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2018 Tulsa Tough

“I, Daniel Wakefield Pasley, do solemnly swear to race this bike at Tulsa Tough real good.”

Well, as good as is physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally possible for me. Maybe, inexplicably, even better than is strictly scientifically and terrestrially possible because Project Y is real, 👊. Why this bike?, what’s with the declaration? Here goes. Because this bike is fast and I would like to honor that fact with legs, and it’s sexy which is cool and I’d like to think I can be sexy sometimes, and it looks like how racing sounds which that’s not even possible so the bike is at minimum reality-defying and matrix-shifting if not straight-up magical and it’s made with good parts and it’s the physical manifestation of a long overdue project that is very important to me and more relevant than ever to the world and our sport, and because it’s got good colors and SIQ wheels and it’s a totem and talisman and rally cry to save the future of cycling incarnate. Thank you for your time.

The long overdue project is Road To Rad. Don’t worry, it will happen.

More info on RTR and this bike:

For more than seven years now MFS has studied the sport of Cycling. Looking, watching, commenting, thinking, joking, thinking, observing, digesting , scheming, thinking, creating, commenting and now, finally, contributing. Contributing, in our way, to the way cycling could and should work in the very near future. It’s basically like a presidential commission if the UCI was president and the commission was turned in really late and completely unlike what was expected. To that point so far the only part of the commission we’ve been able to complete is the “branding” phase. You know look and feel. Merch, etc. About a year ago we commissioned @surface_of_the_moon to show us what RTR looked (and sounded) like. We said, “Markus, create a visual campaign to support RTR, in particular we need a rolling monument we can literally ride into the future. And metaphorically too but def focus on literally for now. Go.” And then Specialized, Enve and SRAM gave birth to this bike.

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