For Best Results, Read Your Rising Sign


Mars, your ruler, planet of energy and endeavor, entered your sign and First House at the end of April, re-invigorating and stoking your flames of enthusiasm. This is an excellent time for exertion, competition and PHYSICAL triumph. Exercise your will to win! Meanwhile, MENTAL energy is focused in your Taurus Second House of personal income and finances. A Taurus New Moon on May 8th indicates an electrifying refresh of your resources, with surprising opportunities to cultivate greater abundance. The New Moon occurs near the same degree of April’s exact Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, further emphasizing that signature of fortuitous pivots and major breakthrough. The EMOTIONAL satisfaction of this paradigm shift could be fully felt at the union, or conjunction, of Venus and Jupiter in your Taurus Second House on May 23rd. Venus signifies pleasure, ease and fruitfulness, while Jupiter signifies growth, coherence and magnification. Your fortunes not only could increase at this time, there’s also ample opportunity to enjoy yourself in creative new ways, thanks to innovative Uranus’ input. May 23rd is especially significant, as it’s also the day of an extraordinary Sagittarius Full Moon! This auspicious climax occurs in the Ninth House of one’s worldview, scholarship and metaphysics. This Full Moon could correlate with massive SPIRITUAL insights and an expansion of your intellect that practically lends itself to cultivating prosperity. With an opposition to the social butterfly, Venus in Gemini, exciting new relationships could also show up in your life that support and stimulate this joyous perspective shift. 


May is the most exciting month of the year for you Taurus! After the invigorating Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in late April, a beautiful Taurus New Moon further refreshes your vitality on May 7th. This New Moon is especially auspicious as your ruling planet, Venus, sits alongside it, stimulating your senses and strongly encouraging you to honor your body as a templ2e. Venus rules sensuality, aesthetics, eroticism and pleasure, so through May 24th, take every opportunity to treat yourself to the very best and luxuriate in your PHYSICALITY. Now is the time to book the deep tissue massage you’ve put off, hire a personal chef for your date night, experiment with your look and spend a day, or several, in a spa! Mercury, signifier of MENTAL acumen and communication, enters Taurus on May 15th, clarifying your mind and offering brilliant insight, as it joins the illuminative Sun and sagacious Jupiter in your sign. Mercury’s entry into Taurus, could prompt transformative news, an impactful address or groundbreaking dialogue regarding your professional life, as it forms a stirring contact with empowering Pluto in your very public Aquarius Tenth House. May 17-18th could bring especially revolutionary interactions or collaborations into your life, thanks to social Venus’ conjunction with innovative Uranus, perfectly complementing your professional rebirth. The enlightening Sun’s meeting with sage, expansive Jupiter in your sign on May 18th provides immense SPIRITUAL support and optimism. All of May’s gorgeous vibes culminate on the 23rd, as your fruitful ruler Venus meets with jovial Jupiter in your sign, imbuing you with EMOTIONAL buoyancy and engaging you with fortuitous new relationships.


The first New Moon of the month takes place in your Taurus Twelfth House of contemplation, unseen developments and solitude on May 7th. This New Moon initiates a period of internal elevation. Seeking space and spending time alone in nature, may be deeply necessary for your soul’s cultivation, allowing beautiful intuitions and insights to sprout over the next few weeks. You may even experience MENTAL or EMOTIONAL wellness breakthroughs behind-the-scenes, as following late April’s Jupiter-Uranus meeting in your Twelfth House – a benefic paradigm shift – the illuminating and clarifying Sun forms a conjunction with instantaneous Uranus on May 13th. The Sun-Uranus meeting is an electrifying and revolutionary opportunity to recognize your inner locus of authority and receive sudden epiphanies. A mindfulness or creative practice could be immensely helpful in channeling these energies. As the Sun continues its journey into Gemini on May 20th, it brings the insights garnered privately into your house of self, thus offering them clear intelligibility and the personal power to make them manifest. The Sun in your sign immediately forms a harmonious and expansive contact with Pluto, the signifier of total metamorphosis and revelation in your Ninth House of SPIRITUAL beliefs, scholarship and wisdom traditions. This transit indicates profound progression in regards to advanced education, your worldview and philosophical outlook. Synthesizing Jupiter and harmonizing Venus’ meeting in your Taurus Twelfth House enthusiastically supports this growth. The METAPHYSICAL climax of May arrives on the 26th, as awe-inspiring, encouraging and wisening Jupiter enters your sign, inaugurating 12 months of incredible personal development and comprehensive growth.


