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Project Y

We are looking for FIVE subject-athletes to participate in this project.

Project Y is a serious study of why humans pursue activities that challenge and push our emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual limitations. The end result of this project will be a full-length documentary in which we hope to give the viewer a better understanding of why we test these limitations.


We bring to bear upon this project serious science, focused research, vetted experts, and honest intention.


If selected as a subject-athlete you will play an integral part in the research and production of this documentary.


As such we are looking for subject-athletes who are committed to a project of this nature. The project will depend on your integrity and commitment.


Above all, it is integrity and commitment we are looking for. We will be looking for subject-athletes who are able to express a true interest and honest intention in being involved in this project, because that’s what Yonder is committing to you.


As stated in the video, Project Y v1 seeks to understand why we humans are compelled to pursue activities that are mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually apocalyptic. This will be hard and it is critical that those applying to participate in this project have the same expectation.

Cinematography – Greg Schmitt
Editing – Zach Jones
Talent – Patrick Newell

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