S.O.C.K.S aka (Socks For Outside Comfort and Kinetic Synchronicity)

SOCKS: We discovered the single greatest athletic socks— perfect height, perfect materials, perfect durability, perfect wicking, perfect performance, perfect comfort, and sourced and manufactured in the United States—currently in production* and made them all white with zero branding so you can do Tabula Rasa and Wabi Sabi on them.

OUTSIDE: Math, technology, arts, language, algorithms, money, all of it—It’s all a fiction. But The Outside, that’s real. MSO regularly receives council, inspiration and design insights from The Outside.

COMFORT: Your feet need to PSME perform at their highest level. If they hurt, you hurt. If they’re tired, you’re tired. If they’re struggling, you’re struggling. With dry, well rested, fully functional feet cloaked and compressed by comfort, anything and everything is possible.

KINETIC: Kinetic energy is motion and movement. “Swift dance in the breeze, Nature’s pulse, kinetic grace, Energy unfolds.”

SYNCHRONICITY: The hallmarks of Kinetic energy are immersion, luck, magic-like control, timelessness and a lack of self-consciousness. All of which promote a condition or “zone” conducive to excellence and performance; aka Flow State.

* The socks are 2-3 times better than any sock you have ever worn or used. That is a fact. With these socks you can reach new literal and metaphorical heights and distances so you should buy three pairs immediately to change your game and experience PLAY like you never thought possible.

However, while these socks are not technically PERFECT with your help we can and will make the PERFECT SOCK.


In 2014, Jeremy Dunn, founder and creator and former owner of The Athletic, literally invented the single greatest, most transformative, most efficacious, and most inspired piece of Endurance equipment of all time; the PERFECT sock. Without exception (or hyperbole) these socks were literally the single greatest piece of Endurance equipment of all time.

For reasons I can’t explain the PERFECT sock that Jeremy Dunn envisioned and Defeet manufactured was decommissioned three years later in 2017.

The Army dreams about these socks. NASA has been trying to make these socks but they lack the necessary technology. Nike doesn’t have the vision or moxie to make these socks. Arcteryx is sleeping on these socks. Acronym doesn’t respect Use Case enough to make these socks. Satisfy and District Vision may, this very minute, be making plans to make something approximating these socks. Rayonvert, maybe? An artisanal guy in Kyoto, possibly?

Meanwhile Defeet retains all the necessary patterns, materials, engineering skills and manufacturing machines necessary to reissue these socks.

Mythical State of has been in negotiations with Defeet for three years in an effort to reissue the PERFECT sock but due to what we can only assume is a lack of confidence in MSO’s assertion that these are the PERFECT socks and thusly the finest endurance equipment ever made, lack of concern for the well being of millions of Endurance Rats and Subject Athletes and Cardiogoths around the world, and a lack of Capitalistic motivation in that MSO’s buying power is currently insufficient. Which is why we implore you to purchase 3 pairs of these nearly perfect socks now because 100% of all the proceeds will go to funding our ongoing campaign to convince Defeet to reissue the PERFECT sock in partnership with MYTHICAL STATE OF.

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