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As the planet of magic and curiosity, Mercury, turns direct in your Sagittarius Ninth House of SPIRITUALITY and higher knowledge at the top of the month, you begin the new year on an introspective note. Insightful Mercury makes thought-provoking contacts with the hermit Saturn in your contemplative Pisces Twelfth House until the 14th, so cultivate your inner life. Through devotional effort, new seeds of inspiration and purpose can be sown within. On January 11th, an EMOTIONALLY refreshing New Moon in your Capricorn Tenth House of professional life, vocation and leadership, indicates the first fruits of your inner work. This New Moon comes with quite the kick too, as it makes contacts with both transformational Pluto in Capricorn and ground-breaking Uranus in Taurus. Expect a momentous new beginning regarding your public life and career, clearing the last remnants of Pluto’s lengthy stay in Capricorn since 2008. This month is yours to make a serious impact and it may even bode an unexpected boost to your income! Get PHYSICAL on January 25th, as a potent Leo Full Moon culminates in your Fifth House of sport, play and leisure. Pluto, the planet of power dynamics forms a union with the authoritative Sun in your Aquarius Eleventh House of groups and organizations that day, so leadership amongst your teams may look quite different by the end of January. This is a great time for competition, though airy Aquarius is a sign of reform and outsiders, so be willing to flow with the winds of change if you seek success. MENTAL Mercury forms an energetic union with an exalted Mars in Capricorn at the end of the month, sharpening your oratory skills and helping you craft a winning strategy for long term, professional accomplishment.


For you, the first month of the year is one in which your worldview is radically altered, leading to a very public and significant professional pivot when Pluto enters your Aquarius Tenth House on January 20th. A Capricorn New Moon in your Ninth House on January 11th, represents a breakthrough regarding your SPIRITUAL beliefs and fundamental sense of meaning. A cohort of planets in Capricorn, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto, shakes up your Ninth House throughout the month. All of these planets make inspiring contacts with Jupiter and Uranus in your First House of PHYSICAL vitality and self-concept, encouraging incredible personal growth and a revolutionary approach to fitness. For usually staid, comfort-seeking Taureans, this looks to be one of the most dynamic months of the year. An authoritative combination of the regal Sun and commanding Pluto in your Aquarius Tenth House on January 20th, points to the assumption of significant prominence within your personal sphere of influence. Pluto in the Tenth House uproots you from comfort and stagnancy, empowering you to lead! It is likely in the coming months that you transform your professional identity and approach your public platform with renewed confidence. A Full Moon in your Leo Fourth House on January 25th, marks an EMOTIONAL culmination on your journey of personal and professional growth. You may feel deeply resourced and supported at this time, as a major step forward and leap upward in your career is further indicated. A couple days later, on January 27th, MENTAL Mercury meets an especially tactical and decisive Mars in your Capricorn Ninth House, equipping you with the pragmatic insight and the will necessary to make a critical decision.


The beginning of the year ushers in a PHYSICAL refresh, as your spritely ruling planet, Mercury, ends its retrograde on New Years Day. With the planet governing your vitality freed from the regressive motion that began on December 13th, you’ll experience a gradual return of energy and clearer sense of direction as the month progresses. Be easy and patient with yourself though. Mercury remains in shadow, a post-retrograde period of final reflection and waning sluggishness, until mid-month. January 11th’s Capricorn New Moon in your Eighth House of endings, EMOTIONAL wounds and grief, forms a conjunction with cathartic Pluto and a beneficial aspect to restorative Neptune in Pisces. This New Moon could initiate profound revelations or a shamanic healing journey. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto, all spend time in your Capricorn Eighth House this month, making restorative contacts with Jupiter, planet of grace, in your recuperative Taurus Twelfth House. So, lay the groundwork for the enlightening Sun and transformative Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on January 20th, by embracing rest and introspection during the first half of January. With the Sun-Pluto dynamo in your Ninth House of higher knowledge and mysticism, life-changing mentorship, SPIRITUAL illumination and perspectival breakthroughs are possible this Aquarius season. The climax of this profound period is the Leo Full Moon on January 25th. A metamorphosis of your daily MENTAL hygiene is at hand, as this Full Moon opposes psychological Pluto and forms a provocative aspect to sage Jupiter in Taurus. While one should be mindful of tone and language at this time (aggressive Mars and communicative Mercury meet on this day) you are called to embrace radical intellectual creativity, life-changing insights are available.


