is engaging with your personal blindspots. You may find that your interpersonal relationships become the primary site in which you dance with these shadow qualities. The first part of August is character-building, as you deal with the consequences of the opposition of Saturn in your sign and Mercury in Virgo, a time in which communication challenges within interpersonal relationships feel most stark. Directly engaging won’t be entirely constructive, as oppositions have an obstinate nature. Although, by August 9th, a positive contact between conversational Mercury and constructive Jupiter in your Third House of MENTAL patterns and communication, opens doors. Your PHYSICAL wellness practices really take center stage in the middle of the month. On August 13th, a union of the illuminative Sun and retrograde Venus in your Sixth House, brings a profound reappraisal of your health and fitness routines. As Venus is involved, consider the relationships related to these practices, such as healthcare professionals, coaches, trainers, etc. These relationships will likely go through some change over the course of the retrograde that ends on September 4th. Whether switching allegiances or reviving those which resonated in the past, expect some reconsideration here. The month ends on an EMOTIONALLY empowering note, as antagonistic Mars finally departs your relational Seventh House and the enlightening Virgo Sun clarifies disputes or differences with others. Conscientiousness, coupled with a no-nonsense approach to divergence, allows you to feel a greater sense of wholeness, ownership or your feelings and personal satisfaction by the Pisces Full Moon on August 30th. 

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