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Dead Reckoning

☝️ is the application of adventure-cycling, bike-packing and ultra-lightweight-touring technologies and methodologies to multi-day-style expeditions with a focus on crossing mountains using a variety of both ancient and modern trade routes.”

Historically speaking, in order to evolve into the thinking, building, producing, consuming, ordering, planning, texting creatures we are today, we needed to pioneer a mountain. Complex culture depends on the exchange of everything; exchange depends on established connections; established connections depend on travel and movement. But what about the barriers? In particular what about mountains the most impressive and iconic of the barrier class. Mountains are fearsome and hazardous and to tempt their transit can invite dire consequences but as a humans it is in our nature to cross mountains, we are driven to push boundaries, make discoveries, know the unknowable. We’re a risky lot and any pioneer will tell you there is always something good on the other side of a mountain.

In homage to human nature as well as our shared tradition, legacy and culture of barrier-transcendent exploration, we created Dead Reckoning. For two years we applied the technologies and methodologies of adventure-cycling, bike-packing, and ultra-lightweight-touring to multi-day-style expeditions with a focus on crossing mountains using a variety of both ancient and modern trade routes.

But why a bicycle? Why not a donkey, a motorcycle, a helicopter, sail boat or simple pair of hiking boots? Because bicycles are the most pragmatic, useful, and efficient means of personal transportation ever invented! They cover ground at the perfect speed. They are dependable, simple, and adaptable. You have to feed a donkey, put gas in a motorcycle and do so-many-things to a helicopter. Have you ever tried sailing a boat over a mountain? And hiking is just so slow. Also Bicycles use the wheel, which, last time we checked, the wheel sits in second place behind fire in the list of humankind’s best inventions ever.

While bicycles were our primary mode of travel we also used rafts, sea planes, rescue helicopters, skateboards, our feet, bush planes, commercial jets, cross country skis and inflatable kayaks in the pursuit of the perfect line from one place to another.

A mural, our visual North, the spirit of Dead Reckoning incarate. Art by Cahill Wessel.



Over the course of our two-year-long multi-day-style expedition campaign we traveled the World in search of the best barriers (mountains) to transcend. From the Appalachians to the Sierra Nevada, from the Andes to the Caucasus, New Zealand and California, we completed 13 expeditions. 13 times we got to the other side and saw what was there. For posterity, for elucidation, and for your entertainment, here is a catalog and of each experience. See what we saw. Here what we heard. Go where we went.


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Stay tuned as we re-publish our archive of trips!
Syd 2 Mel Normcore Bicycle Tour
Lost Nevados
Mad Wikkid Bike Toouah
Dat Moonshine Doe
Sweaty in Svaneti
Warm Springs Road
Elkhorn Crest