After a month-long retrograde, Mercury, planet of cognition and motion, is now direct in your Third House of mindset, short journeys and local surroundings. If your daily commute or routines have been a source of frustration lately, “regularly scheduled programming” should return this month. This also applies to your MENTAL processes, if Mercury’s retrograde had you feeling brain fog or difficulties digesting information, focus and clarity improves. Forward momentum is supported, especially for solving difficult problems or having challenging conversations. On May 7th, a Taurus New Moon in your Eleventh House of group involvement and aspirations, points to a beautiful EMOTIONAL opening in a trusted community setting. Venus, ruler of Taurus, signifier of sociality, aligns with this New Moon, indicating warm, fruitful and harmonious connections. This New Moon encourages your greatest gifts: sincerity, vulnerability and emotional honesty. And two weeks later, this dynamic comes to an enriching culmination with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus on May 23rd. A meeting of sociable, harmonious Venus and jovial, magnanimous Jupiter in your Eleventh House of networked associations and teams. The Sagittarius Full Moon that day, in your Sixth House of PHYSICAL wellness practices and fitness, emphasizes those associates who support your training and health. You may feel called to expand your horizons and even take a more lighthearted approach to your program. As the month comes to a close, sage Jupiter enters your Gemini Twelfth House of solitude and contemplative SPIRITUALITY, bringing you great fortune and success through private creative practice and introspection over the next 12 months. 


The ruler of your Aries Ninth House, Mars, is in the part of your chart dedicated to visionary experiences, SPIRITUAL philosophy and beliefs, the entire month. On May 3rd, Mars forms a supportive and creative contact with Pluto, signifier of metamorphosis and power dynamics, in your Seventh House of interpersonal relationships and interactions with other people. This aspect between Mars and Pluto, called a sextile, invites intense personalities into your life, especially those who could challenge your worldview or have some special ability to impact it. These challengers are constructive influences though, so remain open minded! On May 15th, Mercury, signifier of MENTAL cognition, intellect and communication, enters your Taurus Tenth House of professional and public life. You could find your voice is highly esteemed throughout the month of May. If you have important speaking engagements, presentations or media to release for mass consumption, not only is it likely to proliferate, it could be extremely well received. Mercury is co-present with highly benefic Jupiter. Just be mindful of your forcefulness when engaging with others, as Mercury also squares primal Pluto! By May 23rd, the planet of fortune and success, Jupiter, meets with the planet of pleasure and reward, Venus, in your Taurus Tenth House, an incredible signifer for major accomplishment, professional advancement or being publicly honored. This coincides perfectly with an EMOTIONALLY exciting Sagittarius Full Moon in your Fifth House of play and athletics, also on May 23rd. PHYSICAL competition could be extremely fun and go very well for you at this time.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, ended its nearly month long retrograde in Aries on April 25th, freeing up your PHYSICAL energies. Anytime there is a retrograde of our ruling planet, we may experience sluggishness and a lack of vitality. Now that Mercury is direct, a sense of forward momentum should be felt. Although, until it enters Taurus on May 15th, Mercury remains in your Aries Eighth House, a house associated with idleness or loss of lifeforce. Taking it easy is especially advised in the first half of the month. Once Mercury, signifier of MENTAL acumen, intellect and communication, enters your Taurus Ninth House of academia, scholarship and your worldview, on May 15th, it’s a lovely time to reassess belief systems and deepen your knowledge base. Mercury is both a student and educator, so while it is in Taurus, passionately seeking out intellectual enrichment and opportunities for discovery is of great benefit. Your Taurus Ninth House is a major site of potential and growth, especially following the mind expanding, insightful Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of late April, as the ruler of Taurus, Venus, conjoins Jupiter. The meeting of the two benefic planets in the most stable of Earth signs, Jupiter signifying sagacity and synergy, with Venus, signifying tranquility and harmony, indicates enduring SPIRITUAL refinement and reward. Along with these perennial insights, a Sagittarius Full Moon culminates in your Fourth House of private life and inner fundament on May 23rd, providing you with a solid EMOTIONAL foundation from which to embody your renewed spiritual or intellectual values through impactful service.


