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Western Recreation: Geopackages

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The first documented placement of a GPS-located cache took place on May 3, 2000, by Dave Ulmer of Beavercreek, Oregon. The location was posted on a Usenet Newsgroup as 45°17.460′N 122°24.800′W. By May 6, 2000, the cache had been found and logged by Mike Teague of Vancouver, Washington. According to Dave Ulmer’s message, the cache was a partially buried black plastic bucket containing software, videos, books, food, money, and a slingshot. A plaque called the Original Stash Tribute Plaque now commemorates the site.

To promote interactivity and participation in Western Recreation while simultaneously studying & surveying Western Recreation, and to demonstrate Yonder’s love for GPS-based nerd activities, pirate treasure maps, remote locations and adventure-oriented performance art, we are hiding/burying/concealing/activating one Geopackage a day for 25 days in the wake of our expedition throughout The West. Each Geopackage will contain a collection of practical and/or inspirational Art & Survival Sundries inside a Numbered Industrial-Strength Ziplock Bag. The contents of each NISZB will include a number of the following:

  1. Yonder Journal western Recreation Bandana Featuring Art by Lucy Engelman
  2. Yonder Journal mythical State of Jefferson Poster, Hand Screen Printed by Chris Mcnally
  3. Poler Stuff camp Mug
  4. Poler Stuff wool Ps Cap
  5. Poler Stuff trucker Cap
  6. Gerber m600 Needle Nose Plier Multi Tool
  7. ICNY reflective Performance Socks
  8. Outlier soft Goods
  9. Fairends cap
  10. Woolrich blanket
  11. Stumptown camp Mugs
  12. Stanley thermos
  13. Stanley COOLER

Traditionally speaking, once a cache is discovered by a Geocache Practitioner she/he will run through the following protocol/motions:

  1. Sign a logbook if a logbook is present,
  2. Rummage through the cache’s contents, taking some objects while leaving others,
  3. Leave the cache “in play” for future GPs to discover,
  4. Post the date, time and any other relevant details related to their discovery of the cache.

The Western Rec Geopackage Protocol is similar but different in several ways, the most significant being once discovered you are encouraged to keep, carry, and covet the contents of the NISZB as you see fit. What follows is the complete breakdown of the Western Rec Geopackage Protocol:

  1. Western Rec Geopackage locations will be published on day- by-day basis beginning on July 4th. For information about which geopackages are in play please consult the Western Rec Geopackage Status Report below. For details regarding where each geopackage can be found please consult our daily Field Briefs.
  2. There is no logbook or item exchange. Again, please keep, carry, and covet the contents of your NISZB.
  3. As such, there can be only one successful practitioner or “discoverer” per geopackage.
  4. At the time of discovery please take a #selfie or equivalent.
  5. At the time of discovery please record the date and exact time, along with any relevant sensations.
  6. At the time of discovery, or once back in service coverage if applicable, please Instagram your selfie (@yonderjournal + #westernrec).
  7. As soon as possible following the discovery, please email us: Include a brief description of the events/ context(s)/circumstances surrounding the recovery of the Geopackage in question. Was recovery your only reason for being in the area? Were you passing through? Are you alone? If not, who’s with you? Where are you headed? Etc. Additionally please tell us your name, age, where you were born, where you live now, what you do for work and a list of your Top 10 preferred methods of Recreation. Any and all details are encouraged.



  2. GEOPACKAGE #2 – 38°39’7″ N 109°40’36″ W Moab, UT – Claimed
  3. GEOPACKAGE #3 – 34°19’5″ N 110°56’54″ W Payson, AZ – Claimed
  4. GEOPACKAGE #4 – 37°52’16.7″ N -119°21’42″ W Yosemite NP, CA – Claimed
  5. GEOPACKAGE #5 – 37°46’25″ N 111°24’53″ W Kiva Koffeehouse, UT – Claimed
  6. GEOPACKAGE #6 – 34°52’6″ N 111°44’7″ W Sedona, AZ – Claimed
  8. GEOPACKAGE #8 – 43°24’23″ N 116°51’51″ W Marsing, ID – Claimed
  9. GEOPACKAGE #9 – 41°47’29″ N 114°44’15″ W Wells, NV – Claimed
  10. GEOPACKAGE #10 – 37°9’43″ N 113°4’52″ W Grafton Ghost Town, UT – Claimed
  11. GEOPACKAGE #11 – 34°6’29″ N 118°15’26″ W Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA – Claimed
  12. GEOPACKAGE #12 – 41°47’29″ N 114°44’15″ W Crescent City, CA – Claimed
  13. GEOPACKAGE #13 – 44°22’13″ N 121°8’6″ W Smith Rock SP, OR – Claimed
  14. GEOPACKAGE #14 – 38° 35′ 36″ N 121° 25′ 53″ W Sacramento, CA – Claimed
  16. GEOPACKAGE #16 – 43°45’26″ N 122°0’17″ W Waldo Lake, OR – Claimed
  17. GEOPACKAGE #17 – 37°39’36″ N 118°48’43″ Mammoth Lakes, CA – Claimed
  19. GEOPACKAGE #19 – 39°33’33″ N 119°51’52″ W Reno, NV – Claimed
  20. GEOPACKAGE #20 – 43°39’11″ N 124°12’22″ W Reedsport, OR – Claimed
  21. GEOPACKAGE #21 – 37°35’18″ N 120°7’28″ W Mariposa, CA – Claimed
  22. GEOPACKAGE #22 – 39°8’4″ N 121°34’48″ W Yuba City, CA – Claimed
  24. GEOPACKAGE #24 – 37°19’46″ N 118°19’27″ W Bishop, CA – Claimed
  25. GEOPACKAGE #25 – 32°58’16″ N 115°14’35″ W Brawley, California – Claimed
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