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Mercury is retrograde in your sign all month, indicating a mindset reset, post-Equinox. Mercury retrogrades can also indicate MENTAL frustration, so patience and a focus on intellectual rigor could be exactly what’s needed to move forward with a sharper perspective. Though, it’s not only your mind that’s being renewed this month, as sensitive and compassionate Venus enters your sign on April 5th. Venus’ ingress into Aries, followed by the potent Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse on April 8th, indicates a powerful, EMOTIONAL refresh as well. The Solar Eclipse in your sign is governed by your ruler Mars, currently transiting insightful Pisces. Although, as Mars is rendezvousing with discerning Saturn in your obscure Twelfth House, this Solar Eclipse could reveal hidden emotional motivations or blockages that cause difficulties in your relationships. The Sun-Mercury conjunction in your sign on April 11th, illuminates further clarity between head and heart. By April 23rd, there is a Scorpio Full Moon in your occult Eighth House of secret SPIRITUAL practices. This Full Moon forms a dynamic contact with shamanistic Pluto in your Aquarius Eleventh House of community, so rounding up a trusted crew for group tarot readings, primal scream therapy or attending a entheogenic ceremony together, could bring profound, communal healing. Finally, the month closes with the ingress, or entry of your vigorous, courageous and strategic ruler, Mars, into your sign! Mars in your PHYSICAL First House boosts your energy levels, increases your stamina and propels you forth on daring endeavors, closing April on a high!


April 8th’s Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse in your secluded and obscure Twelfth House of contemplation and unseen processes, inaugurates a period of quiet, SPIRITUAL reflection. Assertive Mars, the ruler of this Solar Eclipse is forming a conjunction with discerning Saturn in your social network house. Arriving at inner clarity, may require persevering through difficulties within teams or other organizations you participate in. You are called to center your autonomy, better distinguish which communities truly resonate with you and act accordingly in the months ahead. On April 19th, the empowering Sun enters your First House of PHYSICAL vitality. With the Sun in your sign until May 20th, you could feel renewed of both body and spirit, an ideal preface to one of the most impactful astrological moments of the decade. On April 20th, for the first time in nearly 15 years, Jupiter, planet of bounty and advancement, meets Uranus, planet of innovation and shocks, in your sign! This conjunction signifies miraculous breakthroughs, lucky breaks and electric ingenuity, so everything from reformations of self-concept to revolutionary MENTAL health insights are on the table. It’s time to get unstuck, shake up the status quo and push through stagnation in your life. It might help to know that the first Moon landing took place at a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, so prepare for liftoff! A few days later, on April 23rd, a Scorpio Full Moon in your interpersonal Seventh House, forms a dynamic contact with evolutionary Pluto, further boosting the EMOTIONAL charge of late April with a climactic relationship moment. Embrace change!


Venus, the archetypal signifer of charm and magnetism, enters courageous Aries on April 5th, spending the remainder of the month in your Eleventh House of teams. With the planet of romance and reward in this social part of the chart, followed by an EMOTIONALLY clarifying Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse there on April 8th, it’s time to take the reins of leadership and strategize for more impactful group collaboration. The governing planet of both Venus and the Aries eclipse, is Mars in your Tenth House of vocation, eminence and public reputation. An important renewal of your professional associations is in the cards over the coming months. On April 11th, Mercury, your ruler and planet of MENTALity and communication, forms a conjunction with the authoritative Sun in your Aries Eleventh House. Whether you coach, lead an organization, or are more of a foot soldier, Mercury-Sun supports you in boldly asserting your voice. This transit empowers your self expression and demands that you speak the truth. Although, Mercury will be retrograde all month, so be mindful of details and consider your delivery, especially when passionate! On April 20-21, Jupiter, planet of plenty, meets Uranus, planet of the unexpected, in your quiet, reflective and mysterious, Taurus Twelfth House. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction can indicate a hidden breakthrough or powerful insight, in regards to a project in development, your mental wellness, or even contemplative SPIRITUAL practice. Throughout late April the illuminative Sun in Taurus also forms an intense contact with transformational Pluto in your METAPHYSICAL Ninth House, strongly emphasizing the enlightening potentials. 


