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Friends Don't Let Friends Fondo 🔊 FULL TRACK 🔊
DJ Randonerd (Still not a race extended remix)

The premier episode of Yonder Journal’s Televisions!

WE ARE CONSTANTLY fielding questions from readers, watchers, friends and colleagues about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Is Yonder about bicycles? Is it about exploration and adventure? Rodeos? Car racing and Vortex National Parks? The answer is yes. Yes, it’s about all that shit and so much more. Listen, to be honest we’re still trying to figure it out. The point is, we’re committed to exploring Professional Recreation through Performance Art. That much we know for sure. Beyond that we’re still trying to figure out the details, that’s why we created Yonder Televisions; a weekly State of the Union address about the details.

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