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We do product reviews for two reasons: 1) To make a museum-like catalog of all the stylish and functional products we rely on in the pursuit of Performance Journalism™. 2) To enable you. So that you may covet and collect from an informed POV. 3) To share with you the brands, products and services we love. And hate. Nothing in between.

Steve Hockett Race Book

Hi my name is Daniel. I’ve traveled the Earth covering Domestic and World Tour cycling for the better part of the last decade. When I say “covering,” I mean it. I’ve“covered” the shit out of bike racing. In the beginning with film cameras, lols, and most recently with Instagram stories because people are more stupid now. I tease, plus the stories thing is surprisingly rewarding. Point is, over the years we’ve used everything to do the “covering”; video, audio, film, gifs, interviews, BTS, WTF, skits, shorts, docu-dramas, scoops, loops, websites, FOMO-tech, all of it, and we’ve relied on countless Cover Techs™; artists, photographers, designers, videographers and bla bla bla to make it all come to life. All the different medias have been wonderful, all the Cover Techs™ have been wonderful, it’s been wonderful.

That’s how I met Steve.

Turns out Steve from England is my favorite Cover Tech™. I know what you’re thinking…….that sounds like hyperbole because someone in Daniel’s position simply can’t have favorites but fuckit, in this moment, here and now, it’s 100% true. Why is Steve my favorite?

  1. His face. I love his face.
  2. His hands shake when he gets nervous or stressed—out which happens a lot when we do race chasing.
  3. He says things about himself like; “I don’t read good.”
  4. His One hour Photo shoe collection. Normcore delicacies to the max; Reeboks, Keens, all the best.
  5. His art is A M A Z I N G. And he can, if coaxed, paid, pleaded with, etc., do it on demand, in the field. Like the time he lost his iphone in Spain or Italy or wherever and he made a flyer for it. So good.
  6. He is an instagram story artist. Groundbreaking shit. The best shit. I love his instagram story artistry game so hard.
  7. He tells stories.
  8. We regularly sing songs together about horses in fields, frolicing.
  9. We’ve shared backyard-to-table domestic sheep yogurt.
  10. And this whole time we’ve been travelling together all over the Earth, doing instagram and custom art and whatnot, Steve has been taking 35mm P&S photographs.That I love. That are in this book. That I wish I was taking. That help to restore my faith in photo documentation, that are loose and blurry and vivid and candid and compelling. The world needs these kinda photographs. They’re not tack sharp, they’re not always descriptive or illustrative of anything useful or important, they’re all feeling. The world needs feeling. Cycling need feeling. Real feelings.

Steve feels bike races. This book proves it. Don’t think. Don’t rationalize. Stop talking. Shhshhshshsshsh. Sssssssssssshh. Close your eyes, quiet your mind, take off your clothes, gently slip into the calm, cool and refreshingly silky waters of Steve’s race mind. Everyone loves skinny dipping. This is a skinny dip invitation. Nobody’s looking, it’s okay. You need this.


Step out of your underwear and into Steve’s (bike) mind. You won’t be sorry.


Steve Hockett, Austrian forest explorer.
Steve Hockett, instagram story artist.
Steve Hockett, feeling the race in Innsbruck.
Steve Hocket showcases Performance Journalism™ accessorization at the 2018 TDF.