Tenants French Terry Oversized Hoodie
Tenants French Terry Oversized Hoodie

100% Cotton.
Made in America.
Classic 90’s cut for improved performance inside and outside The Outside.
Sewn in Los Angeles.
Dyed in Los Angeles.
Silk screened by hand in Los Angeles.
Made in collaboration with After School Projects.


  1. Keeping you cool when wet. In the summer, cotton is straight-up a technical fabric because it keeps you cool when it’s wet, which is desirable on a hot and humid day.
  2. Having an unparalleled hand feel. Tees have been made from cotton since the dawn of time because nothing feels better on your skin than cotton. Yes, other natural fabrics like merino and hemp can and do sometimes feel great but never as reliably and consistently as cotton. Cotton T-shirts are the most iconic pop lifestyle artifact ever made.
  3. Being durable in the first place. Cotton is as tough and rugged as you are.
  4. Being fixable. Eventually it will fail because you will wear it all the time—day after day, year after year— but don’t fret, cotton is v easy to darn or repair with patches or whatever, also, if and when it comes to repairing your cotton T-shirt—you’re welcome for the opportunity to add flair and augmentation.
  5. Doing Wabi-sabi.
  6. Being a towel in place of an actual towel, for whatever because Absorption Tech™. Cardio Goths, Subject Athletes and Endurance Cult Members have used cotton t-shirts in place of an actual towels since the dawn of Inside The Outside; as a towell (hand and/or wearable) post hot spring or swimming hole event, in place of a napkin or tissue while eating, has head gear under a cap (or solo) on super sunny and hot days, etc.
  7. Looking good. Synthetic or “Tech” shirts suck at looking good in 99.9% of environments and lighting conditions. They also smell bad and are uncomfortable in all casual and most athletic scenarios.
  8. Being printed on and representing art: Silk Screening is an ancient and venerable art form that works especially good on cotton.
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