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Dead Reckoning

For the past two years, Yonder Journal has traveled the globe to investigate and report on bikepacking/adventure cycling/ultra-lightweight bicycle touring. We call this project Dead Reckoning, and its scope and breadth is truly monumental. While the entirety of our reporting will continue to live on, we felt that a project of this magnitude demanded a life outside of the internet, something you could hold in your hands, something with weight, a physical source of inspiration and contemplation, a book of pictures so exquisitely crafted that even a quick glance, a mere flip of the pages, would incite a riot of adventurous inspiration. That object has arrived, and we call it the Dead Reckoning Book! This book is the ultimate physical manifestation of the Dead Reckoning experience.

“At this point there’s no way you’re not thinking, ‘OMG I want one of these, I need to have one, I need one for every member of my family! How do I get one?’ Don’t worry, we have answers.”

The Dead Reckoning Book

PURCHASE HERE! 9"x12", perfect bound, 160 pp. featuring nearly 200 color photographs. Printed in the USA.

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