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For whatever it’s worth, I’m a late arrival to the Fondo scene. I’m not sure when I first heard about the “ride phenomenon” sweeping the nation but it’s definitely been a minute. First thing I remember thinking is that word ‘fondo’ is stupid as shit. I love Italy, I love the Italian language: written, spoken, gesticulated, genuflected, however you want to do it, I love it. But fuck me if that isn’t the silliest word ever. And then I was like wait, arent Fondos just a group ride, like from the ‘80s and ‘90s? You know, free t-shirt, total fuck show. Unicycles, big wheels, hula hoopers, tandems, xc skiers with wheels on the bottom of their skis, mirrors on the helmet, gappers, flappers, wooo-hooo’ers, thumb-uppers, children, overly skinny tires, disc wheels, triathletes, etc. So I dug into it a bit and rode a few fondos and I realized that yeah they are in fact essentially group rides from yesteryear only fully and completely updated. Big time. Competitive start times, various challenges, timed segments, the introduction of gravel and other mixed surfaces, better music, no more orange slices, selfie stations, etc. So yeah, now I’m fan. Now I’m a bona fide Fondoler. Now I want to spread the word and promote the movement. Listen, it’s not like USA cycling is providing us with a lotta ways to race a one day classics. And who doesn’t want to Knife Fight (or not) their way through 100 miles of all-time roads somewhere in Colorado or California? With friends. And a few thousand other people.

So let’s celebrate the fuck out fondos together shall we?

Let’s show our stripes. Let’s fondo with pride and purpose.

Let’s buy this shirt and wear the shirt!


*Also, in case you’re stupid or don’t understand irony, the shirt reads “Friends don’t let Friends Fondo” because it’s a joke. Of course Friends let friends Fondo but that shirt would be less funny. Double also, this shirt actually means that anyway.

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