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It would be a mischaracterization to call the first half of February “quiet” for you Aries, but the action really picks up later on. Your ruling planet, wild warrior Mars, connects with extreme power player Pluto, for an explosive meeting in your Aquarius Eleventh House of groups on February 14th. A Valentine’s Day to remember, the Mars-Pluto conjunction signifies fiery conflict and forceful release. If it’s time to end an association with an organization, team, or club, be mindful of your approach mid-February, as unfettered EMOTIONAL displays could have an impact on resources. If you can keep the top on your kettle, artful Venus enters Aquarius on the 16th, helping you aggressively network and channel the Mars-Pluto rocket fuel into profitable, new alliances. On February 19th, the amplifying North Node meets Chiron, the wounded healer and archetypal pain point, in your sign. Avoid reckless activities, as PHYSICAL injury, sprains or inflammation is more likely when Chiron is activated in the bodily First House. Another day to be aware of is February 24th, the Full Moon in Virgo. This Full Moon in your Sixth House of fitness, training and health habits is ruled by cognitive Mercury, so at this time, MENTAL hygiene could be paramount to your overall well being. By the tense Mercury-Sun-Saturn conjunction in Pisces on February 28th, you’re called to embrace SPIRITUAL quietude, charitable service, copious rest and intentional solitude – an ideal way to close a hectic month.


On February 13th, your ecstatic ruler, Venus, is in moody and mystical Capricorn, forming an aspect to ethereal Neptune in Pisces. As Venus is in your Ninth House of SPIRITUAL purpose, while Neptune is in your Eleventh House of aspirations, this is an excellent time to create a vision board. While some may be adverse to this activity, any exercise meant to channel your imagination in a tangible way, such a collage or freeform dance, is a marvelous means to embodying your desires, making them more lucid. The next day Mars and Venus enter your Aquarius Tenth House of vocation and public life, dancing together through the 22nd, each making a contact with transformative Pluto. An EMOTIONALLY cathartic and empowering phoenix experience could arise in your professional life this month. Embrace rebirth, this is an incredible period for your personal development. On February 24th, a friendly Virgo Full Moon in your Fifth House of PHYSICAL play and pleasure invites you to let loose and enjoy quality time amongst friends. Consider organizing a group ride, hike or low angle BCX ski excursion, as this Full Moon could enrich even the deepest of bonds. February concludes with a conjunction of MENTAL Mercury, the illuminative Sun and discerning Saturn, in your Pisces Eleventh House of companies and teams. This formation indicates the need to clearly communicate and affirm healthy boundaries. Expressing yourself confidently could bring unexpected rewards, so don’t be afraid of some lite but productive conflict.


Ninth House concerns are highlighted throughout the course of your month, so themes such as philosophy, journeys, higher education and worldview, predominate. On February 9th, an Aquarius New Moon in your Ninth House forms an inspiring aspect to visionary Uranus in your secluded and contemplative Twelfth House. Brilliant insights and imaginative breakthroughs are possible in the weeks that follow. Pay special attention to your dreams this month, a Twelfth House subject, as your subconscious could reveal innovative and profitable ideas meant to be actualized in the PHYSICAL world. A meeting of artistic Venus and assertive Mars in your meaningful Ninth House on February 22nd, aids you in manifesting your visions. An abundance of EMOTIONAL energy should feel available and ready to be channeled into purposeful endeavors. In addition, this extremely creative and social conjunction marks a wonderful time to seek out a SPIRITUAL community centered around shared values and mindful action. You may find that partaking in sacred space with like hearts and minds furthers your growth in all other areas of life. As February concludes, your MENTAL health takes precedence when a stressful conjunction of Mercury, the Sun and Saturn, forms in your Tenth House of vocation and public life. Prioritize mindfulness and maintain healthy boundaries, as your professional responsibilities could take on an added weight around February 28th. Meditation and consistent sleep could be powerful tools to avoid overwhelm or burnout.