In the two weeks following May 7th’s Taurus New Moon in your Eighth House of distress, debacles and dissolution, it’s time for EMOTIONAL cleansing. The Eighth House is a site of material and psycho-emotional entanglements, plus the dilemmas they entail. This New Moon seeds the ending of something formerly enduring in your life. Although, there is reward in the release, as both benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, offer support and benefit at this initiation that will come to fruition by the Full Moon. It’s safe to expect the culmination of these developments, most likely deeply relational in nature, around May 23rd. On that day your ruling planet, Venus, signifier of social bonds and agreements, meets with the signifier of fortune and progression, Jupiter, in your Taurus Eighth House. On one hand this indicates the outcome of the cycle initiated at the New Moon, something positive manifesting out of an ending, while on the other, Venus rules your PHYSICAL body and health, so invites you to luxuriate in downtime; the Eighth House is related to burnout. The other climatic factor on May 23rd is the Sagittarius Full Moon in your Third House of your MENTAL ecology and daily mindset. This Full Moon is absolutely sensational, indicating a strong sense of buoyancy, amidst a major conclusion. Intentionally cultivating optimism and good faith is highly favorable. A few days later, jovial and sage Jupiter enters your Gemini Ninth House of SPIRITUAL and philosophical beliefs, inaugurating a 12 month period of knowledge expansion and opportunities for enlightenment.


On May 3rd, your ruler, athletic Mars in your Sixth House of PHYSICAL fitness, training and health management, forms an alliance with transformative Pluto in your Fourth House of foundational wellbeing. You’re called to massively uplevel your training program and fitness goals. Thanks to Pluto, you feel empowered to draw upon deep inner reserves of SPIRITUAL resolve, strength and willful force. Pluto signifies primal power and obsession, so pushing your limits, in a safe and professionally guided context, could become a transformative passion for you through early June, when Mars leaves Aries. On May 7th, your relationships are renewed and extremely fruitful collaborations come into the picture, thanks to the Taurus New Moon in your Seventh House of alliances, interpersonal relationships and agreements. Venus, planet of fruitfulness and social bonds, alongside Jupiter, planet of growth and cohesion, signifies an abundance of relational opportunities, EMOTIONAL satisfaction and prosperous partnership over the following two weeks. May 23rd’s buoyant Sagittarius Full Moon in your Second House of income and resources indicates the fulfillment of profitable collaborations that were initiated at the New Moon. Money or resources, more generally, could be your predominant MENTAL focus later in the month. This is further emphasized as Jupiter, signifier of magnification, largesse and growth, enters your Gemini Eighth House of financial entanglements on May 26th. Jupiter will be in Gemini until June 2025, providing you with optimism and grace through any crises you encounter, while strangely, also offering significant benefit through other’s loss. It’s a paradoxical transit, you won’t be bored but you’ll certainly be supported!


The primary focus of your MENTAL energy this month is your health, fitness and wellness practices. An auspicious Taurus New Moon in your Sixth House on May 7th, initiates a new lunar cycle dedicated to these concerns. Taurus is a stable, sensual, earth sign, so it’s worth exploring health practices that have a somatic component or emphasis. The significance of the mind-body connection becomes especially pronounced in the two weeks following this New Moon. By May 15th, Mercury enters your Taurus Sixth House and with the cosmic technician here, you should have ease and success finding holistic health professionals who specialize in mind-body interactions. A few days later, May 19th, the focalizing Sun in your Taurus wellness house forms a fruitful contact with ecstatic Neptune in your Pisces Fourth House of foundational vitality, private and inner life. This further emphasizes the opportunity to bridge the SPIRITUAL and somatic dimensions of health. On May 23rd, there is a Full Moon in your sign, as your ruling planet Jupiter forms a wonderful conjunction with Venus. Jupiter represents grace and success, while Venus represents harmony and ease. This Full Moon can be a boon for your PHYSICAL health, as it’s in the house of your bodily condition. This is also an incredible time for competition and tournaments, as a Full Moon in your sign indicates a heightened potential for success. Thereafter, May 24-26th, both benefic planets enter your interpersonal Gemini Seventh House, kicking off a special 12 month period of EMOTIONAL satisfaction, abundance and joy, in your interactions with others.


