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This is Walwa. And we’re the town store. Take it or leave it, but that’s a fact.


“I don’t know if I’d go back to Walwa, but if I did, and I needed to go shopping, I suppose I’d shop here again.”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“Great little store run by our lovely lady Joyce and her great staff. Serves a beautiful coffee. A great asset to our community.”—Mary Hunt

Walwa General Store – Important Information

  1. Website
  2. Address: 2/48 Main St, Walwa VIC 3709, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 6037 1291
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: 8am–6pm daily
  6. Price: $
  7. Key Words: Kitsch, Mini-Mart, Country

The likelihood of anyone actually going out of their way to visit Kennedys Reserve is absurd. Still, it’s located next to a road and touches on the Murray River—a little surf and turf if you will—so if you find yourself out this way, and the drive to wherever you’re going is grinding on, it’s just as good a place as any to take a break.

“We stopped here on our way to Albury from Khancoban. I must admit we were all pretty toasted, even Lachlan. About an hour earlier we had watched a rancher drive his truck 15 yards across the road and back to get his mail. Maybe this guy does that daily, it could be a habit. But for us four unfortunates who had decided to ride along the Murray in triple-digit heat, this mail move perfectly illustrated how hot the day was. It was SO hot. Road melting hot. Stupid hot. So when we rolled up to Kennedys Reserve we didn’t care that the water looked like untreated sewage; we got in, we needed to cool down. So we sat there, cooling down in what could very easily have been upstream offal. Not to mention, in a van no more than 20 feet away some gangly Wizard sat watching us. If this doesn’t convince you to stop off at Kennedys Reserve, I don’t know what will.”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“I stopped off at Kennedys Reserve the other day. All I wanted was to take a little rest, you know, close my eyes for a few moments. I pulled up to the river and what do I see? Four half-dressed idiots soaking in the water. Everyone knows at this stage in its run the Murray is basically a livestock shitter. But anyways here I am watching these guys, I’ve got my seat reclined with one leg resting on the open window. It’s as peaceful as it can be (at least with these guys making their stupid comments), and then all of a sudden the chatter stops and they’re all looking at me. I’m used to the occasional stare, what with my long hair and pale complexion. But these dudes are eyeballing me. I wish I could do some magic, I would have turned them all into cow turds and watched them float away.”—Vance Tedder

Kenndys Reserve – Important Information

  1. Website
  2. Address: 4951/5901 Murray River Rd, Thologolong VIC 3691 Australia
  3. Phone Number: n/a
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: n/a
  6. Price: free
  7. Key Words: Wet, Dry, Hot

Recently re-opened by a husband and wife team, the wife has run away and now the husband and the wife’s brother run the place. They’re a pleasant duo. They like their beers and make a mean frozen pizza. Essentially an ideal resort.

“I was on the verge of heatstroke when I finally pulled into the Hotel Granya. Thankfully they had the Carlton Draught cooler stocked. It was also EXTREMELY convenient that this was one of those pub-hotels. There are beers, there is pizza, there are beds.”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“The toilet paper at this place is one ply. THUMBS DOWN!”—Peggy Lumps

“Love the dogs, all three of them. They’re Jack Russells and it seems like they run the joint. By the end of the night I was eating their kibble while they snacked on my pizza. Like I said, seems like they run the joint. Nice dogs though.”—Peggy Lumps

Hotel Granya – Important Information

  1. Website
  2. Address: 3100 Murray River Rd, Granya VIC 3701, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 6072 9548
  4. Email[email protected]
  5. Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 10am – 10pm Sundays 11am – 10pm
  6. Price: $
  7. Key Words: Saving Grace, Oasis, Matrix Dogs
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