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2016 Spring Classics

There is no doubt the world’s thirst for hard-hitting investigative Pro Tour cycling journalism is greater than ever before, and while the racers have no intentions of slowing down, it seems our competitors just can’t keep up. But Manual for Speed refuses to let good content go bad, and we’re prepared to give you even more of what you need; that’s why we’ve created Manual for Speed Center (MFSC). MFSC is a semi-regular, highly-entertaining taped broadcast show that will no doubt add an extra level of depth to our award-winning coverage. We’re taking about increased sensations, a more visceral experience, a near tactile immersion in the most intimate aspects of professional road racing. From Race Reports to Cobble Goblins, Fan Clubs to YO! MFS Cribz, At the Races to Barricade Butts, we’re going to take your experience of the pro circuit to a whole new level.

Manual for Speed Center is at the heart of the peloton and we’re not afraid to take its pulse!