Santa Monica Mountain Challenge

Funnest Known Time is a Randonneuring, Sky Running and Fastpacking hybrid challenge aka Thrashing. Expect running, scrambling and problem solving. Funnest Known Time Wins.

The Santa Monica Mountain Challenge is the most challenging and spiritually demanding “trail’ run of your life. And/or it’s the funnest high-angle dirt scramble ever conceived of. Either way it’s 14.7 mile Thrash linking the four highest peaks in the Santa Monica Mountains. Get a cue sheet. Bring a friend. Expect chaparral, sage, rattlesnakes, Type 2 Fun, Ego Death, Exercise Induced Exorcism and, possibly, Ascension.

The first 10 teams to complete the challenge and submit proof of completion will receive FKT Thrash Awards—2 Custom Nalgene Bottles, 2 Ciele PYNCaps, 2 limited edition L/S FKT t-shirts, and a grip of  limited edition FKT stickers. Teams 11 to infinity that complete the challenge and submit proof of completion will receive an official Route Sticker and whatever other random shit we feel like putting into an envelope at that time. Regardless—and more importantly—attempting and/or completing this challenge will lead to pedestrian clarity, an appreciation for hot and cold running water,Type 2 Fun, Ego Death, Exorcism, Rapture and Ascension. 99% of these exist entirely outside the context of Late Stage Capitalism, are carbon neutral and don’t cause waste.

The course opens at 12:01am January 27th, 2024 and never closes. This challenge is open to the public and costs nothing to do. FKT is modeled after the Brevet Cards used by an esoteric cycling tradition called Randonneuring. The basic gist is this; you and a friend can complete the challenge on your own time whenever you want. All you need is the GPX file and a cue sheet which you will stamp at each of the three checkpoints. Once the challenge is finished you submit proof of completion in the form of a photograph of your cue sheet featuring all stamps from the checkpoints.


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