Please wish us well as we head into the last frontier. As did the mormon pioneers, we are starting our journey 30 days too late in the season. Against all common sense and begging and pleading by loved ones we must move forward. There is a job to do and we are the chosen ones.
Did anyone say it was going to be easy? NO ! they only said it would be worth it. We have the proper tools, rations and attire to complete this job and return home safely. When we reach the 23rd parallel we should intersect the final caribou migration of the season.  here we can harvest and restock our food supply and make additional clothing as needed. Once we reach the post if the ice is not too thick we should be able to harvest an ample supply of seal meat and salmon carcuses these are both very high in protein and will quickly replenish our systems so we are ready to complete our task in a timely manor.

This will be my final letter from the homeland, once we reach our post we will attempt to make contact with headquarters. This may be difficult because most of the post in the upper peninsula have been abandon for the season.

We will go we will do the things the ATI commands. May God be with us until we meet again.


Birds per mile:
Jake Bleggi
Alex Valenzuela
Burke Collings

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