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Manual for Speed interviewed Peter Sagan on the tarmac in the Truckee International Airport in front of an airplane and a custom gold Specialized Diverge. We didn’t ask him about racing and bikes because that kinda interview has already been done AT LEAST a hundred million times. Also it’s our opinion most of “that stuff” is either self-explanatory or immaterial—bottomline, you only have to watch him race once to know that he’s is the most relevant, sexiest, Most Animal cyclist currently racing. So no, instead we asked him a series of hard-hitting and deeply personal questions about the man, Peter Sagan. And in response, we learned a minimum of 32 illuminating insights into how the youngest member of the Pantheon for Speed works. #humanathletesvisualvideoshowcase Thanks @bikemonkey for providing Manual for Speed with entries into Peter Sagan’s Boneyard Fondo and for access to the weekend’s events. Thanks @iamspecialized for the Diverge cause I definitely diverged like a mofo especially in PS’s aforementioned Boneyard. And thanks, of course to Matt @truemedia for setting the whole thing up with@100percent_bike, and thanks 100% for optimizing our faces and for access to Peter and for yeah, the WHOLE THING.


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