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He was already an All-Star but Peter Sagan is now your 2015 World Champion, and without a doubt cycling’s MVP. Kind of a big deal right? We think so, and after our TDF All-Stars Sagan shirt sold out so quickly after the race, we quickly pressed Sam Taylor into action to update his look—and boom, we’ve got this real nice Sagan t-shirt with the rainbows and everything.


The best thing about this shirt is:

  1. It’s got Peter Sagan’s likness on it.
  2. With bones and the arm pup and everything.
  3. Sam Taylor designed it.
  4. It has UCI World Tour Stripes on it.
  5. Because of it we were indirectly/directly threatened by a Russian Oligarch.
  6. And we received a cease and desist letter from the UCI.
  7. Which is why we offered to give all of the profits to a NonProfit.
  8. It validates the Manual For Speed “Bump.”
  9. And Peter Sagan’s (prominent) place within the Pantheon For Speed.


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