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2017 Vuelta a España

Located near the beach, in a pleasant and obviously popular section of Alicante, New Delhi’s interior was spacious and mildly air-conditioned. We didn’t use the bathroom, so we have nothing to report on that front. Chairs were a bit threadbare, but comfortable. Teenagers milled about outside, as dreadlock-mulleted college students (Spain’s indicator species for relatively cool, nicer neighborhoods) waited for tables at a nearby vegetarian restaurant.

We inquired with the staff about the feasibility of taking a ferry to Algeria (not because we think anyone from India must know about Algeria, we know they are different, distant countries. We asked because we know there’s an Algeria-bound ferry that leaves Alicante from a place (a pier? a dock?) about a kilometer away from the restaurant. Three members of the staff were unable to provide any guidance on the matter. Eventually, however, one of the servers came over, and walked us through the process. His parents are Algerian. Turns out you need a visa to go, and it takes much, much longer than we thought to make your way down to Africa when you are in this part of Spain. So we won’t be going to Algeria during the rest day.


Klaus’ Notes


  1. The spice scale was a simple and supermarket salsa-like. “Mild, medium, hot.”
  2. No papadum was offered, and thus no chutney came our way.
  3. The aloo gobi (medium) was unusually spicy/hot in a good way. Its taste was a good bit better than the one from The Gallery Indian restaurant.
  4. The garlic naan was also superior, and the portion was larger.


Daniel’s Notes


  1. The mango lassi was way too salty. And too sweet. It was disgusting and I couldn’t finish it. It came out first as per usual, and it had me really sweating there for a bit.
  2. The mixed pickle was not that great. It was just mango and was way too salty. But I finished it, it wasn’t that bad. It was definitely edible.
  3. The palak paneer was very creamy and rich but not too creamy and rich. Great color. And spicy! Which is rare here in Spain, and Europe in general, and Canada.
  4. The chicken tikka masala was incredible. Great chicken quality. The sauce was not too tomato-y, had fresh ginger and great color.
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