On January 1st, the planet of MENTAL activity and motion, Mercury, returns to forward movement after a retrograde that began December 13th. This return to form occurs in your Sixth House of fitness and PHYSICAL health routines. The retrograde phase allowed you to reassess and refine your approach to training, so by mid-January when the integrative shadow phase is complete, it’s time to move full speed ahead with pragmatic revisions. Your lunar ruler reaches her rebirth stage on January 11th at the Capricorn New Moon, a fresh start in your Seventh House of interpersonal relationships. There could be profound clarity at this time in regards to your intimate or professional partnerships as you begin to consciously implement the learnings courtesy of Mercury’s recent retrograde through this part of your chart. Although, even more impactful is the New Moon’s conjunction with transformative Pluto, calling forth incredible EMOTIONAL catharsis and honesty, making this a great time for revelatory, yet ultimately reparative conversations. The January 25th Leo Full Moon in your Second House furthers this narrative as you come to steadfast conclusions in terms of where and with whom you should continue investing your energies. Intimate relationships are definitely up for serious reconfiguration. As January comes to a close, on the 28th, Venus, planet of connection in your Capricorn Seventh House of relationality, forms a harmonious contact with contemplative Saturn in your Pisces Ninth House. If you’re seeking a SPIRITUAL mentor, friend or lover, that resonates with your mystical inclinations, the last few days of the month are an ideal time to meet them. Joining a local meditation group or seeking out a psychedelic therapy collective are just examples of how to make the most of this wonderful transit.


There’s a pragmatic quality to your SPIRITUAL life this month. On January 11th, a Capricorn Full Moon, alongside soulful Pluto in your Sixth House of charity and service, calls on you to walk the walk. The Moon rules your Cancer Twelfth House, so making your contemplative practice manifest in the outer world through service to community is truly healing. By January 20th, both the enlightening Sun and alchemical Pluto, enter your Aquarius Seventh House of interpersonal relationships. This marks a profound new dawn for both how you are received by your friends, lovers and partners, as well as who you begin to attract into your life. Over the next nine months, until Pluto briefly returns to Capricorn one last time, authoritative, probing and intensely magnetic personalities could land in your circle. As Pluto is the keeper of the primal subconscious, you may note striking EMOTIONAL exchanges, power plays and major revelations become par for course in your dealings with others. A Leo Full Moon in your sign on January 25th, invigorates you with extreme PHYSICAL energy and vitality, thanks to an opposition to empowering Pluto. A dynamic contact with Jupiter, planet of fortune, in your Taurus Tenth House of public life and achievements, also makes this a phenomenal day for competition, as victory is almost certainly yours for the taking! January 27th’s Mars-Mercury conjunction in your Capricorn Sixth House of training, fitness and health routines, is an important time to be mindful, as to avoid injury or illness. Take special care of your bodily, as well as MENTAL health. Scheduling and prioritizing check-ins with healthcare professionals, therapists and specialists, taps into the most positive potentials of this transit.


The first New Moon of the year falls in your Capricorn Fifth House of pleasure, artistry, sport and play, making quite an impact. Athletic, creative or leisure endeavors begun in the days following January 11th hold great significance and could be outlets of deep catharsis and conduits for EMOTIONAL healing. This is all due to the Moon’s conjunction with Pluto during the latter’s final days in Capricorn for many months. Transformative experiences of pleasure and joy are on offer, as an auspicious, optimistic and easeful aspect is made to your sign. The alchemical process of Pluto moves, along with the illuminating Sun, into your Aquarius Sixth House of health routines, fitness, training and wellness practitioners on January 20th. The Sun and Pluto entering Aquarius together, ushers in the powers of undying determination, x-ray intuition and commanding authority into the maintenance of your PHYSICAL wellbeing. Cheat days be damned! There could be an urge to wholly devote yourself to an intense, new wellness path. Though, be wary of pushing yourself to harmful extremes, as Pluto is inclined to do. The cerebral Aquarius Sun forms a challenging aspect to expansive Jupiter in your Ninth House of belief systems as well, so overzealousness must be avoided. A climactic Leo Full Moon on January 25th, in your Twelfth House of recovery, SPIRITUAL contemplation and solitude, offers you some much needed space for self-care, rest and inner reflection. Shortly thereafter on January 27th, Mars the athlete and warrior, meets Mercury the strategist and analyst, in your Capricorn Fifth House of sport. This conjunction, also co-present with diplomatic Venus, planet of relationships, is excellent for MENTAL clarity, cognitive exercises, team-building or developing a game plan for competition.


