Stephen Kersh

An excerpt from our Funnest Known Time: Santa Monica Mountain Challenge Stupid Routes Panel, we have Stephen Kersh recalling a memorable bonk that pushed his physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional boundaries.

STUPID ROUTES – Panel Discussion

An FKT Panel Discussion from Abby Hall, Stephen Kersh, and Moi Medina.

STUPID ROUTES: A community Conversation about Stupid Routes; a 3-person multimedia presentation with Q&A. 👽 Abby Hall talks about a possible too close encounter and Misery PRs. 😴 Stephen Kersh talks about sleeping in the bottom of the world’s largest ditch by himself, by accident. 🚫🚴🏻‍♀️😢🥾 Moi Medina presents “I’m glad I brought a bike on this hike”; an IRL blogpost on the liminal space where dumb ideas and hubris meet genius and glory. Recorded live at Luft LA on January 26th, 2024 as part of the Mythical State Of + Rabbit Wolf Creative Funnest Known Time: Santa Monica Mountain Challenge.

Experience Earth’s Energies

EXPERIENCE EARTH’S ENERGIES is a study of Transcendence through movement, and a visual examination of the intersection/amalgamation of Energy and Metaphysical Fitness, within the larger context of both the literal and metaphorical “The Outside

The Outside: a place or realm wherein the symbiotic relationship between human and landscape is explored through intention, connection and awe. The practice is called Endurancism, and the practitioners are called Subject Athlete.

Brought to you by the Mythical State of New Age Practices and Principles


“You are what you eat.” – Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, Physiologie du Goût, ou Méditations de Gastronomie Transcendante.

We need healthy energy to survive, we need positive energy to thrive. The cosmos and everything in it is made of energy. Energy is a primal force from which everything emanates and sustains. Reach for the infinite potential and interconnectedness of the universe. Bad energy breeds negativity, drains vitality, creates toxic environments, subjugates joy and perverts happiness. DON’T GET ZAPPED.

We need energy in all FOUR zones.

  • Physical: We need energy for physiological purposes, dancing and Endurance.
  • Spiritual: Energy provides meaning, purpose and transcendence which is all food for our souls.
  • Mental: Energy powers creativity, self-expression and storytelling.
  • Emotional: Positive energy enhances feelings of joy, love, and inspiration, while low energy can contribute to emotional fatigue, apathy, and emotional malaise.

No energy, or bad energy, is Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional death, and yet we spend most of our lives immersed and submerged in technologically modern environments such as towns, cities, the internet, and any and all spaces under the spell-like control of AI and/or the yoke of The Algorithm, e.g. Toxic Energy Sources:

  1. Light pollution, impacting circadian rhythms and causing sleep disorders.
  2. Continuous exposure to high levels of noise, causing deafness and various psychological issues.
  3. Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation quietly “cooking” us from the inside out causes anxiety, stress and depression.
  4. Nuclear radiation leads to radiation sickness and genetic mutations.
  5. Power Lines buzzing in a menacing and malignant manner.
  6. Microwaves microwaving.
  7. Toxic emissions caused by industrialization and unchecked capitalism enters your body.
  8. Chemical byproducts in our Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.
  9. Airborne pollutants entering orifices and pores degrade function.
  10. Crowdsourced “creativity”, promotes and nurtures widespread or “everyday” mediocrity.
  11. Algorithmically generated impulses drive culture, technology, art and fashion to the exclusion of “sparked” thought originating in actual humans.
  12. Artificial ultrasonic frequencies drowning out Earth’s heartbeat: 7.83Hz.
  13. Malevolent supernatural entities causing fear, anger, anxiety and stress.
  14. Improperly conducted rituals or misguided spiritual practices, making people intolerant, stupid, angry and violent.
  15. Artificially generated ionizing.
  16. Inspiration Stagnation or “Club Zombie.”
  17. Electrosmog.
  18. Imbalanced Geopathic Zones, such as dry riverbeds, no longer flowing with water due to extended droughts caused by climate change, causes depression and disordered thinking.
  19. DNA-altering X-rays and gamma rays.
  20. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are everywhere.
  21. Emotional Negativity at work and in toxic relationships.
  22. High-frequency vibrations killing your vibe.
  23. Psychic attacks and Possession.
  24. Geomagnetic disturbances causing transient physiological and psychological effects.
  25. Spiritual disharmony: the result of feeling “disconnected” caused by social media, FOMO and the ubiquitous presence of the internet.


