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2018 Tulsa Tough

Sure, we’ve been acquaintances for years. Friends even. We had lunch once, in Denver, after the Tour of Colorado (a boring stage race) or whatever that race was called that year. We rode together last year in Oklahoma City—it was hot and humid, no surprise—and we talked a lot about our various enterprises and commiserated over our shared lack of proper funding. He’s married to former LA Sweater and Manual for Speed contributor-consultant Becca Schepps. I’ve been photographing him Most Animal-ing various races around the country for half a decade. But it turns out there is SO MUCH shit about Daniel Holloway I didn’t know. Until we interviewed him in an abandoned Walmart parking lot in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He does accents, he loves music, he’s an inline skater first and a cyclist second, he’s on his way to the Olympics and his name is not Dan it’s Daniel.

  1. Is this interview thirty-plus minutes long? Yes.
  2. Are you expected to watch it the whole time? As in, do nothing else but 100% engage the screen like a reg movie or The Handmaid’s Tale? No, of course not.
  3. Are you expected to listen to the whole thing? Yeah, dude, you have to. There’s so much you will learn about Daniel and yourself. Which is the point of life. Learning shit.
  4. Just press play, make some coffee, glance at the news, check your email, and slowly but surely feel better about American Crits, Gladiators of the Road, racing and racers, the day, your job, etc. Because this is a life-affirming experience.
  5. Think of this as a podcast. With a video component. Maybe just look up from time to time when you hear something that compels you. The part where we discuss our legs touching, for example. You’ll hear that and immediately you’ll recognize that as something that you just gotta witness.
  6. Klaus, thanks for the questions. I love you, even if it seems like I’m using you as a foil from time to time throughout the course of this interview. Maybe I should have read the questions first? Also, sneaky sneaky, you always manage to sneak a dud into the mix straight out of left field. Also, what’s the fucking deal with left field, is it just littered with non sequiturs and inappropriate propositions? And why left field and not right? This is obviously a baseball thing, right?
  7. Jonah Hill, NO DISRESPECT. I think you look great. Daniel thinks you look great. Our language was a bit crude at times but listen, we’re straight shooters which I know you can and do appreciate. Also, I feel like I can talk this way ’cause I’ve been Husky all my life. Also, call me, I want to talk to you about Project Y 2.0, we’ve got a spot for you.
  8. Hey Tokyo Olympics, I know something you don’t. Unless you watch this video.

“Hey World, do you think we should make these videos a series called Talking to People in Helmets?”


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