The month begins on a quieter note for you Cancer as your roving ruler, the Moon, begins a new cycle in your Aquarius Eighth House on February 9th. The Eighth House is a site of loss, surrender and crises, as well those difficult attendant EMOTIONS, grief and anxiety. As the days pass following the Aquarius New Moon, intensity increases. You may find the following weeks to be an especially sensitive period, as you come to see the darker shades of your own psychology in a new light. Critical Mars and reconciling Venus enter your Eighth House on February 13th and 16th, both meeting catalytic Pluto upon entry. Internal confrontations and reckoning with secrets, could spur powerful catharsis, transforming your approach to MENTAL wellness moving forward. Radical self-compassion is the key to healing at this time. The next lunation of the month, the Virgo Full Moon on February 24th, marks a positive fruition amongst your network, especially groups with whom you share SPIRITUAL or philosophical affinity. While you may be a confirmed introvertwell attested homebody, the reward of this Full Moon lies in extending yourself beyond the typical creature comforts. Though have no fear, as this charming Virgoan Moon is in your Third House of close PHYSICAL proximity, so maybe focus your gaze on your neighborhood, city, or town. Inspired mentorship, communion and disciplined practice are yours to discover this February, just look no further than your local community.


Winds of change sweep into your Seventh House of interpersonal relationships, rivals and partners on February 9th, as an airy Aquarius New Moon ushers in an exceptional cycle. Mercury, planet of communication, entered your Aquarius Seventh House on February 5th, laying the foundation for this transformative beginning with unvarnished, revelatory dialogue. As the New Moon arrives, EMOTIONAL and MENTAL clarity comes with full force. Due to dynamic contacts with the changemaker Uranus and sage Jupiter in your Taurus Tenth House of public life, this New Moon denotes a revolution in your professional image, likely tied to impactful new relationships in your life. Although, be cognizant around February 13-14th, when explosive Mars meets extreme Pluto in your interpersonal Seventh House, heightened tensions and difficult power dynamics could lead to intense confrontations in relationships. Fortunately, graceful Venus enters the Aquarian fray on the 16th, making this more exciting than erratic. Yet, don’t get too comfortable, as the drama continues later in the month! On February 28th, perceptive Mercury, the illuminating Sun and austere Saturn, all join forces in your Pisces Eighth House of endings, shared resources, crises and grief. This potentiates difficult circumstances, falling outside of your control. In philosophical Pisces, a lack of agency could prompt a SPIRITUAL dilemma. Whether of a mundane or METAPHYSICAL nature, your willingness to be vulnerable out loud, humbly sharing your hardships with an audience, could lead to public support and a communal healing experience.


Your ruling planet and the significator of MENTAL processes and systems, Mercury, enters your Aquarius Sixth House on February 5th, ushering in a new order regarding your health. Immediately, Mercury, the planet that governs your bodily wellbeing, encounters Pluto, planet of catharsis, power and extremes. You are challenged to own your power and take control of your PHYSICAL health in a new way at this time, by deeply transforming Sixth House routines, such as health habits, training and fitness practices. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th offers a tabula rasa for these aspects of your life, which could be anything from establishing a new coaching relationship, to a revised nutrition plan, to beginning a physical therapy program, etc. Life comes to a head on February 24th as a Full Moon culminates in your sign, Virgo. Confronting endings, realizations or exchanges in your relationships, could actually unlock major SPIRITUAL breakthroughs. Sagacious Jupiter alongside innovative Uranus in your Taurus Ninth House of wisdom, extend a helping hand to the Virgo Full Moon, offering an opportunity to embrace a radical new worldview. Concerns of differences or boundaries in partnerships, only further this perspectival shift, helping you better discern who is in it for the long haul. The Pisces Mercury-Sun-Saturn conjunction in your Seventh House of partners on February 28th, brings incredible clarity and some finality to any lingering questions around EMOTIONAL investment in your relationships.


