Flow State: Turn Off Your Brain

Flow State: Turn Off Your Brain
Flow State: Turn Off Your Brain

The brain brain aka the Cerebrum is all HIGHER thought. If the Lizard Brain is instinct and intuition and the Mammal Brain is feeling and perceiving, the brain brain is THINKING AND STRESSING AND REASONING which are great when strategy, deductive reasoning and rational thought are helpful like maybe when you’re planning your trip but not when you’re on it and in situation calling for you to start downclimbing now or never into the canyon below even if it’s so steep you cant see where you’re putting your feet which means yeah, if you allow yourself to think about it logically, the chances of stepping onto a rattlesnake basking in the late afternoon sun on a ledge several hundred miles from a road is pretty high. Which is exactly why we don’t, in those moments, have time for the BRAIN BRAIN to run feasibility studies. At a certain point thinking is just a bummer. In those moments, we need to TURN OFF THE BRAIN.

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