April leads on an ecstatic note, as the planet of reward, harmony, pleasure and affinity, Venus, forms a conjunction with transcendent Neptune, in your Pisces Ninth House on April 3rd. The Ninth House is the site of visionary and SPIRITUAL experiences, so this union of Venus-Neptune, bodes well for mystical insights, intuitions and dreams through the 4th. Pay special attention, as they may bear gifts. On April 8th, a powerful new beginning occurs in your Tenth House of eminence, professional image and vocation, at the Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse. This fateful reset, points to newfound confidence in asserting your authentic self on the public stage. If you’ve felt inhibited as a leader or contributor to your field, this Solar Eclipse offers an exciting and actionable path forward. As the eclipse ruler Mars meets Saturn, know that courage, patience and determination will be required to see this through. Radical MENTAL leaps and revolutionary insights strike on April 20th, as the signifier of growth, optimism, and wisdom, Jupiter, meets the signifier of disruption, shocks and ingenuity, Uranus, in your Taurus Eleventh House. The Eleventh House is about networked relationships, aspirations and benefactors, so a sudden breakthrough or progression towards your goals could arise through unexpected benefit. On April 23rd, a Scorpio Full Moon in your playful, artistic Fifth House, urges you to channel your EMOTIONS through tangible creative outlets like dance or sculpture, or alternatively, PHYSICAL recreation, like a lap pool or climbing gym. Seek out a release valve to close this intensely transformative month. 


A profound month to overcome internal blocks and renew your outlook, April is chock full of deeply impactful transits. On April 8th, there is a fateful Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse in your Ninth House of higher knowledge and SPIRITUALITY, marking a major new beginning in regards to your belief systems or existential purpose. You may feel called to set forth on an extraordinary quest. Whether external or internal, personal or public, this journey is likely to start with some sense of trepidation or disturbance, as the eclipse’s ruler, Mars, forms a conjunction with obdurate, restrictive Saturn. Meanwhile, the mobile planet of MENTAL perception, transmission and problem solving, Mercury, is retrograde from April 1-25, calling for a period of reevaluation and critical revisions. Connecting with mental wellness support and trusted counsel, could be key to moving through any potential distress accompanying this eclipse season. Mars and Saturn meeting in your Eighth House of trials, shared resources and intimate entanglements, indicates hardship could be highlighted. A bright spot amidst the tension shines forth on April 11th, as the illuminating Sun forms a conjunction with insightful Mercury in your Aries Ninth House, lending you an enlightening METAPHYSICAL grasp on any issues you may be facing post-eclipse. And on April 20th, the electrifying Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your Tenth House of professional and public life, breaks through with a revolutionary shift in your career. A Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd, ensures the EMOTIONAL resources necessary to manage these exciting changes are available. 


If you have important competition this month, be mindful of fitness and training routines. Your ruling planet Mercury, signifier of systems and your PHYSICAL vitality, is retrograde from April 1-25 in the capricious Aries Eighth House of trials and tribulations. April could feel like a slog at times, though as you are the zodiac’s master of preparation, work with this transit – increase flexibility, don’t skip warm-ups or cool-downs, check-in with specialists, optimize nutrition and prioritize sleep. This is important, as an Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse on April 8th, alongside Mercury, intensifies these themes. On April 10th, tension could arise in close relationships or partnerships, as conflictual Mars meets with obstinate Saturn in your interpersonal Pisces Seventh House of contracts, agreements and exchange. As this opposes your sign, yourself or another person, could feel EMOTIONALLY stifled and unable to fully express a resentment. In some events a Mars-Saturn contact here signifies an ending in a relationship or collaboration, though as this is in a fortunate Jupiterean sign, the final outcome could actually be what’s best for all parties. April 20th’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction bursts with optimism and delivers a massive sense of relief, as Jupiter, planet of mercy, wisdom and growth, meets Uranus, planet of surprise and revolution, in your Ninth House of worldview, SPIRITUALITY and belief systems. This is well complemented by a grounded and integrative Scorpio Full Moon in your Third House of habitual MENTAL patterns on the 23rd. While you’re likely to experience a monumental perspective shift this month, you’re deeply supported by your allies and stability of mind. 