Experience Earth’s Energies, and time permitting, seek awe.


The short answer: Experiencing Earth’s Energies promotes Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Well-Being, which in turn will C-O-N-N-E-C-T you to Earth and Earthlings. You are Here. You are a Subject Athlete. Find Comfort with Discomfort. Achieve Metaphysical Fitness. Fun x Play x Joy. Moments of Rapture.

  1. Stress reduction
  2. Physical rejuvenation
  3. Mental clarity
  4. Improved mood
  5. Enhanced creativity
  6. Boosted immune system
  7. Increased vitality
  8. Emotional healing
  9. Enhanced spiritual connection
  10. Improved sleep
  11. Environmental awareness
  12. Shared experiences
  13. Enhanced senses
  14. Awe

The longer, more complicated answer: Theoretically, Ascension.

As follows: the Known Knowns, Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns of theoretically experiencing Ascension:

  1. Reveal hidden connections between individuals, events, and the universe.
  2. Unlock new levels of perception.
  3. On-demand Flow State.
  4. Perceive and navigate multiple dimensions.
  5. Time Control.
  6. More colors.
  7. Experience Eternal Now.
  8. Vortexual Healing.
  9. Theme Music.
  10. Harmonious Synchronicity.
  11. Use the quantum field to manifest desires.
  12. DNA Activation.
  13. FKT Support.
  14. Interdimensional Communication.
  15. Collective Consciousness Evolution.
  16. Energetic Alchemy.
  17. Akashic Records Access.
  18. Key Master.
  19. Remote Viewing.
  20. Galactic Service Coverage.
  21. Environmental Harmony.
  22. New healing modalities and techniques based on quantum principles.
  23. Universal Wisdom Integration.
  24. Unconditional Love Embodiment.
  25. Liberation from suffering and attachment.
  26. Enhanced empathy and compassion.
  27. Paradox Integration.
  28. Portal Maps.
  29. Augmented Intuition.
  30. Love Expansion.
  31. Ego Transcendence.


Step 1:
RESONANCE: Touch and feel the earth. Ground yourself. Bathe, melt, fold and sink yourself into your surroundings. Call and respond to your natural environment. Harmonize with the terrain. Establish a geoconnection. Immerse, integrate and mimic Earth’s shapes, colors, and relief. Commune with nature. Achieve textural symbiosis. Syncopate your internal rhythms to Earth’s heartbeat: 7.83Hz. Vibe.

Step 2:
SYNCHRONICITY OR FLOW STATE: Through manifested movement, style and breathing, align your Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional wavelengths to Find Your Line, the hallmark of which are a magical confluence of action and awareness commonly referred to as “being in the zone.” When in Flow State, time becomes meaningless at best, limits are pushed, and anything can be accomplished. Achieving Flow State requires maintaining a high level of intrinsic motivation.

Step 3:
TRANSGRESSION, AKA “SESSIONING SPOTS:” Prolonged exposure to Flow State can open portals, doorways, and thresholds of extraordinary possibilities. Through transgression, Subject Athletes transcend their perceived limitations, unlocking new dimensions of human potential and disrupting conventional realities.

Step 4:
ASCENSION: Choose from the following: Dimensional Trespassing, Whirlpooling, Chancing, Aura Capture, Spireing, Ion Surfing, Knobby Pleasures, Cosmic Alignments, Spiritual Heuristics, Vortexual Odyssey, Lemurians, Cloud Spotting, MODE—ING aka “Way of the Rat”; ATB, BRVT, AT, XC, XTRM, FKT, Headwatering, Summit & Alpine Touring, Holing, Wizard Encounters, Thermaphiling, Spirit Animaling, First Contacting, Matah Kagami Spotting, Pluto’s Cave, Chthonic Empires Underground Dwelling, Vortices, Hounding, Harmonic Convergence, Micro Macro, Celestial Magnitude, Terrestrial Hingepoint, Volcanic Ziggurat, Crystals & Pistols, Sacred Pooling, Sound Bathing, Subterranean Walkabouting, Vertical Vision Questing, Ley Lines, Geo-Parkour, Stargazing, Time Lapsing, Howling, Extra-Planer Access.



