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The MCCS 01: Iron Cross

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  1. THIS IS A CHALLENGE*. If you win this challenge we will give you a Mission Workshop Rambler. Why the Rambler? Because the Rambler is a state-of-the-art backpack that expands to meet challenges. That’s what this is about, expanding to meet challenges.
  2. This is the IRON CROSS challenge. What’s an Iron Cross? Please refer to the instructions below.
  3. We call it a challenge and a contest but you might want to call it a COMPETITION.
  4. HOW DO YOU WIN? You win by Holding & Maintaining the Iron Cross position for as long as possible.
  5. In order to make this contest available to the whole world we will need each of YOU to be HONEST. It’s called the HONOR SYSTEM, please honor it.
  6. With that said, and in an effort to be fair, we’re requiring a MODICUM OF PROOF with each entry.
  7. YOU WILL NEED A PARTNER. Your partner will document you for the duration of your attempt.
  8. Acceptable forms of PROOF are (low res, low quality, bad lighting, strange environments are all encouraged):
    1. Video of your entire attempt.
    2. Still photographs of your attempt, taken at two minute intervals (for example: a 40-minute attempt would include 20 photos). If possible, include a clock in your photograph.
    3. If you win, or if we think you may have won, we reserve the right to subject your co-pilot to an online lie detector test and/or phone interrogation. Joking joking. Or are we? Also, if you win, your co-pilot is eligible for a free Subject Athlete t-shirt or set of water bottles.
  9. Please SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY to with the following components:
    1. Your name, age, and location.
    2. Your official time.
    3. Your visual proof. Please use We Transfer to host your files. In lieu of WeTransfer, a direct link to files on Google Drive/Dropbox is acceptable.
  10. ENTRY DEADLINE: 3 December 2017 @ 11:59 PM Pacific time.



With your chest open, back straight and shoulders pulled together, raise your arms to a 90° angle with your body, parallel to the ground. Hold your arms locked in position for as long as possible. 

  1. Don’t let your arms DROP!!!!!!
  2. Don’t arch your back.
  3. Feel free to stand on one foot for a period of time. Be sure to alternate your feet.
  4. BREATHE! You have to breathe! It’s just like Yoga and Sex, breathing is crucial.
  5. We could not find a verified World Record for this exercise. The World Record for an Iron Cross with 10kg weights is 1:57.85. The World Record for an Iron Cross on Roman Rings is 39.23.
  6. That said, we anticipate the winning time of this challenge to be less than an hour.


Grand Prize: Mission Workshop “The Ramber” backpack!
Runner Up Prize: Subject-Athlete T-Shirt


There are countless self-help books, guides, gurus, diets and workout programs dedicated to improving your physical fitness. But what about all the rest of your fitnesses? Mental? Spiritual? Emotional? Etc.? They’re all connected, some would even say interconnectedbecause, bottomline, fitness is a system. So what about your whole fitness system? What’s up with that? How are you improving and challenging and nurturing your whole fitness system? What’s up with you being 1000% Subject Athlete?


Here is a brief, but by no means complete, list of the benefits associated with being 1000% Subject Athlete:


  1. Immortality.
  2. Vitality.
  3. Access to Type I (original), Type II (latent) and Type III (transcendent) Fun.
  4. Great skin.
  5. Cognitive stuff.
  6. Friends.
  7. Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional excellence.


How do we, Yonder, know all this stuff about being 1000% Subject Athlete? We did a documentary on it, that’s how. Have you ever asked yourself why you’ve spent the last I don’t know how many years dedicated to the pursuit of pain and hardship in the form of exercise? Well we did, that’s what the documentary is about. While this isn’t the time and place to get into the details, it’s not only a true story but it’s a story that could have a profound effect on your life. To that end, please look for the documentary and watch it, it’s called Project Y. In the meantime, an unforeseen byproduct of making this documentary is the discovery that we are all, all of us, to varying degrees, Subject Athletes. And while many of us intuitively understand how to train and compete physically, there is more to the story. It turns out fitness is a system, and a key part of that system is Mental Fitness. With that in mind please do three things:


  1. Participate in the Mental Challenge Contest: MCC 01 – Iron Cross, as well as the forthcoming MCC 02 & MCC 03.
  2. Sign-up to our newsletter for upcoming information related to the release of our full-length documentary called Project Y. In addition to pushing your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional limits, this move is about the 2017 Dirty Kanza 200.
  3. Buy a Subject Athlete t-shirt or sweatshirt or kit or bottle. 1000% of proceeds will go to our continued Subject Athlete research, and Public Service Programs like this Iron Cross Challenge.
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