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Fact, our 2018 TDF Campaign has featured a number of bona fide haunted hotels. Elevators that shimmy and shake. Lights blinking on and off. Unexplained noises. Indoor wind. Etc. So we weren’t surprised last night when we bumped into a Corridor Goblin on the way to our room in Le Mas De L’olivier in the town of Pont Saint Esprit.

Other fact, we just launched our new Dear Cycling, We’re Fans t-shirt (get yours today!). The CG in question, it turns out, is super sweet and a huge fan of the Tour de France and Manual for Speed. We got to talking and asked if it wouldn’t mind doing a quick lookbook photoshoot featuring the DCWF t-shirt. It was totally into it. It was like what should I do our how should I act and we were all dude, it’s cool just be yourself and do Corridor Goblin stuff.

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