An incomplete list of ways that AI and Algorithms are already controlling you:

  1. Suggested content, products, and services,
  2. Curated news and facts.
  3. Behavioral advertising.
  4. Information access through search engine rankings.
  5. Content filtering.
  6. Automated decision-making.
  7. Predictive policing.
  8. Financial trading.
  9. Voice assistants and smart devices.
  10. Health monitoring and diagnosis.
  11. Surveillance systems.
  12. Social credit systems.
  13. Academic research and publication.
  14. Emotional manipulation.
  15. Social media addiction.
  16. Decreased empathy.
  17. Superficial connections.
  18. Online harassment and trolling.
  19. Disruption of local communities.
  20. Algorithmic bias and discrimination.


  • Arches
  • Hoodoos
  • Bridges
  • Slots
  • Fins
  • Plateaus
  • Caves
  • Balances
  • Faults
  • Folds
  • Monoclines
  • Grabens
  • Domes
  • Karsts
  • Buttes
  • Mesas
  • Cliffs
  • Escarpments
  • Alluvial Fans
  • Pedestals
  • Tafoni
  • Lava Flows

Handmade in San Francisco by Colpa Press.

Hi, my name is Daniel. In this video I’m providing you with undeniable proof that A) This zine exists B) That this zine goes hard C) That zine is a physical object full of tangible inspiration and joy, and D) That while this zine production is simple and low fi, the design and photographic reproduction are both TOP NOTCH.


DirectionEmiliano Granado
A StillsEmiliano Granado
B StillsDaniel Wakefield Pasley
MotionJustin Balog
ProducerClaudia Decaro
Strategy and VisionHunter Murphy
Graphic Design & Art DirectionMaria Chiara Choro
EditorTaylor Kruse
ModelsRio Lakeshore, Noot, Graham and Mac
Product SupportDistrict Vision, Norda, and Rayonvert



  1. Increased focus.
  2. Time Control.
  3. Flow State access.
  4. Enhanced PMA.
  5. Mental stimulation
  6. Tempo synchronization.
  7. Joy.
  8. Stress reduction.
  9. Emotional Resonance.
  10. Inspiration and empowerment.
  11. Memory enhancement.
  12. 12) Power Source.

Rapture is a monthly time-based mixtape series created for Subject Athletes in the pursuit of Metaphysical Fitness.
Rapture mixtapes are available in four universal training sizes: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes and 240 minutes.
Rapture mixtapes are updated monthly.
Rapture is the greatest Training Tool on Earth. 
Rapture is designed for activation, motivation, meditation, synchronicity, alignment and transcendence.
We love music. We love you. We love pushing Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional limits in the pursuit of Transformation.
Electronic music is scientifically proven.

Flow State


In broad terms the brain can be divided into three separate parts—bottom, middle and top—with each part controlling/managing a different-and-specific set of functions and agendas. Which would be fine of course if all three parts were seamlessly integrated and optimized for consensus and harmony when it comes to meeting needs and making decisions. Which it turns out they are for most life-type things except, unfortunately for Subject Athletes, for shit like managing exposure, stress and comfort-with-discomfort in the pursuit of Endurance Excellence and Flow State.

While nobody really knows EXACTLY HOW to achieve Flow State in terms of like, step by step instructions, we can and do assume that Flow State is reached as a result of moving out of DOING and into BEING—the operative word here being “moving” because of course we need to literally and metaphorically MOVE (transition) OUT of our natural everyday super loud, super distracted state and into one that’s free of bullshit noise and distraction like conscious thought, self awareness, fear, hope, the past, the future, etc.

Okay so how do we force movement  in times of extreme stress, anxiety and exposure? How do we keep our 3-part brains from FREAKING OUT so hard we get literally and metaphorically stuck thus preventing us from reaching Endurace Excellence and Flow State?

It’s actually not that hard. Just follow this 3-step process to placate and synchronize your 3-part brain thus unlocking movement.

