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Curious Mercury enters your sign on March 10th ushering in renewed MENTAL focus on your dreams. As Mercury is governed by Mars in your Aquarius Eleventh House of hopes and aspirations, expand your personal vision this month. With a clear-cut, well reasoned strategy, you should experience plenty of support in executing your goals. Mercury remains in your sign until mid-May, though retrogrades next month, so take advantage of this supportive energy now! Also on March 10th, a Pisces New Moon takes place in your Twelfth House of unseen activity, solitude and SPIRITUAL contemplation, immediately followed by Venus’ auspicious entry into Pisces the next day. The fresh start ushered in at this New Moon is especially sweet, offering a lovely period to work on behind-the-scenes creative projects, deepen your meditation practice, or simply reflect and cultivate imagination. One of the very best times of your year arrives March 19th and 20th, as your exaltation ruler, the radiant Sun, enters Aries, beginning the astrological new year at the Spring Equinox. The Sun restores your PHYSICAL vitality, endowing the vigor necessary to actualize great success. Competition during Aries season, which ends April 19th, is especially favorable for you. A potent EMOTIONAL climax, a Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your Seventh House of interpersonal relationship occurs on March 25th. Hidden dynamics could come to light in partnership, necessitating a significant release or ending. These events could feel outside of one’s control, though it is likely for your betterment, calling on you to surrender vain, egoic attachments.


March 4th-8th, presents an odd mix of dizzying MENTAL breakthroughs, imaginal expansion and daydreaming. A mystified Pisces Mercury, makes a compelling aspect to unconventional Uranus in your sign, potentially aiding your intuition and opening creative horizons. Yet, Mercury is naturally debilitated in Pisces and by March 8th, meets with illusory, bewildering Neptune. As this is in your Eleventh House of aspirations and group associations, be mindful of deception, from oneself or others. This could manifest as fantastical expectations, overpromising and rose-colored perceptions of support. An EMOTIONAL refresh regarding these topics, arrives at the Pisces New Moon on March 10th. Venus, your ruling planet, signifier of balance, enters her exaltation in Pisces right after this New Moon, ameliorating doubts regarding the practicality of goals, as well as encouraging harmonious teamwork. With your ruler journeying alongside constructive Saturn until April 5th, take a more pragmatic approach to your objectives. At the Spring Equinox, on March 20th, the enlightening Sun enters your Aries Twelfth House of introspection and solitude, marking a likely subconscious, yet potent, SPIRITUAL rebirth. The Sun immediately makes a transformative aspect to Pluto in your Aquarius Tenth House of vocation and visibility, potentiating a complementary uplevel in your capacity for visionary, public leadership. On March 25th, a Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your Sixth House of PHYSICAL injury, illness, wellness practices and practitioners, places special emphasis on your health. It could be necessary to make pivotal healthcare decisions, fundamentally address lifestyle choices or end outmoded relationships with wellness professionals at this time. 


Gemini, ever curious, witty and sociable, is called to share their gifts in a big way this month. Your MENTALLY skillful, adaptable and communicative ruling planet, Mercury, completes a confusing passage through Pisces and enters your lucid Aries Eleventh House of groups, supportive acquaintances and aspirations on March 10th. Although, sparks really fly here as the radiant Sun joins Mercury in Aries at the Spring Equinox on March 20th, illuminating warm, revitalizing connections in your social circle. Additionally on March 10th, an EMOTIONALLY revelatory Pisces New Moon occurs in your Tenth House of public life, with charming Venus entering Pisces the next day. This potent moment indicates a newfound openness to vulnerable, creative expression in your professional image. After the Equinox, the enlightening Sun in your aspirations and community support house, makes a dynamic contact with transformative Pluto in your Aquarius Ninth House of SPIRITUAL mentors and belief systems. An impactful guide, teacher or collective, could open to you at this time, challenging an outworn worldview, in favor of a broadminded, humanitarian philosophy. The caveat is that you must seek this out, as this dynamic requires authentic desire and sincere effort on your part. Finally on March 25th, a Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your Fifth House of PHYSICAL play, indicates an important climax or ending in your sporting life. You may be called to relinquish or compromise a prominent role. While this release may not be desired, it could allow for greater pleasure and freedom in your athletic endeavors moving forward. 


