This program has been in development for a combined total of 70 plus years. From the Appalachian Mountains to the Delores River and everything in between. Goth music, trance music, desert raves on a full moon on the backside of Big Bear. Chunky plastic waterproof zippers, convertible pants, and aftermarket cargo pockets with or without proper gusseting. Wall rides and wallies and late shove-its in the Utah high desert. The evolution of the Carabiner in contemporary fashion to Dyneema Gospel. We consider everything.

If you have an idea. Send it to us.
If you need to vet a material or an application. Tell us about it.
If you need to be in a 3-7 month long email thread the subject title of which is: Gorpcore, Poseurs and Fetishism—using tools vs. being a tool. This is your chance.

Lockeed had Skunkworks.
Marmot sold ski jackets in the 90’s.
Horny Toad made hideous supplex “clothing” in the early aughts.
Black Yak is a Korean mountaineering incarnate.

Our animal is probably a Badger or a Wolverine.

We are open source. We will share everything. Patterns, beta, all of it.

Now you know.

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