Interpersonal dynamics are top of mind, as Mercury planet of cognition and communication, is retrograde in your Aries Seventh House of relationships from April 1-25. Punctuated by an Aries Solar Eclipse, Mercury’s retrograde journey signifies a period of reevaluation or reworking in partnerships and agreements. This MENTAL focus could be best applied to balancing your own autonomy and needs, with those of your associates. This is often a lifelong point of contention and maturation for Librans, so at the Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse on April 8th, you’ll experience a cosmic opening to invite greater EMOTIONAL equity into your relationships by asserting yourself with newfound confidence. And while the long-term implications of this eclipse are important for your personal growth, there’s an obstacle to overcome before you can make critical reforms to your relational style. This could show up prominently at work, such as with colleagues, superiors or subordinates, so do be mindful of your communication style. April 5-7 is a great time for PHYSICAL tension release early in the month, thanks to a synergistic contact between pleasureful Venus and cathartic Pluto in your Fifth House of sport and play. A low-stakes, casual ride or pick-up game, could be just what’s needed. Finally, a SPIRITUALLY revelatory conjunction of sagacious Jupiter and shocking Uranus in your Eighth House of trials, endings and anxieties, offers existential relief from distress and grief on April 20th. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a loss or separation, this rare conjunction presents an unexpected opportunity for resolution. 


The early weeks of April are vitally important for your PHYSICAL wellbeing. From April 1-25, Mercury, planet of diagnostics, communication and data, is retrograde in your Sixth House of health habits, work life, fitness and wellness professionals. Changes amongst those you work with, rescheduling of important appointments, increased scrutiny of test results, as well as delays in information regarding health or employment, are all possibilities. The April 8th, Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse in this part of your chart indicates a fateful reformation regarding health or work matters. As warrior Mars in your Pisces Fifth House of recreation, sport and play, rules this solar eclipse, forming a conjunction with authoritative, hierarchical Saturn, this could point to new coaches or leaders of your teams. This Mars-Saturn conjunction could be EMOTIONALLY difficult, in the sense these changes may not be enjoyed. This could also indicate an experience intended to be fun or pleasurable, like a date or game, being more serious or restrained than preferred. On April 20th, the rare and earthshaking Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus occurs in your interpersonal Seventh House of relationship, agreements and collaboration. As the planet of fortune and opportunity, Jupiter, meets the planet of the unexpected and ingenious, Uranus, you could experience a significant relational advancement or even meet an eccentric, MENTALLY stimulating figure who makes a revolutionary difference in your life. An anchoring Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd follows this up, offering you a sense of SPIRITUAL wholeness and clarity related to these breakthroughs. 


You experience one of the most fascinating iterations of this eclipse season. On April 8th, an Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse in your Fifth House of play and pleasure, sparks a brilliant new beginning in terms of your recreational and creative endeavors. For athletes this means a renewed sense of passion for your activities of choice, in addition to a revived childlike wonder. It is extremely auspicious to make art and channel your EMOTIONS through it at this time. The ruler of the eclipse, smoldering Mars, forms a conjunction with melancholic Saturn in your Fourth House of home, roots and inner life throughout early April. The Mars-Saturn conjunction in this deeply psychological house, brings up intergenerational challenges or highlights difficulties with family. Actively pursuing sweet experiences offers both a release valve and means to psycho-SPIRITUAL healing. April 11-20, the conjunction of the enlightening Sun and experimental Mercury in your Fifth House, invites you to broaden your MENTAL horizons around your desires and that which brings you pleasure. April 19th’s Mercury-Venus conjunction, could even urge exciting adventures in the sex and romance department. The next day, April 20th, a rare and powerful conjunction of magnifying Jupiter and surprising Uranus in your Taurus Sixth House of health habits, illness and injury, deserves a pin. Jupiter-Uranus can bring big shocks and as it forms an aspect to feisty Mars, for athletes, be cautious of overexerting or injuring yourself. A potential conduit for the wild Uranian energy is to try out unique or innovative wellness modalities! Be sure to make PHYSICAL safety a top priority though.