On March 8th, Mercury, planet of MENTAL processes, intellect and learning, meets mystical Neptune in your Pisces Ninth House of academia, philosophy and the big picture. This is an excellent time to embrace creative problem solving and open your mind to new metaphysical subjects. A Pisces New Moon in your Ninth House on March 10th, follows up the Mercury-Neptune conjunction, setting the stage for a major rebirth regarding your strongest held beliefs, along with an expansion of your intuitive faculties. As Venus, planet of social bonds, enters Pisces, her sign of exaltation and special potency on March 11th, you’re encouraged to share your SPIRITUAL insights in community, seeking out enlightening mentors, guides and peers of like mind. The visions cultivated early in the month, could play an important role as the brilliant Sun enters your Aries Tenth House of vocation, public roles and visibility at the Spring Equinox on March 19th and 20th. This is the beginning of the astrological year and for you, it means that your embodied PHYSICAL presence is the most important means to advancing your professional goals, rather than playing a role behind the scenes. A call to leadership and greater authority, whether in your workplace, at home, in the community or on a team, is almost assured. You may even find that heeding such a call could garner you support from powerful and influential figures. On March 25th, a Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse closes the narrative loop that began earlier this month, as you resign from deep-rooted EMOTIONAL dramas, embracing self-compassion and the sincere, esoteric wisdom found in your community. 


On March 10th, a Pisces New Moon in your Eighth House of grief, crisis and anxiety, offers a new lease on your EMOTIONAL life. Embrace restful quietude and check in with your therapist to prepare, as this month promises dynamic intellectual and SPIRITUAL illumination. That same day, insightful Mercury, enters your Aries Ninth House of worldview, scholarship and belief systems. As you’ve experienced the inventive North Node here since July 2023, it’s likely been a period of radical consciousness alteration, whether that be through education on unconventional subject matter or intrepid experimentation with psychedelic therapy. This month will be the first time that Mercury will meet the North Node during this cycle, bringing a sharp criticality and fervent curiosity to your philosophical and academic explorations. While Ninth House transits usually portend esoteric shifts, there is an embodied element for you this month as well. Your ruler, the radiant Sun arrives in Aries to begin a new cycle, its sign of exaltation, or special potency, at the Spring Equinox on March 19th and 20th. The invigorating Sun rules your METAPHYSICAL wellbeing, so while exalted in Aries until April 19th, you could feel holistically restored and full of life! Further complementing the growth of this month, a Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse culminates in your Third House of habitual activity and MENTAL processes on March 25th. This Lunar Eclipse presents a metaphorical portal to rapidly integrate your learning experiences of the preceding weeks and months, all the way back to July 2023. Reviewing journals and notes could be an enriching means to self-reflection at this time. 


March is an excellent month to proactively work on your MENTAL health. On March 10th, your ruling planet Mercury, signifier of cognition, intellect and discernment, enters your Eighth House of anxiety, precarity and mental unease. Mercury brings a perceptive and insightful approach to your mental wellness, as well as Eighth House issues like grief and loss. Quiet contemplation, sincere conversation and clear-cut strategies for healing, are all important pathways to pursue this month. Mercury represents expertise, so speaking to a qualified professional could be advised. It’s important to note that at the same time Mercury enters Aries, there is a refreshing Pisces New Moon in your interpersonal Seventh House. As devotional Jupiter in your Ninth House governs this New Moon, a novel sense of purpose could be born in close partnerships, anchored in shared beliefs and mutual SPIRITUAL support. Your work done in the Eighth House, a site of shared resources and values, could be vital to the improvement of these relationships. Naturally, working on one’s own psychological health and EMOTIONAL maturation, will only deepen your capacity to show up generously, as your best self. As for PHYSICAL wellness, the Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your second house of personal resources and bodily nourishment, represents a pivotal fulfillment in your nutrition journey. This eclipse forms a deeply supportive contact with transformative Pluto in your Aquarius Sixth House of health habits and professionals. If you don’t already have support with this aspect of your wellness program, then this is an excellent month to secure it. 