Beginning with a refreshing Aquarius New Moon on February 9th, your Fifth House of PHYSICAL play and pleasure is enlivened. Seeking out novel sports and leisure activities is the agenda for the month and with Pluto now in Aquarius, these new ventures could be transformative. On February 13th and 16th, excitable Mars, followed by blissful Venus, enter your Fifth House, a period of potentially intense EMOTIONAL euphoria and enthusiasm. While you may want to channel this hyperkinetic energy into boundary pushing adventures, be especially cautious in terms of your bodily safety. Venus and Mars encounter the planet of extreme force, Pluto, when they both enter Aquarius, while also forming an explosive contact with Jupiter in your Eighth House of crises. Type 2 and above Fun-based excursions should be either avoided outright or at least taken with serious precautions in place. Maybe try a local co-ed slack line class instead? On February 24th, a Virgo Full Moon culminates in your Twelfth House of SPIRITUAL contemplation, seclusion and mental health, a welcome reprieve amidst this action packed month. This Full Moon could be quite restorative, so prioritize your peace and plenty of sleep in the days surrounding the 24th. The month closes with a Mercury-Sun-Saturn conjunction in your Pisces Sixth House of health habits and fitness. Having rested up, on February 28th, work with your coach on MENTAL discipline and endurance training to make good use of this challenging transit.


Planet of MENTAL processes, Mercury, enters your Fourth House of inner life, privacy and home, on February 5th. With curious and perceptive Mercury in this hidden and foundational part of your chart through February 23rd, dedicate time and effort toward self-inquiry. This is an excellent opportunity to both make sense of and define meaning for your life, without needing to share these precious SPIRITUAL insights with others. An Aquarius New Moon here on February 9th, marks a profound reset moment within, as you could open up to a new understanding of your place in the world and how you’d like to show up moving forward. Relationships with partners and peers could call forth EMOTIONAL maturation in surprising ways, aiding your existential journey. February 16th-22nd, compassionate Venus meets confident Mars in your Fourth House as well, stimulating your creativity and boosting your energy just in time for the Sun’s ingress into your Pisces Fifth House. Once the vitalizing Sun illuminates your house of play, sports and pleasure, you should feel fully restored and ready to take on any PHYSICAL challenge. Sprightly Mercury joins the Sun in Pisces on the 23rd, bringing skillfulness, speed and strategy. Though be sure to maintain high levels of discipline and work on your endurance, as both Mercury and the Sun meet with demanding Saturn on February 28th. Overall, serious training and competition is highly favored in the latter half of the month.


You thrive on risk-taking, freedom and adventure, so as Mercury, the experimental trickster enters your Aquarius Third House of MENTAL patterns, habits and your personal sphere of influence, it’s high time to make sweeping life changes. February 9th’s Aquarius New Moon in your Third House opens the door to a stimulating reorganization of your mindset, as well as a boost of SPIRITUAL inspiration, thanks to a dynamic contact with wise Jupiter. Although, with Jupiter in your laborious Sixth House, enthusiasm only comes by way of practical, real world effort. Helpfully, assertive Mars enters your Third House on February 13th, firing up plenty of energy to make strategic reforms and when relational Venus arrives in Aquarius on the 16th, enlist your dearest companions to support your efforts. The Sun enters your mysterious Pisces Fourth House on February 18th, illuminating your inner world and hidden EMOTIONAL motivations. This revelatory transit sheds light on internal dynamics that may have you stuck in the past. Mercury, the scribe, joins the Sun here on February 23rd, helping you put these feelings to words, journaling or opening up in therapy could be quite fruitful. If you find yourself competing around the 24th, a Virgo Full Moon in your public facing Tenth House of achievements and leadership, bodes well for success! PHYSICAL confidence could be at an all time high, although with an opposition to stringent Saturn, remaining humble and conscientious keeps you in the good graces of others.


