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The MFS Kit Series
Since 2011, MFS has produced a litany of game-changing kits.

The latest of our Artist Series kits was created by Anne van den Boogaard. We talked about speed, of course. And creating something specifically for ladies. And flowers, and flames. And motion. It took two years to finalize the design and put it into production because Jesus, sometimes these things just take that long. It’s fucking art. Sorry, I’m just really excited about this kit and I’m being defensive. I apologize. Anyway, over that two year process we went through at least three major design rounds and exchanged 62 emails. Also, I think—I’m not positive—at one point she went backpacking in central Asia for a month or so which is at least partially why this kit is so Gucci.

Speed Comets – Order HERE!

PS: Women’s Sizing available!

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