W.I.P Currently this pack does have wicked strappage and dangle which is only 50/50 an excellent thing. That said, it’s above average at being light, storing Subject Athlete cargo, having a mesh pocket, inspiring non-sexual bondage, and doing compression. It’s also good at looking good and showcasing the color red. This pack can just about fit in a pant pocket or stuff into an empty grande starbucks cup. It’s ridic light and when thrown into the air it verily floats as much as falls back down to earth like a leaf in the wind or snow falling to the ground at dusk in the woods behind your cousin’s house, no cap. While still being tested and refined this bag has already proven its value and efficacy in various real world R&D endurance pursuits such as but not limited to ealy spring Skimo stuff, laundry activities, trail hustling, Sub240 practice, vertigo LARPING, and travel help.

Honestly when it’s finished this Harry Potter magic backpack is a MUST have for anyone that travels and does multiple modes. If you only trail run DON’T BUY this bag just get a vest or whatever. But if you like people. Have friends. Do stuff and like sweating and dirt and bleeding. Have had rocks in your shoes within the last six months and know what it’s like to bonk or almost bonk. Then this bag is the 5000x problem solving unicorn rucksack that you’ve been looking for, and will literally serve you to the day one of u dies.

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