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“I’m a steep road. I have a sign warning you of Koala Bears, but don’t worry you won’t see them, in fact you won’t see them at all during your entire trip. If it helps I have switchbacks and I really am a rad road to climb. I don’t see a lot of traffic and I kinda wind my way through a scenic area, so even though you’ll miss the koalas the serenity is nice.”

“I’ve been down on this road once, my tree had run out of leaves and I was getting might cranky. So I ambled across the damn thing, to tell you the truth I didn’t like the foot feel, too bloody hard. But I could see a dream tree across the way and I needed to get there and when I did the buzz from those leaves was magnificent.”—A Koala

“My big sister died on this road. She was buzzed out of her mind on the Euc and stumbled in front of pretty sick ute. It hit the family hard.”—Another Koala

Jamberoo Mountain Road – Important Info

  1. strong>Website
  2. strong>Address: n/a
  3. Phone Number: n/a
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: All Days, All Hours!
  6. Price: Free!
  7. Key Words: Steep, Wet, Formidable

Located at the top of Jamberoo Pass, Robertson Pie Shop is a regional favorite. They have a wide variety of both savory and sweet pies, and almost every type of soft and energy drink imaginable. Perfect recovery food if you’ve just cycled up a wall while being buffeted by a monsoon.

“They’ve got an 11 year old girl working here that looks exactly like Anthony Kiedis’ from Point Break. She’s got the blonde dreadlocks and everything.”—Jackie Tilden

“We saw the Anthony Kiedis girl too. MENTAL. Also because of the monsoon we ordered the coffee, not so great. But the savory pies were wonderful. I would’ve had one even without the monsoon!”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“Have been to this pie shop a number of times. The pies are nice although I have never tried their desert pies. All the varieties of meat pies which taste ok but I don’t think anything to write home about for the price. What has really put me off this venue now is the last time I ate here I had a small piece of solid plastic in my meat pie of which they could not really give a valid reason of how it got in the pie. Up to the individual to choose to eat here as it is always busy. I am not sure if that is due to the food or being a midpoint or meeting point for travelers since it as the top of Macquarie pass.”—Ralph V

Robertson Pie Shop – Important Info

  1. Website
  2. Address: 4400 Illawarra Hwy, Robertson NSW 2577, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 4885 1330
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: Weekdays 7:30am to 7:00pm, Weekends 8:00am to 7:00pm
  6. Price: $$
  7. Key Words: Savory, Sweet, Shelter

Centrally located in historic Bowral, the Bowral Hotel & Pub is the city’s ‘happening’ spot. From the series of big screens for your sports spectating pleasure to the disco dance floor for bustin’ a move, this is the place to cut loose in Bowral! Passing through, or maybe ya drank too much, and need to stay the night? No worries, we’ve got a concrete bunker behind the pub that stays as damp inside as it is outside. No need for a humidifier!

“I’m on a blasted stinking diet so eating out can get tricky. This place had a salmon salad full of yummy goodness but organised so I could avoid what had to be avoided. Husband had a tasty steak sandwich. We ate with a direct view of the beach. Very nice.”—Greg Duvers

“From what I can tell, our rooms were formerly used by prisoners sent to Bowral on some agrarian koala farming program. Spartan to say the least, but the showers spit water (some of which was hot) and the bed had blankets (some of which held heat). One of our two rooms had a functional heater, and both rooms had wet cinderblock walls. Still, it was a place to sleep. But we didn’t rush into it: our crew hit the town. There was another pub down the street capturing the early evening crowd, but it thinned fairly quickly. By this point we’d had a few Carlton Draughts, so Lachlan and I hit the dance floor. What a night!”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

Bowral Hotel & Pub – Important Info

  1. Website
  2. Address: 412 Bong Bong St, Bowral NSW 2576, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 4862 2646
  4. Email[email protected]
  5. Hours of Operation: Open in the morning, closed late at night.
  6. Price: $$
  7. Key Words: Betting, Bachelorette Parties, Beer

Located across the street from the infamous Bowral Pub, Bowral Thai serves up the region’s tastiest Thai cuisine. Not only that, but the restaurant is adorned with art, antiques, and relics to create a bright and festive atmosphere that’s a feast for the eyes as much as the food is a feast for the mouth, stomach, digestive tract, etc. This place is really a feast for the whole body.

“WOW…..what a wonderful surprise..after reading a ‘dissapointing’ (yes I know spelling mistake) recent review, as visitors we really wanted to give the restaurant a go. We weren’t disappointed by any means. The Thai cuisine was THE best I have ever tasted. Fresh spicy flavours. I had the fish Jungle curry…superb. We will visit again before leaving and Thank you to all the young staff, so attentive and obliging.”—Jane Brown

“If the food and vibe were worse we might have stolen something, like a little momento. There was so much bric-a-brac I doubt they would’ve missed it. To be clear we’re not a thieving crew, in fact I can tell you the last time I stole something was a pack of Bubbalicious Cherry Coke gum from the Safeway in Mammoth Lakes, CA when I was six years old. Really the discourse about theft at the table was our way of complimenting all the amazing shit flooding our eyes from every direction. Most notable was a series of psychedelic paintings in a Stations of the Cross motif buttressed by statues, sculptures, and ephemera covering every usable space. It was a thrilling visual experience—without being claustrophobic.”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

Bowral Thai – Important Info

  1. Website
  2. Address: 407 Bong Bong St, Bowral NSW 2576, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 4861 2437
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: 5pm – 9:30pm everyday
  6. Price: $$
  7. Key Words: Antiques, Relics, Delicious
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