The Taurus New Moon on May 7th, initiates a period of congenial feelings, EMOTIONAL warmth and joyful experiences. This occurs in your Fifth House of artistry, pleasure, celebration, sport and play, so you are encouraged to prioritize your happiness and camaraderie with others throughout the month. Competition, tournaments and games are highly favored, particularly through May 25th, while Jupiter, planet of joy and fortune is still in your Fifth House. Jupiter rules triumph and wins, so confidently reach for victory and success in all creative and athletic endeavors. That which you begin at the New Moon will come to great fruition two weeks afterward. Although, it’s also important to emphasize the more eccentric potentials of this lunar cycle, as the invigorating Sun meets with eccentric, electric Uranus on May 13th, in your Taurus Fifth House. PHYSICAL or sensual pleasure is definitely accentuated, though you are invited to experiment, the Fifth House is the site of sex in the chart, so unique forms of adult play could revitalize you in unexpected ways. The Sun-Uranus contact is also an invitation to explore new forms of athletics for the sake of it, for example, if you’re a mountain climber and have never played tennis, now is the time! Uranus encourages you to go left-field and to do that which is least expected of you. If you desire some SPIRITUAL solace or solitude later in the month, on May 23rd, a Sagittarius Full Moon in your introspective and contemplative Twelfth House, would be well suited for MENTAL quietude and meditation. 


Striking changes are ahead this month, as assertive Mars in your Aries Third House of MENTAL processes forms a fiery yet fruitful contact with metamorphic Pluto in your house of self on May 3rd. It’s time for a radical shift of orientation. Self-conception, ego and identity could be constructively challenged. This calls for replanting parts of yourself that are weed-like or already uprooted. The renewal of a fundamental aspect of your home life, family or roots, is also indicated by the Taurus New Moon in your Fourth House on May 7th. Like soil that’s being refreshed, something that was deeply EMOTIONALLY rooted is gone, potentially for good. That aspect of life starts anew on May 7th, making conditions of this nascent lunar phase ideal for radical change. This sets an agenda in the aftermath of late April’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, a paradigm shift in your private or home life. Cultivate inner resolve and practice presence to remain internally centered in any storm’s eye. Venus, signifier of desire, ease and relationship is conjunct the New Moon, indicating pleasant engagement at home, or relaxing time spent privately. Nurturing your core self is SPIRITUALLY nourishing and, as omniscient Jupiter meets synergistic Venus on May 23rd, prioritize a reflective reset. A couple days later, jovial, enthusiast Jupiter enters Gemini in your Fifth House of PHYSICAL gameplay and recreation. Gemini is an extremely playful sign and Jupiter enjoys a good time, so the twelve month period ahead is likely to be filled with excitement, athletic success and celebration. 


The Taurus New Moon on May 7th, in your Third House of daily mindset and environment, upgrades your MENTALITY. Your way of seeing the world immediately around you is in a perspectival shift. On the heels of April’s revolutionary Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, there’s an opportunity to upend familiar routines and surroundings in a way that settles into a new comfort. The most tangible ramifications of that precarious, yet exciting conjunction come to an exciting peak, as the focalizing and empowering Sun, meets radical Uranus in your usually prosaic Taurus Third House on May 13th. The arrival of the cognition and communication planet, Mercury, on May 15th to your Third House, encourages engrossed attention, mental stamina and an abiding desire to learn. By May 20th, the concentrating and illuminating Sun, signifier of divine consciousness, enters your foundational Fourth House of inner or private life, encouraging you to seek out a SPIRITUAL light. This is a brilliant moment for EMOTIONAL clarity as well. At the arrival of the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23rd, that which you’ve focused on internally, now sprouts forth into your public and professional life. If you’re a creative or entrepreneur, this is a fabulous month for you to find success and visibility through pragmatic, consistent effort. Finally, a METAPHYSICAL reset arrives May 26th as sagacious, ameliorating Jupiter enters your Gemini Fourth House of core self and private life for the next 12 months. Jupiter encourages a healthy, holistic approach to your inner workings. An enduring self improvement journey is likely to commence.

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