Harmonious Venus in your sign, forms a stimulating aspect to Uranus in your Fifth House of pleasure and play, on February 7th. A brief, yet exciting contact, this transit offers a wonderful time to engage friends and teammates in some Type 1 style competition. Some lite randonneuring, a casual foot race or MTB game of “no dab”, could bring about extraordinary new connections, in addition to PHYSICAL exercise. Much of your MENTAL and EMOTIONAL energy is focused on personal finances and resources this month, which as a pragmatist, is something most Capricorns take to naturally. A profound refresh in regards to your income sweeps in at the Aquarius New Moon on February 9th, followed by the entry of strategic Mars on February 13th and balancing Venus on February 16th. An extremely fruitful Mars-Venus conjunction on the 22nd, makes a supportive contact with Jupiter, planet of bounty and growth, in your fruitful Taurus Fifth House of artistry. From the 22nd-26th, careful planning and concerted effort could see creative projects bloom into reliable revenue streams. Jupiter in Taurus lends an optimistic, yet grounded, spirit to your endeavors, making this a potentially profitable period. Despite these themes, February is not exclusively materialistic, as a Virgo Full Moon culminates in your philosophical Ninth House on February 24th. With constructive aspects to enlightening Jupiter and contemplative Saturn, long-lasting SPIRITUAL advancement is on offer. Look within, as you may find the answers that you seek are much closer than imagined.


As Mercury enters your sign on February 5th, your MENTAL skies clear with a fresh sense of clarity sweeping in. This sanctifying moment is intensified as Mercury immediately meets Pluto, planet of catharsis, in early Aquarius. Transformative insights are on offer as your mindspace is cleansed of outworn perspectives. The Aquarius New Moon on February 9th compliments this with a powerful PHYSICAL release, thanks to an electric aspect to Uranus in your foundational Taurus Fourth House. The weeks following this luantion are an excellent time for restorative and relieving bodywork, especially that which honors the body-mind-SPIRIT connection. Consider everything from breathwork, to yoga to energetic therapies like acupuncture. Mars, planet of assertion, strength and courage, enters your sign on February 13th, further inspiring you to action. Although, be cautious around Valentine’s Day, as Mars meets with Pluto once it enters Aquarius. Both of these planets signify brute force and discordant events, so in the bodily sector of your chart, be especially wary of injury, sprains or even physical anxiety. Venus, planet of balance and harmony, joins the team of planets in Aquarius on February 16th, followed by a Virgo Full Moon in your eighth House of challenging EMOTIONS on February 24th. While difficult feelings could arise in the second half of the month, you’ll be internally resourced to negotiate them with intentional positivity and plenty of self-compassion. Late February calls on you to trust your instincts and act intuitively.


A sharpening of your inner eye arrives on February 5th as Mercury, planet of perception enters your Aquarius Twelfth House. This house, associated with solitude, mental health and quiet contemplation, will be highlighted throughout the month, leading many Pisceans to seriously consider a silent retreat or running off to a monastic enclave. SPIRITUAL reflection and self-inquiry may feel like a necessity this month. An Aquarius New Moon on February 9th, forms a galvanizing aspect to innovative Uranus in your mindset zone, sparking a MENTAL wellness reset. Once Mars, planet of action and strategy, also arrives in your Aquarius Twelfth House on the 13th, you may feel an urge to piece together a game plan to both improve your mental health, as well as carve out ample time for meditative activities. Relational Venus joins Mars in this private setting on the 22nd, inviting you to cultivate greater intimacy and creative vision for your personal healing. On February 18th, the invigorating Sun enters your sign Pisces, vitalizing your PHYSICAL constitution, followed by buoyant Mercury on the 23rd, further uplifting your spirits. For your body, it may feel that the new year has truly begun! The month closes with a clarifying Virgo Full Moon on February 24th. You could feel especially grounded, articulate and EMOTIONALLY supported, making the days surrounding this Full Moon a constructive time for both tender and tough conversations.

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