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2015 UCI Road Race World Championships Playlist

  • 1 Weather Report Teen Town
  • 2 Snapcase Incarnation
  • 3 Immortal Tragedies Blows at Horizon
  • 4 Steely Dan Peg
  • 5 Wilfrido Vargas El Jardinero
  • 6 Gangstarr Above the Clouds
  • 7 Anglecorpse Stormgods Unbound
  • 8 Soda Stereo Persiana Americana
  1. Weather Report – “Teen Town”: Jaco Pastorius firing on all four cylinders on this one. Are the bass lines and the drums locked in? Yes they are, he’s playing both. The cover of this album features a hat floating over a city, and a storm is a’brewin’ underneath said hat. Need I say more?
  2. Snapcase – “Incarnation”: So what if the one guy is wearing overalls (and looking depressed as a result ) on the back cover of the album? With little musical resources, and unbelievably weak production, this band accomplished so much at a time when hardcore of this ilk was on a fast decline.
  3. Immortal – “Tragedies Blows at Horizon”: By their fifth album, Immortal were clearly more comfortable in their own skin, and began to experiment with textures and musical complexities bordering on prog, which gave greater depth to their otherwise potentially stifling black metal vocabulary.
  4. Steely Dan – “Peg”: Michael McDonald provides background vocals (which are as good as they are humorous), and many know this song merely as having been sampled in De La Soul’s “Eye Know”. But listen closely. Rick Marotta’s hi-hat work alone is a landmark accomplishment in terms of drumming dynamics, as is Chuck Rainey’s playing throughout one of the best songs in an already amazing album.
  5. Wilfrido Vargas – “El Jardinero”: Easily the most iconic merengue song of the 1980s. Period.
  6. Gangstarr – “Above The Clouds”: Guru and DJ Premiere were at their best around this time. Come on, how many hip-hop songs can begin with a rhyme like, “I, Self Lord and Master shall bring disaster to evil factors Demonic chapters, shall be captured by Kings”
  7. Angelcorpse – “Stormgods Unbound”: Greatly under-appreciated at the time of its release, The Inexorable (the album containing this song) accomplished to get the musical points across that Order From Chaos (Pete Helmkamp’s previous band) failed to to deliver upon.
  8. Soda Stereo – “Persiana Americana”: Whenever I’m around someone who is from Argentina, this song comes to mind. So what if the lyrics are fairly creepy?
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