And, we have hit our 29 hour cut-off!

Some teams may still be traveling to reach their vehicles or transport, but no more milage may be added to their totals.

Thank you for following the ATB Challenge: Flèche it Out LIVE. Stay tuned for more information as we communicate with teams, and for the live internet-television event where our panel of ATB experts will decide who embodied the spirit of ATB and deserves to win wheels from ENVE, a year’s supply of beer from Fat Tire, and merch packs from Acre, The Radavist, and Mythical State Of.


Team Out To Lunch has reached pavement along the Colorado River, effectively completing their route with 20 minutes to spare (although they need to ride a bit more to reach Moab)!

Out To Lunch, Rayon Vert, and Birds Per Mile have finished their routes. 

Secure Paternal Attachment are pinging in Carson City, and my be finished, they expressed they wanted to fit in as many miles as possible within the 29 hours so we expect them to keep riding for at least 15 minutes more.

Alaska Snow Kittens are finished.

Our only remaining unaccounted for team is the Shooglin Sisters. They are currently in Bridge of Guar, which while quite remote, does have a guest house and services. They may be receiving a pick up from this location.


Unofficially, Team Secure Paternal Attachment, Birds Per Mile, and Out To Lunch have already completed their milage requirement. They just need to finish their route. So far, Out To Lunch is the only team who has not modified their route, but at current pace they will not finish their planned complete route, ending in Moab, within 29 hours, but they will get quite close.

Shooglin Sisters and Rayon Vert will not finish their planned route, but we can’t estimate complete milage without knowing their walking total (multi-sport miles count for 5x, so if Shooglin walked 15 miles over their route they still will have completed the requirements, or if Rayon Vert walked around 10 miles).

Out: Alaska Snow Kittens, MSO Oregon


hello! another update, we are at km 145.
We are feeling good, but the night has fallen once again, and with it came the hike a bike sections, so we are proceding at a slower pace.
We will keep on going til the 29th our


We’re out on the bikes right now, we’re already passed the mileage requirement but we want to ride 150 miles before all the multipliers and we only have 24 to go so we’re jamming it out now. We should be done before the 29hrs.


As we near the last few hours of our challenge we expect most of our teams will be pretty quiet until they finish riding. Teams must finish in under 29 hours, but are allowed to be stopped in any one spot for two hours at a time, so they can finish between 27 and 29 hours. Shooglin Sisters in Scotland started approximately two hours before other groups to ensure accessibility to transport for their group, and have already met the time requirement. Excluding Alaska Snow Kittens who finished early this morning, all other teams are expected to be finishing 1-3 hours from this update.


Some collected updates from the morning of day two:

Alaska Snow Kittens successfully retreated back on their route to their car after 21 hours of mostly pushing bikes in sub 15 degree temperatures.

Shooglin Sisters have planned that they will not be able to finish their route as planned and are planning to complete the riding time requirement, and have arranged for a pickup from that point.

Birds Per Mile is moving and safe, but with their required route changes they are behind schedule and trying to make up time.

Rayon Vert took a wrong turn in the night and cut ~40km off their planned route, no information on if they will plan on making that time up otherwise.

MSO Oregon team has not restarted and is not expected to.

As a website tech note, we’re aware the elapsed time number is incorrect and will fix it as we can!

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