Mercury, planet of MENTAL processes, communication, movement and commerce, completes its retrograde phase, begun December 13th, on New Year’s Day. Retrograde are periods of reversals and reassessments, so as Mercury goes direct in your Sagittarius Third House of your habitual mindset and your most immediate environment, it’s a great month to consciously reclaim your daily patterns. Mercury’s retrograde likely brought attention to aspects of your routine that no longer serve your personal development, as January progresses it will become easier to replace them. Deeply cathartic renewal is also available this month, as an empowering Capricorn New Moon in your foundational Fourth House of private life, roots and core EMOTIONS, arrives January 11th. New Moons mark the beginning of a new narrative and this one occurs alongside alchemical Pluto, so for you, this may concern a constructive transformation of your inner life. This New Moon is both seriously pragmatic and profoundly SPIRITUAL in nature, as Capricorn is a sign ruled by the orderly contemplative, Saturn. Mid-January may be best spent in your personal sanctuary, resting, spending time with loved ones, focusing on self-care and introspection. One of the most potent influences of the year comes along on January 20th, as the vitalizing Sun and galvanizing Pluto, both enter your Aquarius Fifth House of play, sport, artistic creativity and PHYSICAL pleasure. Seeking out celebration and joyful energy could feel imperative at this time, just be wary of going overboard! The Sun and Pluto meeting in an intellectual, air sign, may be experienced as a revolutionary new outlook on competition and athletic ventures. Aquarius is characterized by outsiders and the avant garde, so consider how you can reform or progress your sporting life in a radical way.


You begin 2024 on a PHYSICAL high, as your athletic ruler Mars, enters its exaltation sign Capricorn, on January 4th. Exaltation means a planet is in a sign where it’s super-powered to execute its archetypal gifts. For Mars in Capricorn, that’s courageously asserting oneself, executing indomitable strategies, overcoming all obstacles and winning. In your Third House of localism, process development, communication and MENTAL activity, this is an excellent time to get to work on honing a craft, social media creation, advancing business goals or seeking local leadership. A powerful Capricorn New Moon on January 11th further supports this, as it initiates a rebirth of your mindset and prompts you to form empowering new partnerships that offer long-term benefits. By January 20th, you’ll see your projects and increasing momentum come to an apotheosis when the Sun and Pluto meet at the final degree of Capricorn, before both moving into Aquarius later that day. Together, Sun-Pluto are clarifying, galvanizing, enlightening and authoritative. As this soulful combination enters your Aquarius Fourth House of roots and inner life, both SPIRITUAL illumination and psychological revelations are at hand. Pluto excavates the depths of the mostly subconscious Fourth House, while the Sun shines its cleansing light on the unearthed contents of your inner world. While there may be some pain or discomfort through this exposure, it’s ultimately healing. The Leo Full Moon on January 25th, in your Tenth House of public image, professional life and leadership, bears the fruit of this internal drama in the outer world. Sincere EMOTIONAL expression is encouraged. Powerful displays of creativity, performance, or competitive feats, can be healthy and enriching ways to channel the Sun-Pluto dynamic on the Tenth House public stage.


Have you felt sluggish or less vibrant lately? Mercury, planet of motion, began a retrograde on December 13th, starting in Capricorn and making its way back to your sign on December 22nd. The retrograde period is one of reversal, rest and review, so on January 1st, as spritely Mercury goes direct in your sign, a sense of PHYSICAL refreshment and forward movement arrives to start your year on new footing. Although, be mindful of January 7-9th, as Mercury is still in a post-retrograde haze and makes a challenging contact with sleepy Neptune in Pisces. While the overall trend is increased energy this month, these days may feel like you’re creeping through a dense fog, so rest up! On January 11th, a transformative Capricorn New Moon in your Second House of earned income and resources, brings a soulful tenor to your financial outlook. Sincerely contemplating your EMOTIONAL relationship with money is an excellent remediation for this New Moon. Pluto’s conjunction invites you to reflect on your financial history and reach into the darkest depths of your memory to ascertain how your familial background informed your current financial situation. Powerful MENTAL breakthroughs continue through January 20-21st, as the enlightening Sun and revelatory Pluto enter your Aquarius Third House. While the Sun only shines its luminescence here until the end of Aquarius season next month, Pluto’s lengthy stay here through September, is like having the universe’s best plumber work on the depths of your psyche. Through February 19th, embrace the daily reality shifts and life-altering insights Sun-Pluto offers! The Leo Full Moon in your SPIRITUAL Ninth House of meaning and higher knowledge on January 25th opposes the Sun-Pluto combo, serving you a heavy first dose of Pluto’s capital “T” truth.


