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Inspired by Randonnuering as well as our love of maps, cue-sheets, history, colloquial nuance and regional vernacular, Brovet is a Guide Book to American Permanents­ (Predetermined routes and rides—each permanent has been chosen for its intrinsic character, historical relevance and ride qualities.) about self-reliance to the point of absurdity, cycling from A-to-B and corn-dogging.*

You don’t need much to BROVET, a bike and a bag and some snacks. And, maybe a map and some lights, and something reflective. To be honest we don’t event know what a BROVET is. The point is, you probably do not need to buy anything to go for a bike ride like this. But if you do, now or in the future, you might want to consider buying a Raleigh  Bicycle. They ride good. But, more importantly, they gave us the money that made this project possible. Also, for this or any other kind of bike riding we reccomend a high-vis helmet like the Giro Aeon for example. It’s dope and it’s yellow and it’s the way to go randonneuring without looking like a randonerd – we love randonerds! – but style is not something they’re concerned with or good at; they’re good at drinking chocolate milk and drafting and laminating meticulous lists and instructions. And, one more think. You’re going to need a light, like for example as in i.e. the Light and Motion Seca 1400.

*Corn-Dogging (v.) mid-2000s, Appalachian-American, coined by Cole Maness. Figurative – the act of wasting (valuable) resources such as riding time, daylight, money, comfort zone(s), etc., in the pursuit of curious and/or seemingly pointless, regionally specific endeavors, e.g. swimming in a swimming hole, sitting on a decommissioned Sherman Tank cum War War II Monument such that the barrel appears to be your overly-large penis, listening to a taxidermist play the banjo and harmonica in a barn in West Virginia, throwing rocks at road signs for target practice and sport and possibly money, stopping at the Pendleton Round-Up (a rodeo in Pendleton, Oregon) in the middle of a 150-mile ride to eat/share the world’s largest corn dog.

The completion of a Brovet results in a route-specific patch.

“Do the ride, earn the patch.”


Old Ridge Road Permanent


Cumberland Passage Permanent


Mythical State of Jefferson Permanent


Disenchanted Rock Permanent


Trail of Tears Permanent


Natchez Trace Permanent


Iron Goat Permanent


The Randonneurds

Not everyone did the ride. Not every ride was done. But this is the team. These are the men and women that explored the world along with their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional limitations in the pursuit of this Guidebook.

Daniel Wakefield Pasley - Portland, OR
Hahn Rossman - Seattle, WA
Christophe Raffy - Los Angeles, CA
Moi Medina - Los Angeles, CA
Ty Hathaway - Los Angeles, CA
Kyle Von Hoetzendorff - Portland, OR
Mike Cherney - Mythical State of Jefferson
Cole Manness - Los Angeles, Ca
Dave Marchi - Bend, OR
John Watson - Austin, TX
Kelli Samuelson - Los Angeles, CA
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Golden Saddle Cyclery