Early April is a brilliant time for sincere reflection and seeking SPIRITUAL clarity. Mercury, the planet of perception and discernment is retrograde, indicating retrospection and reexamination. As Mercury journeys through your foundational Fourth House, the shadowy cellar of the chart, you are called to excavate the depths of your subconscious, preferably with a trusted, reliable guide. That which is to be revealed during this retrograde could begin to come into full visibility in therapy between the illuminative Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse on April 8th and the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aries on April 11th. These transits indicate internal renewal, though as the ruler of retrograde Mercury and the solar eclipse, Mars, is struggling through an inhibiting conjunction with repressive Saturn in your Third House of MENTAL ecology and habits of mind, it is your own patterns of thought which could act as an obstacle to rebirth. Taking a committed, experimental approach to disciplining your mind could be just what’s needed at this time. Consider a somatic practice for mind-body integration, like pilates or movement meditation. A playful and innovative approach to PHYSICAL endeavors and artistic creativity continues to spring forth later in April, as sagacious, expansive Jupiter meets with shocking, ingenious Uranus, in your Fifth House of pleasure, recreation and artistry on April 20th. This rare transit makes a synergistic aspect to athletic Mars in your Third House, indicating inventive insights regarding strategy in competition. Venus’ entry into her sign of Taurus in late April, only increases your EMOTIONAL enthusiasm and passion for playfulness.


April is a month for a radical change of mind. From April 1-25, Mercury planet of cognizance and criticality is retrograde in your Third House of habitual mindset. This is an excellent time to reassess and reprogram your MENTAL patterns, especially by the Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse on April 8th. Solar eclipses represent subversive, though fated, new beginnings. In this event, the New Moon initiates a more confident approach to money and a stronger determination to secure financial stability. The ruler of this solar eclipse is assertive Mars in your Pisces Second House of earnings and material values, which at the time of the eclipse forms a conjunction with resolute, delimiting Saturn. This is an aspect of maturation and sober responsibility pertaining to resources, emphasized further by the Aries Sun-Mercury conjunction on April 11th. A pleasant, yet enormous boost to your energy levels arrives with the entry of the Sun into Taurus on April 19th. The invigorating Sun in your Fourth House of foundational PHYSICAL lifeforce, immediately forms a rousing contact with empowering Pluto in your First House of the body. So if you have intense activity or competition scheduled for the latter part of the month, this is an auspicious period for strength and success. The SPIRITUAL intensity of late April is made all the more potent by an electrifying Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on the 20th. As the planets of wisdom and breakthrough collide in your subconscious Fourth House, EMOTIONALLY liberating and psychologically revelatory experiences are likely to alter your relationship to self, home and your family of origin.


Money is on your mind, as cognitive Mercury is retrograde in your Second House of earnings, material values and possessions, April 1-25. Take time to reassess and rectify your approach to finances or income streams. The EMOTIONAL nature of money matters is intensified at the Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse on April 8th. Solar eclipses represent subversive, though fated, new beginnings. With the ruler of this Aries New Moon, militant Mars, forming a conjunction with disciplined Saturn, at the time of the eclipse, you could find yourself in some condition of constraint. Although, you are called to soldier on with resilience and tenacity, utilizing the constructive gifts of Mars-Saturn, to pioneer new enterprises with patience and pragmatism. April 19-20, action oriented Mars in your sign forms an encouraging contact with expansive Jupiter and audacious Uranus in your Taurus Third House of your local environment. This is a wildly stimulating aspect for PHYSICAL activity, particularly in local or regional, natural spaces. Although, do note that unpredictable Uranus can indicate haphazardness, so avoiding dangerous locations and daredevil stunts is strongly advised. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20th, is a rare, earthshaking meeting between the planets of surprise, growth, breakthrough and opportunity in your Third House of MENTAL patterns and habits. Complemented by the climactic Scorpio Full Moon in your Ninth House of worldviews, SPIRITUAL beliefs and existential purpose on April 23rd, late April marks a profound revolution of your mental and meaning making frameworks. Consider this as your own personal Summer of Love moment, a philosophical pivot towards equity, beauty and peace.

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