More than a reliable purpose, a destination, or extensive provisioning, any Subject Athlete / Cardio Goth / Endurance Cult Member headed Inside The Outside requires for success in any endeavor or pursuit only a quality Blanket or Towel. Either can be fashioned into a jacket, as in a capote, or a cloak or cape. They can be used to wrap and therefore protect your valuables during travel, as well as camouflage said valuables regrettably but necessarily left overnight in an old car in a dimly lit motel parking lot. For drying, warmth and a place to sit and/or change pre-and-post hot spring, swim hole, hobo slap, etc. Or, as a bedroll; a napkin (albeit an oversized napkin); a pillow; a sack or makeshift bag; a brightly colored and nicely delineated picnic or lunch spot; for love-making;  in defense against nearly feral or overly habituated animals; a lightweight saddle alternative; fire containment; and for bivouacking and/or enhancing an otherwise primitive shelter. For wound care and poultices. For protection against the elements like dust, wind, direct sunlight, etc., as well as volatile and/or tempestuous weather. For insulation, be it fixed, semi-permanent or temporary. To appear period-correct, if said period is the whole of the 1800s and/or right now. As a regular blanket and/or ad-hoc, burrito-style mummy bag. And finally, if need be, both  can be soaked in various nutrients, broths, herbs and tinctures for later oral or topical application.

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