Planet of MENTAL acuity and discernment, Mercury, enters your Aries Seventh House on March 10th, ushering in a period of sincerity and confidence in your interpersonal relationships. If you’ve been meaning to have a difficult conversation or have otherwise perceived an imbalance in partnership, whether personal or commercial in nature, this is the time to exercise courage in all communications. The Sun further highlights this upon its entry into Aries at the Spring Equinox, on March 19th and 20th. Yet, be aware these conversations may not come easily and conflict is possible, especially once Mars is debilitated in Pisces and EMOTIONAL confusion ensues. Take advantage of an exceptionally intelligible Mars in Aquarius through March 22nd. Additionally on March 10th, there is a Pisces New Moon in your Sixth House of selfless service, followed by compassionate Venus entering Pisces the next day. The subsequent two weeks offer a beautiful window for SPIRITUAL oblation. Prioritize acts of care and charity in your local community or the wider world. Once Mars, the warrior, joins the lover Venus in Pisces on March 22nd, you could be called to impassioned activism or advocacy for a cause. The month closes with the first of two eclipses that take place in Libra this year, on March 25th. Take special care of your PHYSICAL body and make sure you’re up-to-date with all check-ups, as the eclipse ruler Venus is in your health practices house. Additionally, the draining South Node is in your First House alongside the somatic Moon – stay hydrated, get plenty of rest and don’t push your limits, where avoidable!


MENTAL healthcare becomes an important part of daily life as Mercury, planet of cognition and perception enters you Aries Sixth House of wellness habits and health experts on March 10th. As Mercury also signifies communication and comprehension, this is a great time to converse with therapists or other mental health professionals. In the context of this martial sign, intellect is sharp. Aries Mercury utilizes only the most effective tools, with the utmost precision, so expect excellent insights that are actionable in your everyday life. The brilliant Sun joins Mercury in Aries at the Spring Equinox, on March 19th and 20th. As the signifier of vitality, the Sun in the Sixth House reinvigorates your PHYSICAL health program and calls attention to where improvement is needed. Fortunately, the Sun is exalted in Aries, encouraging excellence and vision, so there’s no better time than now to start new wellness practices! After March 22nd into early April, the planets of love and war, Venus and Mars, spend time together in your Pisces Fifth House of play, creativity and pleasure. For athletes, this transit significantly heightens the EMOTION and excitement felt while engaged in your sport of choice. Late March into early April, could be one of the most enjoyable times of your year, as this passionate energy spills over into positive impacts on your interpersonal relationships. In the midst of this, a Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse culminates in your quiet Twelfth House of self-abnegation. The SPIRITUAL rewards of a contemplative practice begun last October, could blossom at this time, so take a moment for retreat and mindfulness. 


This is a month for EMOTIONAL enrichment. On March 10th, a Pisces New Moon in your Fourth House of private and interior life, restores your inner world. Prioritizing introspection, quality time with loved ones, rest and self-care, is advised. As Pisces is an abstract, imaginative sign and the Fourth House relates to the subconscious, be sure to keep a consistent dream journal in the following weeks. Inspiration and visionary ideas could arise from the depths of your psyche. This is further supported as artistic Venus enters Pisces, her exaltation sign of special power, on March 11th. Venus in the Fourth House deepens your creative well and if your muse has gone astray, you’ll be back in relation with your most authentic impulses. Both strategic, MENTALLY sharp Mercury and the commanding Sun, enter your Aries Fifth House, of PHYSICAL play, sport and leisure this month. Beginning March 10th, Mercury offers its technical prowess to your athletic endeavors, while the Sun highlights excellence at the Spring Equinox, on March 19th and 20th. If competition is on the calendar, you are set to be formidable. The exalted Aries Sun, alongside playful Mercury, ensures you’ll also have a great time! A Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your Eleventh House on March 25th, indicates a significant fruition or attainment with your teams or aspirations. Although, you’ll be called to release some association or ambition, in exchange for a more soulfully aligned achievement. Cultivate and practice the middle way of SPIRITUAL non-attachment this month to prepare. While potentially difficult at first, liberation is the ultimate gift. 


