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Cabramurra is the highest constantly inhabited town in all of Australia, the 1488 Bistro is the bistro in that town, and at 1488 meters above sea level is the highest Bistro in the land. But just because Cabramurra is at such high altitude that doesn’t mean our service and fare is up in the air. Let 1488 Bistro prepare the food you need with a friendly smile. You won’t regret it.

“1488 Bistro was a gem. There’s no better place to watch the comings and goings of the Snowy River Scheme then from the window side tables of this Bistro! We indulged in a series of breakfast sandwiches while watching the daily life of the Scheme’s workers play out in front of our eyes. If watching the mundane is not your cup of tea, not to worry! there’s plenty of food to be ordered from the counter so you can keep your mouth and mind occupied!”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“After hours of driving, we found this Oasis in a town called Cabramurra. A bistro and bar at the top of the mountain in highest town in Australia. Bistro 1488 named after its altitude and the highest restaurant in Australia. We were pretty much the only ones there, as the town was built for maintenance staff working on the Snowy Hydro Scheme. Delicious cakes and desserts. Yummy lamb shanks. A welcomed relief after days of fast food. I felt like kissing the ground and dancing a jig. We even got a chance to charge the phones, after the car charger was used by the kids DVD player. Must buy a double adapter I think.”—Lorri Butera

1488 Bistro – Important Information

  1. Website: n/a
  2. Address: Talara Street, Cabramurra New South Wales 2629 Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 6453 8842
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: n/a
  6. Price: $$
  7. Key Words: Further than expected, Swank, Spacious

You might be thinking, “Hey this is just another rural town servo.” If you are, well, you’d be wrong. Yes we have gas and a repair shop but more importantly we have a cafe! Serving Smoothies, Coffees, Sandwiches, and More! We’ve got what you need to fuel the fire that burns inside of you. Need some fuel for your mind? We’ve got gift cards, yard and home decorations, and visitor information for the local area. If you’re coming through Khancoban you’d be missing out if you didn’t stop here.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t expect to roll up to a country gas station and find a fully-operational smoothie station. I still don’t. So the smoothie bar was a welcome surprise! Festooned with country kitsch and operated by an aggressively-friendly/flirty barista I would have to say that our experience was one for the record books. Like the description says, “If you’re coming through Khancoban you’d be missing out if you didn’t stop here.”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“My biker gang, the Staggering Koalas, stops in here annually during our summer run. It’s probably against the leather vest code to say this, but I love a good smoothie. And the Jilly at the Khancoban Indy makes a beauty. I’ve even bought a few watercolors she’s got hanging around, I’m a closeted fan of the secret garden motif. Don’t let this get out to the boys though.”—”Reckless” Randy Barnes

Independent Khancoban – Important Information

  1. Website: n/a
  2. Address: 1389 Alpine Way, Khancoban NSW 2642 Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 6076 9400
  4. Email: n/a
  5. Hours of Operation: 6:30am – 5:30pm everyday
  6. Price: $$
  7. Key Words: Smoothies, Coffees, Comfort

Khancoban’s most convenient and well-appointed motor hotel. We’ve got a pub, a pool, and rooms for you and your mates. Come for the hospitality and stay for the meat raffle.

“There are two things I remember about this place. 1. The parmis, they had such an amazing selection: reg parmi, Italian parmi, Mexican parmi, Mexican parmi supreme, Greek parmi, biker’s parmi, summer parmi, dancer’s parmi, poolside parmi… the list goes on and on. If you’re a parmi fan you have to stop here. 2. The Pool. We’d come to Australia expecting to have a ton of pool/ocean/float time. Turns out this wasn’t the case, but when we got to Khancoban all our pool hopes and dreams became a reality, sure there were enough bugs floating around to provide protein to a small village, but we didn’t care. We swam and then basked in the golden light of the setting sun. Talk about a transcendent experience.”—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

“I’ve got a group of girls who come out to Khancoban every holiday for a bit of R&R. We stay in the Alpine Inn, have a few parmis and flirt with the bikers as they come through. It’s all innocent really, until it’s not! But a lady never tells. Also if it just stays innocent, we don’t mind because the bikers are just a bonus. We’ve come for the P&P as we call it: the parmis and the pool.”—Vera Capps

Alpine Inn – Important Information

  1. Website
  2. Address: 1399 Alpine Way, Khancoban NSW 2642, Australia
  3. Phone Number: +61 2 6076 9471
  4. Email[email protected]
  5. Hours of Operation: n/a
  6. Price: $$
  7. Key Words: Poolside, Parmi Selection, Camaraderie
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