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WAGs’ Guide To Girona

We asked Laura Fletcher, Amber Meier, Jordan Reijnen and Melissa Van Zyl for their top attractions, spots and tips for visitors to Girona. They came back with a Girl’s Guide to Girona.

  1. La Fabrica! DUH!
  2. The city wall walk.
  3. Stray cat park (This is the GIRLS Guide- and we know how much girls love kitties) Also this is actually called Park Migdia.
  4. Maison Marina: handmade clothes a must stop- she will tailor them to fit you whilst you wait, right in the old town.
  5. Desserts at Llevetaps.
  6. La Bomberia Gelato in Placa Independencia or La Racon Balesce (the weird frozen yogurt place).
  7. Train Bus. See photos below.
  8. The Green Way: the walkway from one end of spain
  9. Placa Independencia: the main square in town.
  10. Pont de Pedra: the cobbled Bridge
  11. The Milk Shop: do we know what its actually called? No.
  12. The Arab Baths.
  13. The Cathedral or any of the cathedrals. Minus the bells. The bells are a constant reminder of our sins, or of our lack of ability to sleep through them. one of the two.
  14. San Miguel Hike.
  15. Red Markets.
  16. Churros pace in the old town.
  17. Banyoles: A lake town. its also got the Haribo factory, for super discounted
  18. Haribo.
  19. Tossa de Mar: The beach. the best beach.
    Gnome World mini golf: The weirdest, most ghetto mini golf ever. They also have a high ropes course. I’ll give anyone 20 euros to risk it.
  20. Besalou: a medieval town about 30 minutes away.
    Vichy Catalan Spa: Its a spa where the bottled water comes from. I hope the bottled water isnt actually straight out of the hot tub. but who knows.


La Fabrica is a proud dealer of MFS #microsponsor Rocket Espresso.
La Fabrica is owned and operated by Christian (Orica-GreenEDGE) and Amber Meier.
Hey, MFS readers: we have two almost-complete drink punch cards available since we didn't quite make it to a free mocha during our stay. If you're going to be in Girona soon, let us know.
This photographic moment sponsored by Billingham Bags. #microsponsor
This photographic moment sponsored by Billingham Bags. #microsponsor


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