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This is the train station that does not have a train that goes to Yass Junction. This is a let down when you’re counting on this train station to be the train station that stations that train for Yass Junction when you want to go to Yass Junction.

“The train wasn’t here, we were in the wrong place, this station was despair.”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“I love this station. I’ve caught plenty of trains here, there are tons of places to sit and the electronic ticket teller is fantastic.”—Mac Murdoch

“It’s a train station.”—Lizzy Barwin

Moss Vale Station – Important Info

  1. Website
  2. Address: Station St, Bowral NSW 2576, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 4861 2045
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: Whenever there are trains
  6. Price: $$$
  7. Key Words: Deserted, Desolate, Unhelpful

The No. 325 is a cafe. We don’t say that we don’t use butter, but we really don’t use butter. We’ll toast your toast, cook your egg, cut your avocado. But butter, nah, not our deal.


“We had just missed our train and we entered the No. 325 in a state of despair. We needed comfort, we needed food, we needed indulgence, we needed butter. But butter was not to be had. Dry eggs, on dry toast, with dry avocado. Even the coffee tasted dry, as if it were stuck in some nebulous region between liquid and gas form. We ate it anyway, it did not alleviate our sorrows. ”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“The name may have changed but clearly the stodgy food and atrocious service have not. In fact this diner has a reputation far and wide for its slow service. The staff definitely have an attitude problem – they resent your presence. Why should it take 20 minutes to heat some frittata in a microwave? They get the cinema crowd – they need to provide swift service.”—Elizabeth Wyndham

No. 325 Café – Important Info

  1. Website: n/a
  2. Address: 25 Bong Bong St, Bowral NSW 2576, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 4861 2370
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 7am -5pm, Sun 8am -4pm
  6. Price: $$
  7. Key Words: Dry as the Desert, Butter Phobia, Cafe

Bernie’s Diner is an authentic American pastrami forward diner located in the heart of downtown Moss Vale. In addition to our famous pastrami we serve fries, burgers, milkshakes and more. Don’t forget to check out our dill pickles, they’ve got bite!

“Happy Days! This place felt a like Happy Days meets In-N-Out except in our case the Fonz was a pair of mulleted female honey badgers, a trio of tykes in tow, giving us the finger and pantomiming aggressive and lascivious gestures in our direction from across the street. Hey we know we’re nobody’s angels but we couldn’t, for the life of us, figure out what we did to bring on this vitriol. It’s a testament to just how delicious the food from Bernie’s is that we still truly enjoyed it, despite the imminent and continual threats happening outside. Did you see the movie Green Zone, when it seems that all the Army is having a pool party at Saddam’s palace despite the fact that the Iraq war is happening outside the gates? Get what I mean?”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“Needed a quick and easy meal stop with my two “fussy” sons en route from Bowral to Melbourne and Bernie’s striking exterior caught our eye as we drove past. How glad we were that we stopped! Easy to read blackboard menu above the chrome counter and friendly counter staff (no waiters) made it an easy task to order. We went for the “Dirty Dogs” – the boys with a slightly altered Mr Wang and myself with a Chili Dog with one strawberry milkshake (real fruit!) so substantial that it satisfied the three of us. Upon being ready, our name was called and the chef slid the fine looking baskets of goodness to me on the counter (50s cool!!). Boys demolished their customised dogs in record time stating they were the best they’ve ever had (and I say customised because the staff were more than happy to change things around from what was stated on the menu). My chili dog was seriously good although a little light on for heat which probably wasn’t a bad thing given the long road trip ahead! Also, being a fifties lover, I appreciated the effort gone into the place to make it look the authentic without being over the top or tacky (as is often the case with these types of places). My only disappointment – living 750km away and not being able to make this a regular haunt…”—Sim Thomas

Bernie’s Diner – Important Info

  1. Website
  2. Address: 402 Argyle St, Moss Vale NSW 2577, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 4869 1502
  4. Email[email protected]
  5. Hours of Operation: 6am – 10pm
  6. Price: $$

An unusually eclectic mix of continental and Southeast Asian cuisine. Plus a wine bar!

“It was open so we went in. Also, we didn’t know where else to eat. It’s not like any of us are from Moss Vale. There was piano and what appeared to be a bookshelf of fake books (is it still a bookshelf?). The space was interesting and if I had to guess I’d say that this place was probably a furniture showroom before it was a restaurant. It felt more like a sitcom’s idea of a restaurant than a restaurant. The food selection is a curious blend of different ethnic plates. There was also this waiter with crazy eyes; you know how people say the eyes are the window into the soul? Well this dude’s soul had some 1+1=Purple shit going on. Maybe he couldn’t help it, and in fact it added to the overall Lynchian vibe. Would I recommend it? You read the review, what do you think?”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“Sophisticated Lounge Atmosphere! It has a relaxed Parisian vibe. The service is fantastic and the food! Well I suggest that you check it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed”—Brooke Feltham

Tooses Wine Bar & Lounge – Important Info

  1. Website
  2. Address: 490-494 Argyle St, Moss Vale NSW 2577, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 4868 3164
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: Th-Su, 5:00–11:00pm
  6. Price: $$$
  7. Key Words: Blah, Blah, Blah

We’re not a hotel, we’re a pub. We’ve got beer, parmis, and one of those urinals that covers two walls, taking a corner, and reaches all the way to the floor. You either get it or you don’t.

“After the David Lynch eating experience down the street, the Moss Vale Hotel was a welcome slice of normality. They had a nice selection of parmis and beer to drink. Looking around you just got that vibe that this was a comfortable kind of place. There were a few old dudes half-dozing over their empty parmi plates and a couple groups of Shelias catching up on the news. Exactly the kind of joint we were looking for.”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“I come here at least 4 times a month. The salmon is always delicious and just good clean fresh food . The lady chef with brown hair is very welcoming .. I love this place. Thank you guys”—Nic Counsell

Moss Vale Hotel – Important Info

  1. strong>Website
  2. strong>Address: 340 Argyle St, Moss Vale NSW 2577, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 4868 1007
  4. strong>Email[email protected]
  5. strong>Hours of Operation: 10am til Late
  6. Price: $$
  7. Key Words: Blah, Blah, Blah

If you’ve missed your train because you thought it left from Bowral but it leaves from Moss Vale and you need a room or two for the night, STAY WITH US. We’ve got plenty of rooms and gravel parking lot to boot.

“The check in was the WEIRDEST ever. Russell the older man suggested by other reviews was there but wasn’t rude. He was kooky and not in an endearing way. The man is very ODD. The room is ok. Bed ok clean bathroom but terrible tv reception. We went for a walk and found the door ajar on our return. nothing was taken but made our experience here more creepy. I wouldn’t stay here again and would drive further to find better accom.”—Annie Adams

“Had I looked up the reviews of this place before checking in I might not have stayed here, but I didn’t, and you know what? It’s nowhere near as bad as the reviews would lead you to believe. It’s quiet, the TVs work, the beds are quite comfortable, and the concierge (who appeared to have been more than a century old) also had a daughter who had spent a year of high school studying in Portland, OR. Which happens to be Yonder Journal’s home base. I’d have a cold dead heart if that didn’t put points in the plus column. If you’re in Moss Vale stay at the Bong Bong. If you’re a hater, sleep in your car.”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

Bong Bong Motel – Important Info

  1. Website: n/a
  2. Address: 238 Argyle St, Moss Vale NSW 2577, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 4868 1033
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: n/a
  6. Price: $$
  7. Key Words: Empty, Convenient, Sleep-able
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