ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Pockets don’t need to be OEM!!!!!!!! Also, does cotton kill, or does cotton KILL IT?

KZ LAB manager @josh.direen is at it again and this time he’s tackling a systemic and catastrophic lack of aftermarket pocket options in the Outdoor and Endurances fields. Preppers and Tacticals have molle which uses too much velcro and is an ineffective use of space. Also, it’s loud. Lash Tech vs Strap Tech? What about augmentation and modification? Does someone in your family sew? We’ll send you the patterns for free. 

Our pockets are light and hold many things. Important things. Useful things. Lanyard loops provide access and quick solutions when carbinners are present.

Cotton is nice when it’s hot. It’s T A C T I C O O L.

What’s your favorite pocket? Are you a cargo type? Do you need zip closure? Do you have pocket anecdotes you need to share? Let’s talk pockets.

Here is the thing. Pockets provide storage of equipment that can positively (and/or negatively) affect your experiences. If you’re a Subject Athlete in pursuit of ULTRA and metaphysical Fitnes you can’t sleep on pockets. Pockets are an integral part of the Ascension process. You joke. You think I’m joking. No. Dude. I think you’re joking. POCKETS HOLD. Think about that. What are you holding? What does your future hold?

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