From January 4th–February 13th, Mars, planet of action, brawn, and courage, travels through your sign and First House of the PHYSICAL body. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, as the qualities of your ruling planet Saturn, like structure, discipline and endurance, refine Mars and heighten its archetypal gifts. The warrior in your First House is the absolute best transit for Capricornian athletes. Since Mars is esteemed in your sign, you benefit by embodying its dauntless will to win and phenomenal strategic capabilities. On January 8th, having completed its regressive retrograde phase a few days earlier, a newly direct Mercury in your Sagittarius Twelfth House of solitary SPIRITUAL practice, makes a difficult contact with slippery Neptune in your Third House of everyday habits and thought patterns. This brief transit can make for forgetfulness and brain fog, though there is a hidden mystical dimension. Mercury signifies magic, while Neptune signifies enlightening experiences, so practicing active meditation or taking a yoga class could spark inspiration. A major pivot occurs on January 20th, as the Sun-Pluto conjunction in your sign offers profound EMOTIONAL release and your liberation from a long-endured chrysalis era. Embrace the winds of change and take flight, confident in your renewed personal power! On January 27th, Mercury, planet of motion, analytics, games and dexterity, meets Mars, making this one of the best days during Mars’ Capricorn transit for competition, training or even coaching. Mars is especially strong here, as mentioned, so combining powers with Mercury signifies a significant MENTAL uplevel. Pick up The Art of War by Sun Tzu or study the legendary mindsets of samurai, to sharpen your own mind and skillfulness.


The Twelfth House in astrology represents that which is behind-the-scenes, clandestine or isolated. This part of the chart is detached from the objective, constructive, linearity of worldly life and is instead between worlds, unmoored, in stasis or incubating. Mercury, signifier of the intellect, curiosity, and perception, enters your Capricorn Twelfth House on January 14th, bringing MENTAL focus into this liminal and provisional space. Quietly dedicate time during the latter half of January to preparatory work, research and conceptualize, contemplate and reflect, or return to unfinished projects. The most impactful transits for Aquarians arrive later this month. Firstly, on the 20th, the illuminating Sun and deeply psychological Pluto meet in your Capricorn Twelfth House for the last time in your life. This signifies pivotal SPIRITUAL epiphanies garnered through serious meditation or soul-searching. Seeking dialogue in therapy or with a trusted counselor is advised, as familial, intergenerational narratives are likely to be the catalyst for these groundbreaking realizations. Later that day into the 21st, the Sun and Pluto move into your sign and PHYSICAL First House, remaining here until September. Like the mythical phoenix, Pluto demands that you now become wholly new, embodying power like never before. There is no better transit than this to go the Rocky Balboa route and take your training regiment to a level previously unseen. The Leo Full Moon on January 25th, opposes the Sun and Pluto in your sign from your interpersonal Seventh House. This Full Moon highlights the significance of your relationships, in that if you seek excellence, you must surround yourself with excellence. The Sun-Pluto in Aquarius gives you the strength to make difficult EMOTIONAL decisions, as you may conclude that certain important partnerships have reached the end of their life cycle.


The beginning of the year is quietly impactful. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, ended a retrograde and went direct on December 30th. That retrograde may have zapped your zest for life, as Jupiter governs your PHYSICAL First House. Easing your way back into training regimes, while prioritizing recovery and restorative bodywork like massage, is a great way to align oneself with Jupiter’s return to form. Between January 8-14th, the athlete and action planet, Mars, forms an invigorating contact with joyful Jupiter. Since Mars is in your Eleventh House of community and Jupiter in your Third House of local environment, exercising with your teammates, taking a hike in a nearby state park, or simply biking around town, could make for exceptional outings. The turning point of the month arrives January 20-21st, when the planet of primordial power, metamorphosis and catharsis, Pluto, alongside the Sun, signifier of clarity and enlightenment, both enter your Aquarius Twelfth House. The Twelfth House is secluded, quiet and outside of conscious awareness, so is often associated with SPIRITUAL hermitage. When Sun-Pluto arrives here, you are called to deep contemplation and self-reflection so that you can confront your own unconscious weaknesses and neurosis. This is a galvanizing moment to focus on your MENTAL wellbeing. While you may be tempted to sidestep any issues, Pluto will also reveal how avoidance can undermine you, so embracing inner work is crucial. A moment of profound EMOTIONAL catharsis closes the month at the Leo Full Moon on January 25th in your Sixth House of work and wellness. For some this could mark the end of a job or departure of an employee, for others this could be closure in a health matter or a major achievement in fitness.

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