Even though each step is simple in theory the mental fortitude and sustained focus required is actually kinda gnar which is why we turned each step into a mantra. Mantras help you breathe good while you work to incorporate thinking-thoughts into somatic intention.

But how do you absorb and integrate the mantras into your bod, on like, a cellular level? 


Obviously this is capitalism and capitalism sucks but it’s tough being a self-funded Metaphysical Fitness Guide so please just think of this as supporting me and the work I do on the way to buying a shirt.

Our heavyweight (6oz) t-shirts are expensive because they’re sourced in America, sewn in Los Angeles and silk-screened by hand in Portland, Oregon. 

Also these shirts ARE EXTRA CRAZY because each one required 5 screens because they have so many vibrant, compelling colors because they’re about your brain and so we had to tap into the full color spectrum because we knew your brain would want that.

Even though these t-shirts are fashionable for Lifestyle because they artfully radiate state-of-the-art Endurance Culture ideas and concepts, they’re also good at sports.

 In the 80’s and early 90’s Big Outdoor perpetrated an anti- cotton propaganda war against Cardogoths and Outdoor enthusiasts like yourself. They tried to brainwash us into wearing higher-margin plastic clothes that smell and feel bad by claiming that “cotton kills.” 

Maybe on Everest “cotton kills” but down here at everyday elevations  it’s more like COTTON KILLS IT @  keeping you cool when it’s hot and humid and disgusting out, superb hand feel and comfort, durability and longevity, emotional resonance, being a towel, and as a medium for art and culture.

STEP ONE: Quiet The Lizard

The Lizard Brain (the oldest part of our 3-part brain) is in charge of survival instincts and basic primal instinctual shit like fucking and breathing and meeting our needs. It’s called Lizard Brain because dinosaurs invented this part (the brain stem, cerebellum and basal ganglia) and they were big lizards who were super good at survival except for, obviously, in the face of asteroids which tbh doesn’t feel fair to shade them for sleeping on the prospect of intergalactic impact damage on that scale and subsequent nuclear winters. Anyway, survival instincts are great and have a ton of utility but if you’re just LARPing survival in a packraft with an ATB mounted to the bow on a class IV rapid several hundreds miles from cell service FREEZING UP or panicing is not cute and like, actually, kinda counterintuitive to the whole survival thing.

So the next time you wanna drop in on something real big with commitment and no run-out and it’s exciting but you’re also spooked do this…

Part One: Breath—for the last 30 seconds you’ve been holding your breath or hyperventilating. STOP IT.

Part Two: Focus—game face, bro. See what’s immediately in front of you and nothing else. The rest is noise.


Flow State
Flow State

STEP TWO: Cuddle The Mammal

The mammal brain aka the Limbic System is the second oldest (middle) part of our 3-part brain and controls emotions and feelings which are great when navigating interpersonal relationships and when you need to show up as an empathic caring complete person but not so great when you need to cross a raging chest deep river at night with no lights and your mammal brain is all dude WHAT A BUMMER THIS WHOLE EVENT IS JUST ONE SKETCHY THREAT AFTER ANOTHER which starts to kill your vibe and cockblock your PMA. It’s in those critical moments that you need to reframe the situation for your mammal brain. You need to say bro, it’s not a threat, it’s a challenge and challenges are fun. 

Flow State
Flow State

STEP THREE: Turn Off Your Brain

The brain brain aka the Cerebrum is all HIGHER thought. If the Lizard Brain is instinct and intuition and the Mammal Brain is feeling and perceiving, the brain brain is THINKING AND STRESSING AND REASONING which are great when strategy, deductive reasoning and rational thought are helpful like maybe when you’re planning your trip but not when you’re on it and in situation calling for you to start downclimbing now or never into the canyon below even if it’s so steep you cant see where you’re putting your feet which means yeah, if you allow yourself to think about it logically, the chances of stepping onto a rattlesnake basking in the late afternoon sun on a ledge several hundred miles from a road is pretty high. Which is exactly why we don’t, in those moments, have time for the BRAIN BRAIN to run feasibility studies. At a certain point thinking is just a bummer. In those moments, we need to TURN OFF THE BRAIN.

Flow State
Flow State

 THE RESULTS: Experience The Flow

Flow State
Flow State
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