1) You know us, we love moss naps and meadow sleeps. This is basically like a “Do Not Disturb” sign for those moments.
2) The textures, smells and colors of nature instill and promote Awe. Which is medically and spiritually good. *We’re not saying these Dyneema bags will be scratch n’ sniff capable, but we’re also not ruling it out. The tech is, for sure, almost there.
3) Avoid Alpha Predators while carrying equipment and gear.
4) We should all be riding for Nature. Rep your brand. Rep your crew. Rep Mother Earth.
5) Anti Algorithm principles are present in this collection.
6) Become one with the Earth. Sync up, sink in! 
7) Be an Outravert step one: Take the Outside inside. Be on the only person boarding a flight to Schipol carrying one of these bags.
8) Signal to the flora and fauna—you are just moving through, you come in peace. 
9) Good poetry is actually amazing. 
10) Your mamma. 

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