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Hello, my name is Daniel Wakefield Pasley. I am a mammal-eating plant-based Anthropologist, Activator and aspiring Deck Wizard. From Maryland. I am the voice of Mythical State Of. Websites are dead. Blogs are dead. This is a blog on a website. #skate-bikes-not-boards

The Sound of Spectacle


If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a hundred times (on MFS at least): Road Cycling is the greatest Spectacle on Earth. We know, we know, you already get it already. But listen, we really mean it. That and the “Humanity of Speed” thing. That’s it, that’s all we got. Those are the two reasons Manual for Speed exists. And that’s why for the last five years we keep showing and telling you so much stuff from inside the world of professional road cycling. That’s what we do, Show & Tell. But what if we could Hear you stuff too? Because seriously, if you think cycling looks like the Greatest Spectacle on Earth, you should hear it. What. A. Shit. Show. It’s wonderful!, and immersive!, and dynamic!, and full of international humanity at it’s best-worst. It just plain sounds neat. For that reason and for that reason ALONE, we’re doing two groundbreaking things and putting them inside this “post.”


  1. First, we made a taxonomy of sounds for your aural delight. It’s not complete but IT IS the start of so much more (sound) to come.
  2. Secondly, we made wearable chants. Can you hear them AND wear them? Yes, that’s probably true.


Wearable Chants


In tribute to the humanity of sound at bike races and in an effort to memorialize the important part sound plays in creating spectacle—and in particular the three most ubiquitous and primal/integral utterances heard At the Races—we created, in partnership with Kasual Klub, a collection of wearable chants. Buy them. Wear them. Listen to them. Demonstrate to the world that you’re not just a cyclist, you’re a cyclist that’s fashionable, hip and not afraid to walk around with slightly obscure in-the-know cultural winks on the back of your shirt.

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