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2017 Vuelta a España

Located only blocks away from The Gallery Indian, Azafran is a slightly more upscale eatery. Its customer base appears to be largely made up of British tourists. Its décor, as you might expect, is absolutely the same as all other Indian restaurants. We had always thought Indian restaurant décor was similar around the world, but now we think there is an Indian restaurant starter kit that automatically comes with opening such an establishment. It was unusually dark though, and a nearby karaoke bar’s music (and singing) drowned out the restaurants auditory offerings. Karaoke songs that we heard being performed by the same woman included Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna’ Give You Up”. Manual for Speed staff had a particularly deep conversation during this meal. It was downright emotional. But we think it was a product of the amazingly touching rendition of “Never Gonna’ Give You Up”.


Klaus’ Notes


  1. The aloo gobi was not remarkable. Potatoes were a bit hard, though the cauliflower was cut in chunks that were exactly the right size.
  2. The garlic naan was almost identical to The Gallery Indian Restaurant’s. Considering its proximity to that restaurant, we wonder if they are owned by the same person/s and designed to make customers feel like they have a choice of Indian restaurants in this neighborhood.


Daniel’s Notes


  1. “I’ve never had a good lassi prove me wrong.”
  2. Mixed pickle was PHENOMENAL.
  3. Mango lassi was way too sweet. WAY TOO SWEET. But drinkable.
  4. The chicken tikka masala was incredible.
  5. The palak panner was also amazing.
  6. This place is maybe the best of the three in Alicante. I didn’t even care that we had to listen to Whitney Houston and Rick Roll’s greatest hits for the first thirty minutes, and drunk British tourists singing karaoke for the second thirty minutes. (In both instances the music was coming from a shared courtyard area and not from inside our new favorite Indian Restaurant.)
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