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In Australia they have a saying: Too Easy. What’s Too Easy you might ask? Well, in the land down under just about everything. It’s a universal rejoinder, acknowledgement, and affirmation. Ordering a coffee, Too Easy. Riding your scooter to the pie shop, Too Easy. Chilling against a wall, Too Easy. Everything in OZ is TOO EASY.

But what’s Too Easy all about? I’ll tell you, Too Easy is all about confidence. Australia is the land of sun and fun, of venomous critters and toothy predators, of “Neighbors” and Bondi Beach. If you don’t have confidence in this country, you’ll be eaten up and spit out.

As conscientious travelers we try our best to assimilate the accepted cultural norms of the countries we visit. In Australia that meant trying on a heightened level of confidence. But let me tell you: confidence is not without its nuances, and it’s “Too Easy” to be over confident. Take, for example, our idea of catching a train in Bowral. Too Easy we thought. We didn’t do a thorough check of our sources, we didn’t check in ahead of time, and you know what? We got stranded.

Despite this minor setback Yonder Journal has stuck with the Too Easy lifestyle because confidence is addictive, it’s a sly confidence, a subtle confidence, it’s—dare I say it—a COOL confidence. Too Easy isn’t aggro Monster Energy confidence. There’s no need to get in anyone’s face about it. This confidence is a bit FU, a bit come join the party. It’s a vibe man, je ne sais quoi. It’s just Too Easy.

The Too Easy Tee


Obviously we had to celebrate Too Easy. What could be a better representation of the idea than a chilled out Croc smoking a cigarette? The answer is nothing, there is no better representation of Too Easy. Thomas Slater, Mr. Too Easy England 2014/2015, drew it up for us and we put it on t-shirt. It looks amaze. Now it’s time to get that amaze on your body! CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!

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