On March 10th, a Pisces New Moon in your Third House of MENTAL habits and local routines, forms a harmonious contact with its ruling planet, expansive Jupiter in your Taurus Fifth House of pleasure and play. If there is no longer space for childlike joy in your sporting life, then a recreational reset is necessary in the weeks ahead. In the neighborly Third House, this is a cosmic invitation to get involved with more casual, community-based sports clubs. Venus, planet of beauty, aesthetics and passion, enters your Third House and her exaltation sign, Pisces, on March 11th. This is an auspicious time to cultivate a creative SPIRITUAL practice. An often ignored, ancient Third House signification is bohemian, personal forms of spiritual communion, like divination, herbalism and dreamwork. Embrace Venus’ charms, as she could stoke a desire to take up something like meditative painting, EMOTIONALLY cathartic dance, or to even pick up a visually appealing tarot deck. At the Spring Equinox on March 19th and 20th, the Sun also enters its exaltation in Aries. This rebirth of the Sun takes place in your Fourth House of PHYSICAL foundations. The equinox is an excellent time for your vital constitution, or lifeforce, as the Sun’s presence in this deeply rooted house, reinvigorates you from within. Since the last eclipse season in October 2023, you’ve likely seen huge changes to your public roles or professional image. A Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, brings this evolution its apex, as a pivotal attainment or conclusion, occurs in your highly visible Tenth House of leadership, vocation and reputation. 


Between March 6-11th, Mars, planet of injury, accidents and inflammation forms a discordant contact with Uranus, planet of unexpected events. Since Mars is in your PHYSICAL First House, be especially mindful of your bodily safety during this timeframe. Haphazard Uranus is in your foundational Taurus Fourth House, another indicator of health, so heed this forewarning. Needlessly testing limits or putting oneself in precarious situations may not bode well. On March 10th, curious and cognitive Mercury enters your Aries Third House of habitual MENTAL processes, immediate environment and everyday communication. The enlightening Sun joins Mercury in Aries at the Spring Equinox on March 19th and 20th. The Sun starts a new solar cycle here, encouraging you to further develop your mindset, be intellectually curious and to actively seek out new knowledge. Additionally, with both the Sun and Mercury in the Third House of kinship, this is an ideal time to call your siblings, faraway friends or extended family members to catch up! Throughout the month, though, especially after the Pisces New Moon on March 2nd, your Second House of personal finances and earned income becomes a site of maturation. Be patient, despite the difficulties and restrictions imposed by Saturn in Pisces, your EMOTIONAL relationship with money and attitude regarding it, changes for the better. SPIRITUAL apotheosis arrives at the Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your Ninth House on March 25th. At the prior eclipse here in October 2023, a new worldview or sense of purpose was potentially born. Now, at this Full Moon, that existential purpose or greater perspective, should be illuminated. 


Innovative ideas sprout like wildflowers on March 4th, as an intuitive Mercury in Pisces forms a supportive contact with Uranus. Promethean Uranus is activating needed change in your ponderous Taurus Third House of MENTAL processes and Mercury’s aspect furthers this renaissance in your everyday thinking. By March 8th, crafty Mercury meets with artistic Neptune in Pisces, making early March a wonderful time for creative brainstorming and fantastical indulgences. A Pisces New Moon on March 10th signifies a PHYSICAL reset and opportunity to enhance your wellbeing. Yet, New Moon’s are best reserved for rest, so take a beat for 2-3 days afterwards to consider next steps. Venus, your secondary ruler, enters Pisces the following day, imbuing you with charm and positive EMOTION. Venus is exalted in your sign and especially potent here until April 5th. Tangible benefits through relationships and socializing are easier to manifest during this transit, so don’t be a wallflower, put yourself out there! Although, be aware of Venus’ conjunction with inflexible Saturn on March 21st. You may be forced by necessity to slow your social stride or enact stronger boundaries with others, yet thanks to a contact with expansive Jupiter, setbacks could actually increase your momentum. Finally, on March 25th, a Libra Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in your Eighth House of crises and precarity, urges you to embrace SPIRITUAL surrender in relationship. A fated conclusion with a financial partner or with shared resources, could be extremely liberatory. Fear not, a harmonious contact between the eclipse ruler, Venus and magnanimous Jupiter, ensures diplomacy and ample grace.

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