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Gravel Racing, more than any other form of cycling, represents the perfect way to test one’s limits—emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically, etc-ly.

Why do humans push their physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and metaphysical limitations without cause or need? Why do we love pain and seek (fictional) challenges? What is Type II Fun and why are we seemingly addicted to it? We decided to make a documentary in an effort to answer these questions (or at least begin to). To that aim, we decided to come at the question from two distinct but overlapping POVS:

  1. Experts –  we assembled a team of experts from diverse but relevant fields of study: psychology, physiology, anthropology, mystical Judaism, neuroscience, etc.—and we interviewed them extensively.
  2. Gravel Racing – because no other sport or pursuit typifies or embodies humankind’s possibly perverse relationship to Type II Fun than Gravel Racing (it likely comes down to a multitude of converging factors: the distance, road conditions, environmental factors, the lack of team support, weather, elapsed time, etc, whatever the case nothing sucks (so good) worse than gravel racing) we found, coached, trained, prepared and raced five subject athletes in the 2017 Dirty Kanza 200.